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4453 Total Publications

Navigating Neuroimaging Datasets ADNI for Alzheimer's Disease
Chu, NN and Gebre-Amlak, H
2021; Journal Ieee Consumer Electronics Magazine; vol. 10; no. 5; pp. 61-63;
Group-Wise Learning for Aurora Image Classification With Multiple Representations
Zhang, J, Liu, MX, Lu, K and Gao, Y
2021; Journal Ieee Transactions on Cybernetics; vol. 51; no. 8; pp. 4112-4124;
Deep Learning-Based Segmentation in Classification of Alzheimer's Disease
Buvaneswari, PR and Gayathri, R
2021; Journal Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering;
Alzheimer’s disease progression detection model based on an early fusion of cost-effective multimodal data
El-Sappagh, S, Saleh, H, Sahal, R, Abuhmed, T, Islam, SR, Ali, F and Amer, E
2021; Journal Future Generation Computer Systems; no. 115; pp. 680-699;
Apolipoprotein E allele 4 effects on Single-Subject Gray Matter Networks in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Sanabria-Diaz, G, Demonet, JF, Rodriguez-Herreros, B, Draganski, B, Kherif, F and Melie-Garcia, L
PMCID:8405842 ; 2021; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 32; pp. 102799;
Not all voxels are created equal: Reducing estimation bias in regional NODDI metrics using tissue-weighted means
Parker, CS, Veale, T, Bocchetta, M, Slattery, CF, Malone, IB, Thomas, DL, Schott, JM, Cash, DM and Zhang, H
2021; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 245; pp. 118749;
Progression along data-driven disease timelines is predictive of Alzheimer's disease in a population-based cohort
Venkatraghavan, V, Vinke, EJ, Bron, EE, Niessen, WJ, Arfan Ikram, M, Klein, S and Vernooij, MW
PMID: 34091030 ; 2021; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 238; pp. 118233;
Multi-Label, Multi-Domain Learning Identifies Compounding Effects of HIV and Cognitive Impairment
Zhang, J, Zhao, Q, Adeli, E, Pfefferbaum, A, Sullivan, EV, Paul, R, Valcour, V and Pohl, KM
2021; Journal Medical Image Analysis; vol. 102246;
Deep transfer learning for alzheimer neurological disorder detection
Ashraf, A, Naz, S, Shirazi, SH, Razzak, I and Parsad, M
2021; Journal Multimedia Tools and Applications;
A CAD system design to diagnosize alzheimers disease from MRI brain images using optimal deep neural network
Raghavaiah, P and Varadarajan, S
2021; Journal Multimedia Tools and Applications;