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3740 Total Publications

Tau deposition patterns are associated with functional connectivity in primary tauopathies
Franzmeier, N, Brendel, M, Beyer, L, Slemann, L, Kovacs, GG, Arzberger, T, Kurz, C, Respondek, G, Lukic, MJ, Biel, D, Rubinski, A, Frontzkowski, L, Hummel, S, Muller, A, Finze, A, Palleis, C, Joseph, E, Weidinger, E, Katzdobler, S, Song, MM, Biechele, G, Kern, M, Scheifele, M, Rauchmann, BS, Perneczky, R, Rullman, M, Patt, M, Schildan, A, Barthel, H, Sabri, O, Rumpf, JJ, Schroeter, ML, Classen, J, Villemagne, V, Seibyl, J, Stephens, AW, Lee, EB, Coughlin, DG, Giese, A, Grossman, M, McMillan, CT, Gelpi, E, Molina-Porcel, L, Compta, Y, van Swieten, JC, Laat, LD, Troakes, C, Al-Sarraj, S, Robinson, JL, Xie, SX, Irwin, DJ, Roeber, S, Herms, J, Simons, M, Bartenstein, P, Lee, VM, Trojanowski, JQ, Levin, J, Hoglinger, G and Ewers, M
PMID: 18 ; 2022; Journal Nature Communications; no. 13; pp. 1;
ADataViewer: exploring semantically harmonized Alzheimer_s disease cohort datasets
Salimi, Y, Domingo-Fernández, D, Bobis-Álvarez, C, Hofmann-Apitius, M and Birkenbihl, C
PMID: 69 ; PMCID:9123725 ; 2022; Journal Alzheimers Res Ther; no. 14; pp. 1;
Face recognition from research brain PET: An unexpected PET problem
Schwarz, CG, Kremers, WK, Lowe, VJ, Savvides, M, Gunter, JL, Senjem, ML, Vemuri, P, Kantarci, K, Knopman, DS, Petersen, RC and Jack, CR, Jr.
PMID: 119357 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 258;
Low-Rank Plus Sparse Decomposition of fMRI Data With Application to Alzheimer_s Disease
Tu, W, Fu, F, Kong, L, Jiang, B, Cobzas, D and Huang, C
PMID: 826316 ; PMCID:8964048 ; 2022; Journal Front Neurosci; no. 16;
Dementia analysis from functional connectivity network with graph neural networks
Wang, L, Yuan, W, Zeng, L, Xu, J, Mo, Y, Zhao, X and Peng, L
PMID: 102901 ; 2022; Journal Information Processing & Management; no. 59; pp. 3;
Transfer learning for cognitive reserve quantification
Zhu, X, Liu, Y, Habeck, CG, Stern, Y, Lee, S and For The Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I
PMID: 119353 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 258;
Classification of Alzheimer_s disease in MRI images using knowledge distillation framework: an investigation
Li, Y, Luo, J and Zhang, J
2022; Journal Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg; no. 17; pp. 7;
Cognitive domain harmonization and cocalibration in studies of older adults
Mukherjee, S, Choi, SE, Lee, ML, Scollard, P, Trittschuh, EH, Mez, J, Saykin, AJ, Gibbons, LE, Sanders, RE, Zaman, AF, Teylan, MA, Kukull, WA, Barnes, LL, Bennett, DA, Lacroix, AZ, Larson, EB, Cuccaro, M, Mercado, S, Dumitrescu, L, Hohman, TJ and Crane, PK
2022; Journal Neuropsychology;
Learn-Explain-Reinforce: Counterfactual Reasoning and Its Guidance to Reinforce an Alzheimer_s Disease Diagnosis Model
Oh, K, Yoon, JS and Suk, HI
2022; Journal IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell;