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3393 Total Publications

Differences in cohort study data affect external validation of artificial intelligence models for predictive diagnostics of dementia - lessons for translation into clinical practice
Birkenbihl, C, Emon, MA, Vrooman, H, Westwood, S, Lovestone, S, Hofmann-Apitius, M and Fröhlich, H
PMCID:7429672 ; 2020; Journal Epma j; vol. 11; no. 3; pp. 367-376;
A Novel Computational Proxy for Characterizing Cognitive Reserve in Alzheimer's Disease
Zhang, Y, Hao, YJ, Li, L, Xia, K, Wu, GR and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 78; no. 3; pp. 1217-1228;
High Dimensional Single-Index Bayesian Modeling of Brain Atrophy
Roy, A, Ghosal, S, Choudhury, KR and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Bayesian Analysis; vol. 15; no. 4; pp. 1229-1249;
The Specific Impact of Apolipoprotein E Epsilon 2 on Cognition and Brain Function in Cognitively Normal Elders and Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients
Gong, L, Xu, RH, Liu, D, Lan, L, Zhang, B, Zhang, CT and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2020; Journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience; vol. 11;
Financial Capacity and Regional Cerebral Tau in Cognitively Normal Older Adults, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimer's Disease Dementia
Gonzalez, C, Tommasi, NS, Briggs, D, Properzi, MJ, Amariglio, RE and Marshall, GA
2020; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Hippocampal segmentation for brains with extensive atrophy using three-dimensional convolutional neural networks
Goubran, M, Ntiri, EE, Akhavein, H, Holmes, M, Nestor, S, Ramirez, J, Adamo, S, Ozzoude, M, Scott, C, Gao, F, Martel, A, Swardfager, W, Masellis, M, Swartz, R, MacIntosh, B and Black, SE
2020; Journal Hum Brain Mapp; vol. 41; no. 2; pp. 291-308;
FFA-DMRI: A Network Based on Feature Fusion and Attention Mechanism for Brain MRI Denoising
Hong, D, Huang, C, Yang, C, Li, J, Qian, Y and Cai, C
PMCID:7525046 ; 2020; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 14; pp. 577937;
Genome-wide association study of Alzheimer's disease CSF biomarkers in the EMIF-AD Multimodal Biomarker Discovery dataset
Hong, SJ, Prokopenko, D, Dobricic, V, Kilpert, F, Bos, I, Vos, SJB, Tijms, BM, Andreasson, U, Blennow, K, Vandenberghe, R, Cleynen, I, Gabel, S, Schaeverbeke, J, Scheltens, P, Teunissen, CE, Niemantsverdriet, E, Engelborghs, S, Frisoni, G, Blin, O, Richardson, JC, Bordet, R, Molinuevo, JL, Rami, L, Kettunen, P, Wallin, A, Lleo, A, Sala, I, Popp, J, Peyratout, G, Martinez-Lage, P, Tainta, M, Dobson, RJB, Legido-Quigley, C, Sleegers, K, Van Broeckhoven, C, ten Kate, M, Barkhof, F, Zetterberg, H, Lovestone, S, Streffer, J, Wittig, M, Franke, A, Tanzi, RE, Visser, PJ, Bertram, L and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Translational Psychiatry; vol. 10; no. 1;
In vivo MRI Structural and PET Metabolic Connectivity Study of Dopamine Pathways in Alzheimer's Disease
Iaccarino, L, Sala, A, Caminiti, SP, Presotto, L, Perani, D and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 75; no. 3; pp. 1003-1016;
Blood and brain gene expression trajectories mirror neuropathology and clinical deterioration in neurodegeneration
Iturria-Medina, Y, Khan, AF, Adewale, Q and Shirazi, AH
PMCID:7009530 ; 2020; Journal Brain; vol. 143; no. 2; pp. 661-673;