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4453 Total Publications

Alzheimer's genetic risk effects on cerebral blood flow across the lifespan are proximal to gene expression
Chandler, H, Wise, R, Linden, D, Williams, J, Murphy, K and Lancaster, TM
2022; Journal 120; no. 9;
Genetic Association Between Epigenetic Aging-Acceleration and the Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease
Liu, H, Lutz, M, Luo, S and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal 77; vol. 9;
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is Related to Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau in Alzheimer's Disease Dementia
LoBue, C, Kelley, BJ, Hart, J, Helphrey, J, Schaffert, J, Cullum, CM, Peters, ME and Douglas, PM
Measurement of neurodegeneration using a multivariate early frame amyloid PET classifier
Matthews, DC, Lukic, AS, Andrews, RD, Wernick, MN, Strother, SC, Schmidt, ME and Initiative, AsDN
2022; vol. 1; no. 12325;
Alzheimer's Disease Assessments Optimized for Diagnostic Accuracy and Administration Time
McCombe, N, Ding, XM, Prasad, G, Gillespie, P, Finn, DP, Todd, S, McClean, PL, Wong-Lin, K and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; no. 9;
Distinctive Temporal Trajectories of Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers According to Sex and APOE Genotype: Importance of Striatal Amyloid
Kim, JP, Chun, MY, Kim, SJ, Jang, H, Kim, HJ, Jeong, JH, Na, DL, Seo, SW and Alzheimer's Dis, N