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3740 Total Publications

Osteoarthritis Was Associated With a Faster Decline in Hippocampal Volumes in Cognitively Normal Older People
Li, X, Tong, Q, Gao, J, Liu, C and Liu, Y
PMCID:7456859 ; 2020; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 12; pp. 190;
Nonlinear biomarker interactions in conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease
Popescu, SG, Whittington, A, Gunn, RN, Matthews, PM, Glocker, B, Sharp, DJ and Cole, JH
PMCID:7502835 ; 2020; Journal Hum Brain Mapp; vol. 41; no. 15; pp. 4406-18;
Uncal apex position varies with normal aging
Poppenk, J
2020; Journal Hippocampus; vol. 30; no. 7; pp. 724-732;
Development and validation of an interpretable deep learning framework for Alzheimer's disease classification
Qiu, S, Joshi, PS, Miller, MI, Xue, C, Zhou, X, Karjadi, C, Chang, GH, Joshi, AS, Dwyer, B, Zhu, S, Kaku, M, Zhou, Y, Alderazi, YJ, Swaminathan, A, Kedar, S, Saint-Hilaire, MH, Auerbach, SH, Yuan, J, Sartor, EA, Au, R and Kolachalama, VB
2020; Journal Brain;
A peripheral neutrophil-related inflammatory factor predicts a decline in executive function in mild Alzheimer's disease
Bawa, KK, Krance, SH, Herrmann, N, Cogo-Moreira, H, Ouk, M, Yu, D, Wu, CY, Black, SE, Lanctôt, KL and Swardfager, W
PMCID:7071641 ; 2020; Journal J Neuroinflammation; vol. 17; no. 1; pp. 84;
Longitudinal ComBat: A method for harmonizing longitudinal multi-scanner imaging data
Beer, JC, Tustison, NJ, Cook, PA, Davatzikos, C, Sheline, YI, Shinohara, RT and Linn, KA
2020; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 220; pp. 117129;
Age-dependent effect of APOE and polygenic component on Alzheimer’s disease
Bellou, E, Baker, E, Leonenko, G, Bracher-Smith, M, Daunt, P, Menzies, G, Williams, J, Escott-Price, V and Initiative, AsDN
2020; Journal Neurobiology of Aging;
Altered complexity of resting-state BOLD activity in Alzheimer's disease-related neurodegeneration: a multiscale entropy analysis
Ren, P, Ma, MX, Xie, GH, Wu, ZW, Wu, DH and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2020; Journal Aging-Us; vol. 12; no. 13; pp. 13571-13582;
Degree of Genetic Liability for Alzheimer’s Disease Associated with Specific Proteomic Profiles in Cerebrospinal Fluid
Reus, LM, Stringer, S, Posthuma, D, Teunissen, CE, Scheltens, P, Pijnenburg, YA, Visser, PJ, Tijms, BM and Initiative, AsDN
2020; Journal Neurobiology of Aging;
Harnessing peripheral DNA methylation differences in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) to reveal novel biomarkers of disease
Vasanthakumar, A, Davis, JW, Idler, K, Waring, JF, Asque, E, Riley-Gillis, B, Grosskurth, S, Srivastava, G, Kim, S, Nho, K, Nudelman, KNH, Faber, K, Sun, Y, Foroud, TM, Estrada, K, Apostolova, LG, Li, QS and Saykin, AJ
PMCID:7294637 ; 2020; Journal Clin Epigenetics; vol. 12; no. 1; pp. 84;