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4453 Total Publications

Brainstem atrophy in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease: a voxel-based morphometry study
Ji, X, Wang, H, Zhu, M, He, Y, Zhang, H, Chen, X, Gao, W and Fu, Y
2021; Journal Brain Imaging Behav; vol. 15; no. 1; pp. 49-59;
Elevated Inflammatory Markers and Arterial Stiffening Exacerbate Tau but Not Amyloid Pathology in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Clark, AL, Weigand, AJ, Thomas, KR, Solders, SK, Delano-Wood, L, Bondi, MW, Bernier, RA, Sundermann, EE, Banks, SJ and Bangen, KJ
2021; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Atlas55+: Brain Functional Atlas of Resting-State Networks for Late Adulthood
Doucet, GE, Labache, L, Thompson, PM, Joliot, M and Frangou, S
2021; Journal Cereb Cortex; vol. 31; no. 3; pp. 1719-1731;
Multi-Task Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis with Application to Multi-Modal Brain Imaging Genetics
Du, L, Liu, KF, Yao, XH, Risacher, SL, Han, JW, Saykin, AJ, Guo, L and Shen, L
2021; Journal Ieee-Acm Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; vol. 18; no. 1; pp. 227-239;
Defining the Lowest Threshold for Amyloid-PET to Predict Future Cognitive Decline and Amyloid Accumulation
Farrell, ME, Jiang, S, Schultz, AP, Properzi, MJ, Price, JC, Becker, JA, Jacobs, HIL, Hanseeuw, BJ, Rentz, DM, Villemagne, VL, Papp, KV, Mormino, EC, Betensky, RA, Johnson, KA, Sperling, RA and Buckley, RF
2021; Journal Neurology; vol. 96; no. 4; pp. e619-e631;
Brain MR image classification for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis using structural hippocampal asymmetrical attributes from directional 3-D log-Gabor filter responses
Poloni, KM, Duarte de Oliveira, IA, Tam, R and Ferrari, RJ
2021; Journal Neurocomputing; no. 419; pp. 126-135;
Brain tissue volume estimation to detect Alzheimer’s disease in magnetic resonance images
Priya, T, Kalavathi, P, Prasath, VS and Sivanesan, R
2021; Journal Soft Computing;
Heterogeneous data fusion for predicting mild cognitive impairment conversion
Shen, HT, Zhu, X, Zhang, Z, Wang, S-H, Chen, Y, Xu, X and Shao, J
2021; Journal Information Fusion; no. 66; pp. 54-63;