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4453 Total Publications

Sex differences in brain functional connectivity of hippocampus in mild cognitive impairment
Williamson, J, Yabluchanskiy, A, Mukli, P, Wu, DH, Sonntag, W, Ciro, C and Yang, Y
PMID: 959394 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
DAFT: A universal module to interweave tabular data and 3D images in CNNs
Wolf, TN, Pölsterl, S and Wachinger, C
PMID: 119505 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 260;
Development of high quality T(1)-weighted and diffusion tensor templates of the older adult brain in a common space
Wu, Y, Ridwan, AR, Niaz, MR, Qi, X, Zhang, S, Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I, Bennett, DA and Arfanakis, K
PMID: 119417 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 260;
Machine learning methods applied to genotyping data capture interactions between single nucleotide variants in late onset Alzheimer's disease
Arnal Segura, M, Bini, G, Fernandez Orth, D, Samaras, E, Kassis, M, Aisopos, F, Rambla De Argila, J, Paliouras, G, Garrard, P, Giambartolomei, C and Tartaglia, GG
PMID: 8984091 ; 2022; vol. 1; no. 12300;
KNN weighted reduced universum twin SVM for class imbalance learning
Ganaie, MA and Tanveer, M
2022; Journal 245; no. 108578;
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is Related to Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau in Alzheimer_s Disease Dementia
LoBue, C, Kelley, BJ, Hart, J, Helphrey, J, Schaffert, J, Cullum, CM, Peters, ME and Douglas, PM
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Hierarchical multi-class Alzheimer_s disease diagnostic framework using imaging and clinical features
Qin, Y, Cui, J, Ge, X, Tian, Y, Han, H, Fan, Z, Liu, L, Luo, Y and Yu, H
PMID: 935055 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
The 677C > T variant in methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase causes morphological and functional cerebrovascular deficits in mice
Reagan, AM, Christensen, KE, Graham, LC, Bedwell, AA, Eldridge, K, Speedy, R, Figueiredo, LL, Persohn, SC, Bottiglieri, T, Nho, K, Sasner, M, Territo, PR, Rozen, R and Howell, GR
2022; Journal Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism; no. 18;