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4453 Total Publications

Computer simulation of dementia care demand heterogeneity using hybrid simulation methods: improving population-level modelling with individual patient decline trajectories
Evenden, D, Brailsford, S, Kipps, C, Roderick, P, Walsh, B and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Public Health; vol. 186; pp. 197-203;
Gaussian discriminative component analysis for early detection of Alzheimer's disease: A supervised dimensionality reduction algorithm
Fang, C, Li, C, Forouzannezhad, P, Cabrerizo, M, Curiel, RE, Loewenstein, D, Duara, R and Adjouadi, M
2020; Journal J Neurosci Methods; vol. 344; pp. 108856;
Non-coding and Loss-of-Function Coding Variants in TET2 are Associated with Multiple Neurodegenerative Diseases
Cochran, JN, Geier, EG, Bonham, LW, Newberry, JS, Amaral, MD, Thompson, ML, Lasseigne, BN, Karydas, AM, Roberson, ED, Cooper, GM, Rabinovici, GD, Miller, BL, Myers, RM and Yokoyama, JS
2020; Journal Am J Hum Genet; vol. 106; no. 5; pp. 632-645;
AssemblyNet: A large ensemble of CNNs for 3D whole brain MRI segmentation
Coupe, P, Mansencal, B, Clement, M, Giraud, R, de Senneville, BD, Ta, VT, Lepetit, V and Manjon, JV
2020; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 219;
Comparing progression biomarkers in clinical trials of early Alzheimer's disease
Cullen, NC, Zetterberg, H, Insel, PS, Olsson, B, Andreasson, U, Blennow, K, Hansson, O and Mattsson-Carlgren, N
PMCID:7480920 ; 2020; Journal Ann Clin Transl Neurol; vol. 7; no. 9; pp. 1661-73;
Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease: Detecting Asymmetries with a Return Random Walk Link Predictor
Curado, M, Escolano, F, Lozano, MA and Hancock, ER
2020; Journal Entropy; vol. 22; no. 4;
Association of blood-based transcriptional risk scores with biomarkers for Alzheimer disease
Park, YH, Hodges, A, Simmons, A, Lovestone, S, Weiner, MW, Kim, S, Saykin, AJ and Nho, K
PMCID:7577551 ; 2020; Journal Neurol Genet; vol. 6; no. 6; pp. e517;
Two-stage Bayesian GWAS of 9576 individuals identifies SNP regions that are targeted by miRNAs inversely expressed in Alzheimer's and cancer
Pathak, GA, Zhou, ZY, Silzer, TK, Barber, RC, Phillips, NR, Alzheimer's Dis, N and Alzheimer's Dis, G
2020; Journal Alzheimers & Dementia; vol. 16; no. 1; pp. 162-177;
Plasma sex hormone-binding globulin predicts neurodegeneration and clinical progression in prodromal Alzheimer's disease
Xu, W, Su, BJ, Shen, XN, Bi, YL, Tan, CC, Li, JQ, Cao, XP, Dong, Q, Tan, L and Yu, JT
PMID: 7425468 ; 2020; Journal Aging (Albany NY); vol. 12; no. 14; pp. 14528-14541;