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Convolutional Neural Networks-based MRI Image Analysis for the Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction from Mild Cognitive Impairment
Lin, Weiming, Tong, Tong, Gao, Qinquan, Guo, Di, Du, Xiaofeng, Yang, Yonggui, Guo, Gang, Xiao, Min, Du, Min and Qu, Xiaobo
PMID: 30455622 ; 2018; Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience; vol. 12; pp. 777; AW5H1MOUdzjauPDbjhvf
Genome-Wide Association and Mechanistic Studies Indicate That Immune Response Contributes to Alzheimer's Disease Development
Liu, C., Chyr, J., Zhao, W., Xu, Y., Ji, Z., Tan, H., Soto, C. and Zhou, X.
PMID: 30319691 ; PMCID:6166008 ; 2018; Journal Front Genet; vol. 9; pp. 410; AW5H1MOUdzjauPDbjhvg
Disease status affects the association between rs4813620 and the expression of Alzheimer’s disease susceptibility gene TRIB3
Liu, Guiyou, Jin, Shuilin, Hu, Yang and Jiang, Qinghua
PMID: 30355771 ; 2018; Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; vol. 115; no. 45; pp. E10519-E10520; AW5H1MOUdzjauPDbjhvh
Fused Group Lasso Regularized Multi-Task Feature Learning and Its Application to the Cognitive Performance Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease
Liu, X., Cao, P., Wang, J., Kong, J. and Zhao, D.
PMID: 30284672 ; 2018; Journal Neuroinformatics; AW5H1MOUdzjauPDbjhvi
Dynamic Complexity of Spontaneous BOLD Activity in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Multiscale Entropy Analysis
Niu, Y., Wang, B., Zhou, M., Xue, J., Shapour, H., Cao, R., Cui, X., Wu, J. and Xiang, J.
PMID: 30327587 ; PMCID:6174248 ; 2018; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 12; pp. 677; AW5H3KFUdzjauPDbjhvq
Standardized quality metric system for structural brain magnetic resonance images in multi-center neuroimaging study
Osadebey, M. E., Pedersen, M., Arnold, D. L., Wendel-Mitoraj, K. E. and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, F. T.
PMID: 30223797 ; PMCID:6142697 ; 2018; Journal BMC Med Imaging; vol. 18; no. 1; pp. 31; AW5H3KFUdzjauPDbjhvs
Effects of Normative Adjustments to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment
Pugh, E. A., Kemp, E. C., van Dyck, C. H., Mecca, A. P. and Sharp, E. S.
PMID: 30314940 ; 2018; Journal Am J Geriatr Psychiatry; AW5H3KFUdzjauPDbjhvv
Interpretable High-Dimensional Inference Via Score Projection With an Application in Neuroimaging
Vandekar, Simon N, Reiss, Philip T and Shinohara, Russell T
2018; Journal Journal of the American Statistical Association; pp. 11-Jan; AW5H3KFUdzjauPDbjhv3
Investigating the Correspondence of Clinical Diagnostic Grouping With Underlying Neurobiological and Phenotypic Clusters Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
Zhao, X., Rangaprakash, D., Yuan, B., Denney, T. S., Jr., Katz, J. S., Dretsch, M. N. and Deshpande, G.
PMID: 30393630 ; 2018; Journal Front Appl Math Stat; vol. 4; AW5H3oAowAl_G9zjEvjX
Progranulin levels in blood in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
Y. A. Cooper, D. Nachun, D. Dokuru, Z. Yang, A. M. Karydas, G. Serrero, B. Yue, A. L. Boxer, B. L. Miller and G. Coppola
PMCID:5945969 ; 2018; Journal Ann Clin Transl Neurol; vol. 5; no. 5; pp. 616-629; AWUW5A4cdzjauPDbjhuO doi:10.1002/acn3.560