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3393 Total Publications

Human microRNA (miR-20b-5p) modulates Alzheimer's disease pathways and neuronal function, and a specific polymorphism close to the MIR20B gene influences Alzheimer's biomarkers
Wang, RZ, Chopra, N, Nho, K, Maloney, B, Obukhov, AG, Nelson, PT, Counts, SE and Lahiri, DK
2022; Journal Molecular Psychiatry;
Impact of physiological factors on longitudinal structural MRI measures of the brain
Zahid, U, Hedges, EP, Dimitrov, M, Murray, RM, Barker, GJ and Kempton, MJ
PMCID:8924876 ; 2022; Journal Psychiatry Res Neuroimaging; vol. 321; pp. 111446;
Comparison of cortical and subcortical structural segmentation methods in Alzheimer’s disease: A statistical approach
Zamani, J, Sadr, A and Javadi, A-H
2022; Journal Journal of Clinical Neuroscience; vol. 99; pp. 99-108;
The accuracy and robustness of plasma biomarker models for amyloid PET positivity
Benedet, AL, Brum, WS, Hansson, O, Karikari, TK, Zimmer, ER, Zetterberg, H, Blennow, K and Ashton, NJ
PMCID:8819863 ; 2022; Journal Alzheimers Res Ther; vol. 14; no. 1; pp. 26;
Integrative nearest neighbor classifier for block-missing multi-modality data
Yu, G and Hou, S
2022; Journal Statistical Methods in Medical Research;
Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Amyloid-β Accumulation: A Subtype and Stage Inference Model Analysis
Collij, LE, Salvadó, G, Wottschel, V, Mastenbroek, SE, Schoenmakers, P, Heeman, F, Aksman, L, Wink, AM, Berckel, BNM, van de Flier, WM, Scheltens, P, Visser, PJ, Barkhof, F, Haller, S, Gispert, JD and Alves, IL
2022; Journal Neurology;
Medial Temporal Lobe Networks in Alzheimer's Disease: Structural and Molecular Vulnerabilities
de Flores, R, Das, SR, Xie, L, Wisse, LEM, Lyu, X, Shah, P, Yushkevich, PA and Wolk, DA
PMCID:8916768 ; 2022; Journal J Neurosci; vol. 42; no. 10; pp. 2131-2141;
Total Cholesterol and APOE-Related Risk for Alzheimer's Disease in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Dunk, MM, Driscoll, I and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 85; no. 4; pp. 1519-1528;
Cerebral Microbleeds, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy, and Their Relationships to Quantitative Markers of Neurodegeneration
Beaman, C, Kozii, K, Hilal, S, Liu, M, Spagnolo-Allende, AJ, Polanco-Serra, G, Chen, C, Cheng, CY, Zambrano, D, Arikan, B, Del Brutto, VJ, Wright, C, Flowers, XE, Leskinen, SP, Rundek, T, Mitchell, A, Vonsattel, JP, Cortes, E, Teich, AF, Sacco, RL, Elkind, MSV, Roh, D and Gutierrez, J
2022; Journal Neurology;