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Investigator Institution Keywords
Soniya - Dayalbagh Educational Institute machine learning techniques, Alzheimer’s disease
Thushara A TKM College of Engineering Image processing, deep learning, AD
Srinivasan A CSIR-CMERI Alzheimer's Disease
Dinu A J Noorul Islam AI,Alzheimer's disease
sunija a p National Institute of technology Tiruchirapallli biomarker, OCT, artificial intelligence
Jac Fredo A.R Nanyang Technological University Sparse inverse covarience
nima aalizade RS Alzheimer’s disease Structural MRI Feature extraction Feature ranking Computer-a
Mohammad Hadi Aarabi Tehran University of Medical Sciences Diffusion MRI
Fatemeh Abadian Iran University of Science and Technology Deep learning, Weakly supervised, Classification, MRI
Brennan Abanades Kenyon Oxford Univerity segmentation, volume estimation, FSL
saeid abbaasi FUM Multi-modal; dimensionality reduction; dynamic structure; effective distance.
Hawraa Abbas Kerbala University Dementia classification
Syed Qasim Abbas La Trobe University, Melbourne Discriminate Atrophy Localization
Ali Abbaszade Mashhad University of Medical Sciences statistical models; machine learning; data mining;prediction; classification
abd elazeim abd alla mohamed nour south east university MRI,AD,MCI
fatma ABDEDAYEM NATIONAL SCHOOL Of ENGINEERING OF SFAX, Tunisia fmri, segmentation, classification, blod signal
Mohamed Abdelaziz Shenzhen university Alzheimer’s disease, multimodal data
Moro abdelhamid Ain Shams University epistasis and SNPs
Carla Abdelnour Fundació ACE. Barcelona Treatment and Research Center Lewy body disease, biomarkers, cognitive profile
Yousry AbdulAzeem Misr Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology Alzheimer, CNN, deep learning
Ahmed Abdulkadir University of Freiburg classification, machine learning
Osama Abdullah NYU Abu Dhabi Freesurfer, DTI
Azian Azamimi Abdullah Universiti Malaysia Perlis Alzheimer’s disease (AD), MRI, machine learning, prediction tool
Mohammed A M Abdullah Ninevah University fMRI, machine learning, AD, classification
ahemd abdullah arab acdemic for enginnering AD ,HYBRID CLASSIFICATION
Lookman Abdullah Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Computational Intelligence, Structural MRI, Neuro Imaging
Suhad Abdulzahra UMP MRI, fMRI, PET, alzheimer's disease, MCI
Dilbar Abdurakhimova Minnesota Sate Univ. Mankato MDMR
Clement Abi Nader INRIA Alzheimer's disease Disease progression model Machine learning
Tracy Abildskov University Of Utah Mild TBI
Olamide Abiose Stanford University tau, PET, amygdala, stress
Samaneh Abolpour Mofrad Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Alzheimer, Mixed effect model, Machine Learning, ventricle, Hippocampus
vahid abootalebi Yazd University biological signal processing, Graph signal processing
Mohamed Aborageh Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI) Cognitive features, Longitudinal modeling
Tisha Abraham GE Deep Learning
Yonatan Abrham University of Massachusetts Lowell Healthcare, deep learning
Sarah Abrishami University Of Tehran Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Alzheimer's Disease
Anees Abrol The Mind Research Network Multimodal, AD, MCI, Progression
John Absher University of South Carolina Greenville TBI exosome AD morphometry
Mohamed Abu Sheha University of South Florida Dementia, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling.
ami abutbul Technion medical images, clinical data, deep learning
Francisco Javier Acevedo University of Alcala PET, MRI, CSF biomarkers
Pedro Marco Achanccaray Diaz Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro deep learning, classification, Alzheimer diagnosis, representation learning
Maria Ram Achary University of Mumbai Alzhemeirs parkinsons hungtions and ALS
ramakrishnan Achary University of Mumbai Deep learning , Alzheimer's
Sarah Ackley University of California San Francisco amyloid-PET, cognition, prediction
Noriaki Adachi MSD. K.K. (Japan Branch of Merck) threshold
Hieab Adams Erasmus MC University Medical Center Neurodegeneration, high-dimensional data, brain imaging, genetics
Kendra Adams Duke University Metabolomics, Skyline, Software, Data Processing
Bertrand Adanve Genetic Intelligence, Inc Whole genome sequence, Artificial intelligence, Computational analysis
Viraj Adduru Rochester Institute of Technology atrophy, CT, MRI,
Tameem Adel University of Amsterdam MRI Classification, Unsupervised Feature Learning.
Nil Adell Mill ETH Zürich & Zürich University Deep Learning, Early Diagnosis, Interpretability in Deep Learning
jayanth adithya Anna university Alzheimers detection ,MRI analysis
Vera Afreixo University of Aveiro Data Analysis; statistics
SEPIDEH AFSHAR 1984 Brain dynamics
Babak Afshin-Pour BioSymetrics Inc Biomarker, data fusion, Alzheimer
Seemal Afza Lahore College for Women University Alzheimers, deep learning, neural networks, MRI, FMRI, PET images, SPECT images
Iman Aganj Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School Brain connectivity
Tanay Agarwal Vellore Institute of Technology GAN
Ajay Agarwal DIT University Alzheimer's Disease, Progression
Siddharth Agarwal University of Nottingham brain age, chronological age, delta, radionics
Varun Agarwal N/A The Alzheimer's Disease Prediction Of Longitudinal Evolution (TADPOLE) Challenge
Aakanksha Agarwal University of Ottawa machine learning capsule networks mri datasets classification convolutional cnn
Kunal Aggarwal Amity University Machine Learning, AD, MCI
Mary Aghili 1985 Alzheimer, MCI, NC, machine learning, deep learning
Daniel Agostinho Universidade de Coimbra AD, Machine Learning
Isha Agrawal Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Neural Networks, sMRI, fMRI, MCI, AD, Alzheimers
Vismay Agrawal Indian Institute of Technology Madras Medical Image Analysis
Yésika Alexandra Agudelo Londoño Universidad de Antioquia dFC, resting state, based on task
Jorge Aguilar District University Francisco Jose de Caldas Machine Learning Alzheimer disease
Rubén Aguilera García Granada University CNN, Alzheimer detection, deep learning.
Fawad Ahmad Student data mining
Shakeeb Ahmad Indiana University Alzheimer's Disease, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
Zeba Ahmad Rice University multimodal deep learning, GRU
PARVEZ AHMAD Huazhong University of Science and Technology Deep Learning, Dilated Network, Residual Network, transfer learning
Rauf Ahmad Uppsala University, Sweden High-dimensions; Multivariate statistics; Linear models, Dependence measures
Hessam Ahmadi Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch fMRI, Non linear, graph theory, functional connectivity
Seyed Emad Ahmadi Yale School of Medicine brain segmentation, convolutional neural networks, machine learning
Amirhossein Ahmadi Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Investigating Focal Connectivity Deficits in Alzheimer’s Disease
Fatemeh Ahmadi Amirkabir University Ricci Flow, Teichmuller space, metric
Maryam Ahmadzade Simon Fraser University MCI, Machine learning, AD, Progression, Prediction
soheil Ahmadzadeh Tehran University of Medical Science Alzheimer,machine learning
Khandakar Tanvir Ahmed University of Central Florida mutation, MRI image, Alzheimer
Hala Ahmed Faculty of computer science Bio informatics
Shanewas Ahmed Brac University AD, MCI, Alzheimer, OCT, Fundus, predict Alzheimer.
Rahman Ahmed Indiana University Imaging, CASL, functional decline, blood flow, cortical thickness
Rahman Ahmed Indiana University Cortical Thickness, blow flow, cognitive decline, CASL, model
Juweiriya Ahmed Western University Psychosis, AD
Samsuddin Ahmed BUBT Deep learning, AD
Mughis Ahmed UOG Multiple sclerosis
Rishad Ahmed University of Jinan Dementia, Deep Learning
Tanveer Ahmed KF VISTAS Segmentation, Clipping, Integration, Histogram features
Yong Yeol Ahn Indiana University network, multi-omics, data integration
Pratyush Ahuja Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Alziehmars disease
Helena Aidos Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa Deep learning, prognosis, patient profiles
Marco Aiello Fondazione SDN Diaschisis, PET, MR, connectome, brain connectivity
Bharati Ainapure Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research-MIT College of Engg. Neuro Imaging,Alzheimer Disease,Machine Learning,Deep Learning,Research.
David Airey Eli Lilly and Company NfL hippocampus biomarker
Paul Aisen University of Southern California data sharing methods
Viljami Aittomäki Nightingale Health Ltd metabolomics, AD, Alzheimer's disease
Zou Aixiao Beijing University of Technology data mining,bioinformatics and brain science
Santiago Aja-Fernandez Universidad de Valladolid Diffusion MRI, anisotropy measures, robust estimation
Oguz Akbilgic Loyola University Chicago deep learning, medical image analysis
Erdoğdu Akça Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital MCI, ALZHEIMER'S DISAESE
Adeem Akhtar Forman Christian College University (A Chartered University) Longitudinal, Progression, Classification, Prediction
Alex Aklson IBM Canada Deep Learning, Classification, Alzheimer's Disease, Older Adults
Essang Akpan University of Pittsburgh lateralization, asymmetry
Farhan Akram Khalifa University Alzheimer, early prediction, convolutional neural networks, deep learning
Leon Aksman UCL structural MRI, longitudinal analysis, imaging genetics
deniz aktas TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Universitesi internship
PRATHYUSHA AKUNDI International Institute of Information and Technology Hyderabad (IIITH) Registration with deep learning
Lior Al Technion Unsupervised learning
MD MAMUN AL AMIN University of Queensland Hippocampus, Subiculum, CA1, Dentate Gyrus
Yasmina Al Khalil Eindhoven University of Technology MRI segmentation, deep learning for medical imaging
Hasan Al Marzouqi Khalifa University of Science and Technology deep learning, residual networks, constitutional networks, SNPs
FADHL MOHAMED AL-AKWAA UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN metabolomics, personalized medicine
Bassam Al-Fatly Charite University Medicine fMRI, DTI, connectivity, severity
Ali Al-Nuaimi Plymouth University brain disorder
Manal Al-Qahtani King saud university Grey matter, MRI, Alzheimer, Education
basad Al-sarray univ of baghdad RPCA, Low rank
Aws AL-ZARQAWEE Universiti Malaysia Pahang CNN,Softmax
Sahar Alaa Higher Technological Institute in 10th of Ramadan City in Egypt Page | 6 Executive summary As a part of academic requirement and completion of
FADHL ALAKWAA MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY drug discovery , drug repurposing
Raquib-ul Alam University of Sydney longitudinal,mri,mri,pet,genetic
John Alam EIP Pharma Episodic Memory, Longitudinal Change
Mohammad Arif Ul Alam University of Massachusetts Lowell Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Cognitive Decline, Explainable AI
Raed Alazaidah Universiti Utara Malaysia Longitudinal data
Hezam Albaqami University of western Australia EEG signals, alzheimer disease, brain network
Daniel Albrecht University of Southern California Amyloid, tau, CSF, blood
Jack Albright Nueva School Machine Learning, Student, TADPOLE
Sarael Alcauter Instituto de Neurobiología UNAM sulcal width, Alzheimer,
Thomas Alderson Ulster University thalamo-cortical modelling DTI
Irene Aleixandre Soriano 1997 alzheimer, project, software
Bomin Alex Shandong University fMRI, dynamic functional connectivy
Ahmed ALGendy HTI CT,MIR,Alzheimer
nawaf alharbi university of southern california deep learning , cnn, rnn
Lea Alhilali Barrow Neurological Institute Diffusion tensor imaging
Rizwan Ali Comsats University, Abbottabad campus alzeimer, machine learning, epistasis
Raza Ali Xinjiang University Deep learning Convolutional Neural networks
babar ali uet lahore cnn dataset
Mohd Hanafi Ali The University of Sydney Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, MRI Images, Adaptive
Samr Ali Concordia University machine learning, hidden markov models
Haider ali university of gujrat fmri
Sanam Ali Sunnybrook Research Institute rsfMRI; preprocessing optimization
Ali Kevin Ali Kevin Lanzhou University predict Alzheimer's disease
shirin alimoradian Islamic Azad Science and Research university arsh
samire aliniyaee Yazd University Alzheimer, biomarker, psychopathology
farzad alizadeh tums fmri,deep learning
Rawan Alkady Misr international university Bio informatics
Ayhan Alkan Cortexify BV (in establishment process) NIA-AA 2018 framework
ZAID ALKHALEDI UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY MDR; Model Selection; Continuous Phenotype; Ordered Combinatorial Partitioning
ALHASAN ALKHATIB Sakarya University MCI, Alzheimer, Image Processing, Machine learning
Shanmukh Alle IIIT Hyderabad Machine Learning, Disease diagnosis
HANANE ALLIOUI Cadi Ayyad University alzheimer, brain , MRI, dicom
Ina Almdahl Oslo University Hospital Cerebrospinal fluid Amyloid Depression
Kílvia Almeida UECE Research, Bachelor's thesis
Hannes Almgren Ghent University Effective connectivity, structural connectivity, cognition
Ibrahim Almubark CUA cognitive, neuropsychological
Devansh Alok Jaypee Institute of Information Technology prediction, neural nets, deep learning, college project
Saif Aldeen AlRyalat University of Jordan Neonate, Alzheimer, Brain, Tau protein kinase, Amyloid beta protein, Atrophy.
Majd Alsado University of Alberta practice, personal
Duaa alSaeed king saud university CNN, Alzheimer, classification, medical imaging, image processing
faisal alsalem CICADA Imaging PET
Aamna AlShehhi Khalifa University of Science and Technology - MIT Autoencoder, Multi-model deep learning , AD risk factors
Haifa Alshehri Taif University early diagnosis ,Alzheimer , Classification
shaimaa altaay University of Baghdad Alzheimer/MRI
Tooba Altaf Private Alzheimer
Lujain AlTamimi University of Minnesota AD Cause
Andre Altmann University Collage London Imaging Genetics, Next Generation Sequencing
Daniele Altomare University of Geneva biomarkers, Alzheimer, neuroimaging
Michael Alummoottil University of Cape Town classifier, GAN, data augmentation, Biomedical engineering
David Alvarez Asturias Central Hospital segmentation, hippocampus, deep learning, alzheimer
Alfredo Alvarez Solis IBM Alzheimer
Jennifer Alvén Chalmers University of Technology Spatial normalization, deep learning, tau PET imaging
FATIMA ALZAABI The University of Manchester Alzheimer
Miguel Amador Tecnico Lisboa Alzheimer, Biomarker, Connectome
Yahyah Aman University of Oslo Alzheimer’s disease, mitophagy, biomarkers
Robert Amaral Douglas Mental Health University Institute hippocampus, white matter, Alzheimer's disease
SAI SANTOSH AMBATI NITK SURATHKAL Dementia, Mild cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's, Deep learning technique
Ambaw Ambaw George Washington University Stacked Autoencoder, Convolution Neural Networks
ACHAIBOU Amina Ecole national polytechnique d'alger TEP , detection , neurodegenrative deseas
Eriza Aminanto University of Indonesia classification, alzheimer
Nasrin Amini Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Alzheimer , MRI, classification
Ala Amini Duke University MRI training examples
Inge Amlien Centre for lifespan changes in brain and cognition. Universitetet i Oslo Lifespan, AD
Nicola Amoroso Università degli studi di Bari Complex networks, deep learning, Alzheimer, brain connectivity, brain aging
ZAREEN AMTUL Independent Rsearcher Alzheimer's disease, diagnosis
Jennie An Washington University in St. Louis Independent component Analysis
Yu An Capital Medical University meta-analysis, CSF AD-type biomarkers, original data
ana ana CIIT dataset
Krishna Anand XPRIZE Foundation Alzheimers
Vikas Kumar Anand Indian Institute of Technology Madras Medical Image Analysis, Deep Learning, Radiogenomics, Radiomics
Raj Anantharaman University of Missouri Kansas City Deep learning, CNN, Classification
Gholamreza Anbarjafari University of Tartu Alzheimer disease, statistical analysis, deep learning, super resolution
Meenakshi Anbukkarasu San Jose State University Predicting conversion from MCI to AD
Sami Andberg University of Eastern Finland Alzheimer's disease, early detection, machine learning
Jeff Anderson University of Utah MRI, MCI
Loretta Anderson Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Alzheimer's Disease; Disease Progression; MCI; Biostatistics
Rene Andrade Rey University of Alcala de Henares vbm, alzheimer
Shea Andrews Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Alzheimer's disease; mitochondria; genetic variation
John Ang AI Singapore Deep learning, feature level irregulariries
Elsa Angelini Imperial College London imaging, genomic, disease classification, longitudinal follow-up,
cucun angkoso Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember feature reduction, deep belief net, alzheimer
Ahmadi Anis Faculty of sciences of Tunis Alzheimer's disease, machine learning
Isabel Ann Wingert Drexel University image processing, Alzheimer's, matlab
Ananthalakshmi Annappa Pushpalatha College of Staten Island- CUNY Machine learning prediction AD MCI life expectancy
Shahab Ansari GIKI automatic brain segmentation, Alzheimer's disease, machine learning
Manon Ansart INSERM multimodal, cognition, MRI, longitudinal, machine learnin
Lin Anshi Shanghai Maritime University alzheimer's disease
Ahmed Anter Beni-suef University Neurology, MCI, AD
Isadora Antoniano Villalobos Bocconi University Youden_index Nonparametric_inference covariate_specific_diagnosis
Augusto Antunes MINER.IA AI, Machine Learning, Inflammation, AD
Mazin Aouf Western Sydney University Medical Research Datasets
Li Yew Aow Yong Universiti Teknologi Malaysia classification
Kingkarn Aphiwatthanasumet Naresuan University MR image processing
Chatchawit Aporntewan Chulalongkorn University Microsatellite markers, Alzhemimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment
Liana Apostolova IU AD biomarekrs
Kevin Appadoo university of mauritius Fractal
Dace Apsvalka Medical Reseach Council Hippocampus
Anza Aqeel CEME, NUST RNN, SVM,Alzheimer
Ghazal Arabidarrehdor 1994 Machine Learning, Alzheimer's, Dementia
Gilderlanio Araújo Federal University of Pará association networks, non-coding RNA, eQTL, population genomics
Jose Aravena Yale university psychosocial; education; biomarkers; APOE-e4
Mohammad Arbabyazd INS reconstruction, virtualisation
Damiano Archetti IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio-Fatebenefratelli computational models
Zaniar Ardalan University of Arizona Mild Cognitive Impairment, Convolutional Neural Network
Babak Ardekani Nathan Kline Institute MRI; Corpus callosum; shape analysis;
Kareem Areed Mansoura University Healthcare
Emilia Arens University Osnabrück Classification
Eleni Aretouli University of Deusto intraindividual variability
Konstantinos Arfanakis Illinois Institute of Technology diffusion, DTI, registration
nouha arfaoui University MCI
Ali Ozgur Argunsah University of Zurich AD detection, convolutional neural networks
Christos Argyros Imperial College London Machine Learning, Predictions
Juan A. Arias University of Santiago de Compostela Neuroscience, alzheimer, cognitive disease, biostatistics, machine learning
Kfir Ariel Tel Aviv University thesis, research methods, neurodegenerative diseases
SHIORI ARII HEROZ CT,Super-Resolution, Image Enhancement, Deep Learning
Ivan Arisi Fondazione EBRI "Rita Levi-Montalcini" Genomics, clinical data, imaging, biomarkers, data mining, modelling, diagnosis
Maria Eugenia Ariza The Ohio State University early biomarker, AD progression, virus protein
Magnolia Ariza-Nieto epIAWELL LLC epigenetics, personalized, early diagnostics, obesity, metabolism, liver
Aramin Armani AmirKabir University NeuroAnatomy
Steven Armentrout Parabon Computation MDR, epistatis, cloud computing
Nicole Armstrong National Institute on Aging Cognitive reserve, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Psychometrics Workshop
omri Armstrong Tel Aviv University Domain Adaptation
Thomas Arnold University of Pennsylvania Cortical thickness, cortical atrophy
Matthias Arnold Helmholtz Zentrum München gaussian models, data integration, network analysis
priya arora Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Alzheimer disease
Emilio Artacho-Perula University of Castilla-La Mancha Alzheimer, Euclidean distances, MRI
sai arthi SSN Engineering College Diagnosis, automated, early detection, Alzheimer's Disease
Christoph Arthofer University of Nottingham MR brain segmentation
Michael Arthur University of Texas at Austin Joydeep Ghosh
Eivind Arvesen N/A machine learning, deep learning, ai, neural networks
Shiva Aryal Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital Medical doctor, researcher
Amirhossein Arzani Northern Arizona University hemodynamics, blood flow, perfusion
Nibal Arzouni USC AD, Imaging genetics,
Fatemeh Asadi Tehran universityof medical sciennce Alzheimer, machine learning
Hadis Asadi Islamic azad university Central Tehran Branch Medical radiation
Maame Gyamfua Asante-Mensah Skoltech Neural Networks, Classification
Charubutr Asavaroengchai A.I. Brain Co., Ltd deep learning
Kamiar Asgari USC EEG time series, Abnormality detection, CPS, fractional dynamics
Tahir Ashad harbin institute of technology image processing,image analysis
Wes Ashford Stanford leptin, Alzheimer, blood, dementia
Miriam Ashford NCIRE Clinical
Al ashir Dhaka International University Brain anomaly
rakhi ashok IGNOU ML
Azhaar Ashraf Imperial College London Amyloid, tau, glucose, MCI, Alzheimer's disease, MRI, PET, CSF, cognitive declin
Abida Ashraf GG post Graduate Collage No.1Abbotabad Alzheimer
Amir Ashraf-Ganjouei Tehran university of medical scienses Machine learning, Neural network
Krish Asija St. John's High School support vector machines,deep learning, neurological degeneration, Alzheimer's,
Breton Asken Brown University risk score, conversion, multivariate base rate, amyloid, ATN
Brianna Askew Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study dementia, intervention, risk factors
Per Aslaksen University of Tromsø Alzheimer, freesurfer, tDCS
Eric Aslakson Poiema, LLC adni transmart
amara aslam university of gujrat fmri
Farrah Aslam University of Wah Alzheimer disease prediction
amara aslam university of gujrat Parkinson disease
Toshihiko Aso Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine BOLD signal, cerebral blood flow, venous drainage
Assif Assad Islamic University of Science and Technology MAchine Learning Deep Learning ARTIFICIAL Intelligence
Ava Assadi macquarie university deep learning
Meltem Atay Middle East Technical University Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks
Meltem ATAY MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Deep Learning, Autoencoders, Restricted Boltzmann Machine, Alzheimers
Meltem Atay Middle East Technical University Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Effective Connectivity,
MIRUNA FLORENTINA ATES MALTEPE UNIVERSITY brain volumetry, Alzheimer disease, analyse, cognition
Selamawet Workalemahu Atnafu university of Bologna Neurological disorder, Machine Learning, Alzheimer
Christy Au-Yeung Sunnybrook Cognition, ASL, fMRI
Gaelle Aubertin-Kirch MIAC-AG standardization, automatic process, software evaluation
Michel Audette Old Dominion University hippocampus, atrophy, prognostic biomarker
Joseph Austerweil University of Wisconsin - Madison Sequencing Biomarkers, Machine learning, individual differences
brian avants Biogen brain, thickness, ANTs, conversion, amyloid
Linda Avena Ludwig Maximilians Universität blood brain barrier, glymphatic system, ADNI MEM, ADNI Exec, atrophy, MRI
Andrea Avena-Koenigsberger Indiana University diffusion models, network dynamics
Pedro Alejandro Avila Plaza Universidad Piloto de Colombia alzheimer
Daniel Felipe Avilán Caldas Universidad Nacional de Colombia DTI
Hifza Awan University of Gujrat 123
Shivangi Awasthi Merck & Co. Alzheimer's, biomarkers
Ibrahim Awinle Crescent University, abeokuta White Matter, White Matter Lesion, T2*W, T2, FLAIR, T1
Enes Ayan Kırıkkale University Alzheimer, Deep Learning, CNN, Medical Image Analysis
taha yassine ayari esprit Alzheimer AI DATA
Reina Ayde Basel university Deep learning image reconstruction
Yesim AYDIN SON Middle East technical University Data mining, Hybrid Methods, SVM-ID3
Umme Aysha University of Regina Research
Murathan Aytekin Istanbul University CNN Classifier AD
Scott Ayton University of Melbourne CSF amyloid b, tau, heart rate, blood pressure
Ebru Ayyurek Namık kemal university neuroscience
Cristian Azamar García Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Alzheimer, Characterizing, database.
Emanuel Azcona Northwestern University Graph convolutional networks, machine learning, MRI, graph signal processing
Tiago Azevedo University of Cambridge fmri mri clinical
Ahmadreza Azizi VirginiaTech Adversarial attack
Mohd Hafrizal Azmi Universiti Putra Malaysia AD Classification
darnisa azzahra Universitas UPN Jakarta Alzheimer's image dataset
Athira B TKMCE Cerebral Blood Flow; Arterial Spin Labeling; Outlier rejection; Alzheimer’s dise
shwetha B sjce Alzheimers, MRI, Wavelets, SVM
jawahar b kongu engineering college dataset
Divya B Stigmata techno solutions LLP alzhiemer,ML
Rajakumar B R Resbee Info Technologies Optimization, Classification, Computer aided diagnosis
Maowen Ba Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital rpAD;Prevalence;Biomarker
Abbas Babajani-Feremi The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Imaging biomarker; Early identification of the Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
alexandra badea Duke CIVM mri, imaging, analysis
AmanPreet Badhwar CRIUGM, University of Montreal neuroimaging, genetics
Lea Baecker King's College London machine learning, MRI
Steven Baete NYU School of Medicine Orientation Distribution Function analysis, Diffusion MRI
elnaz bagheri tehran university deep network+ alzheimer diseaes
dhimas bagus teguh pambudi Informatics Machine Learning. Alzheimer
fatemeh bahadoran babol noshirvani university of technology alzheimer neural network
Safa Bahri University of Valenciennes Classification, Deep Learning
weiling bai Inner Mongolia University 123123
Paul Baird Centre for Eye Research Australia, University of Melbourne AMD, genome wide, interaction
Utkarsh Bairolia IIT ISM DHANBAD Instance based mapping, Multiple kernel learning
Zhang Baiwen Beijing University of Technology AD, MCI convert
Nikolaj Bak H. Lundbeck A/S Progression, Segmentation
Susan Baker Janssen R&D Diagonsis, Progression, Biomarkers
Mudathir Bakhit Fukushima Medical University DLPFC, tractography, connectome
Naman Bakhru IIT Kharagpur Hidden Markov Model, Bayesian networks
Arnold Bakker Johns Hopkins University Entorhinal Cortex
Ibtissam Bakkouri FSA Ibn Zohr CAD, AD, Machine Learning
Kavitha Bakshi Ryerson Medical Machine Learning
Andrea Balado qubiotech PET, MRI, quantification
Akshaya Balamurugan NUS Deep Learning
Yacov Balash Kaplan Medical Center MRI, subcortical hyperintensities, Alzheimer’s disease, periventricular leukoara
Priya Balasubramanian Cornell University Iron, dementia, QSM
Nishandhini Balasundar Rajalakshmi Engineering College Alzheimer’s Disease, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, hippocampus
Luis Balderas Ruiz University of Granada Classification, Parkinson, MRI, Machine Learning
Marcos Balle Universidad Politécnica de Madrid T1, DTI, MCI, AD
Oluwaseun Adebayo Bamodu Taipei Medical University - Shuang Ho Hospital Proteome, Genome, Parkinson's Disease, Motor disorder, Cerebrum
parthi ban VIT university mri, alzheimers , CNN
Dipankar Bandyopadhyay Virginia Commonwealth University DTI, tensor regression, spatial methods
Ji-In Bang CHA Hospital neuroimaging
Seojin Bang Carnegie Mellon University longitudinal; multimodal; clustering; machine learning
Katherine Bangen University of California, San Diego vascular risk, cerebral blood flow, amyloid
Waqas Bangyal University of Gujrat(UOG), Gujrat, Pakistan Deep Learning; Brain MRI Classification, 3D-CNN;
Sadeq Bani Melhem Concordia University treating the sick brain via electrical stimulation
Rana Banik Vanderbilt University Medical Image Synthesis, Inhomogeneity study
Sarah Banks UCSD tau; alzheimer's; sex differences
Shuhei Bannae Canon Medical Systems Corporation Alzheimer disease
Leonie Banning Maastricht University Neuropsychiatric symptoms – amyloid markers – neuronal injury markers – APOE gen
Deepika Bansal The NorthCap University Gurugram Machine Learning, Deep Learning, MRI Image
SANCHIT BANSAL the university of hong kong -
Rashmi Banthia Harvard Machine Learning Deep Learning
xu baohong Hebei University of Technology fMRI AD deep learning
Fernando Barajas Universidad de Monterrey ITK , MAPER , SEGMENTATION
Jed Barash Soldiers' Home Hippocampus, opioids, Alzheimer's
ali barati tums rs-fmri
Eduardo Barbará Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) image processing data analize
Justin Barber University of Kentucky neuropsych testing, education, amyloid, wmh
Robert Barber University of North Texas Health Science Center Alzheimer's disease genetics
Philip Barber University of Calgary stroke; TIA; brain atrophy; dementia
Lorenzo Barberis Canonico Clemson University machine learning
Javier Barbero Universidad de Córdoba Machine Learning, Volumetric imaging, Metaheuristics
Michael Barbine Kinometrix Inc. Health, Personalized Health, IPHA
Jordan Barbone West Chester University Independent, personal use
Adriano Barbosa da Silva Queen Mary University of London Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Prediction
Flavia Roberta Barbosa de Araujo Federal University of Pernambuco Machine Learning, Alzheimer, GWAS, Tools, SNPs
Mikayla Barea Michigan State University white matter, MCI, conversion, learning, memory, atrophy, volumetry, DTI
Steven Barger University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences amyloid, PIB, florbetapir, prescription, drug
Sezin Barın Erciyes University sznbrn287
chris barlow The Open University AD, Dementia, MCI, Biomarkers, Trisomy 21
Josephine Barnes UCL Institute of Neurology hippocampus, whole brain
Sandra Barral Columbia University GWAS plasma beta amyloid
Megan Barrell Cardiff University dMRI, pipeline
Hannia Barrera University of California Davis Brain, health equity, minority groups
Matthew Barrett University of Virginia School of Medicine Parkinson disease, genetics, biomarkers, CSF, alpha-synuclein, tau
Kathryn Barrett The University of South Carolina Extra Credit
vera barstad University of Agder Deep Learning, 3DCNN,pointcloud
Abdullah Baş ERCIYES UNIVERSITY dementia
Suryakanth Basavaraj BMSITM MRI,PET
Abol Basher Chosun University Alzheimer
Rodrigo Basilio IDOR DNN Machine Learning
Rani Basna University of Gothenburg, Institute of Medicine Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, longitudinal,
Cher Bass King's College London generative models, deep learning, biomedical data
Wietske Bastiaansen Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam MEDICCS summer school
Anirban Basu University of Washington, Seattle dementia progression, prediction, distributional statistics
Rikin Basu Vellore Institute of Technology , India deep learning , image processing , Alzheimer’s, diagnostics
Debraj Basu University of California Davis life style, AD, diversity
Arindam Basu University of Canterbury Alzheimer's Disease, TBI, Polygenic risk scores
Vishant Bata Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi-India PET Scans, Early Detection, Machine Learning
malav bateriwala CSIRO Deep Learning, Segementation
Veeky Baths Birla Institute of Technology & Sciences, K. K. Birla Goa Campus Cognitive diseases, Computational Neurosciences
Mark Battle GE Healthcare Centiloid, PiB, imaging windows
Lucia Batzu King's College London - Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute Alzheimer's disease; MRI; neuroinflammation
Matthew Baucum University of Tennessee Knoxville machine learning, disease progression, time series
Roman Bauer Newcastle University computational neuroscience
Sarah Bauermeister University of Oxford machine-learning; cognition; socioeconomic status; lifestyle; early-life
Christian Baumgartner ETH Zurich medical image analysis, machine learning
Armin Bayati University of Victoria Cognitive disorder, microscopic, macroscopic, diagnostic, vasculature
Peter Bayley VA Palo Alto Health Care System, CYP191A, hippocampus, apoe4, neuropsychology
Omid Bazgir Genentech Feature extraction and feature learning
Tariq Bdair TUM Deep learning, Semi supervised learning
Derek Beaton Baycrest partial least squares, multivariate, genetics
Helen Beaumont University of Manchester diffusion DOC atlas
Lino Becerra Invicro asl, cbf
Sergio Becerra Neurological Associates of West Los Angeles fMR, Resting, BOLD, Anatomical, ASL, DTI
Laurel Beckett UC Davis Biostatistics
Joanne Beer University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine imaging, multi-scanner
Mirza Faisal Beg Simon Fraser University MR, LDDMM, segmentation, registration, statistical shape analysis
Iman Beheshti CERVO Research Center, Mental Health University Institute of Quebec estimation, brain age, MRI
Qumars Behfar Cologne University hospital Connectome
Hamid Behjat Lund University shape analysis, topological similarity, classification, early diagnosis
Tina Behrouzi University of Toronto GSP for brain mapping
Christopher Beitel University of California, San Francisco Machine learning
Victoria Belancio Tulane University genetic variation
Mahanand Belathur Suresh Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering AD,MCI
Andrew Bell University of Richmond dementia
Maura Bellio University College London graphic user interface; MRI; disease progression models; neurodegenerative
Tamara Belostotska University of Hildesheim Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Convolutional LSTM
Luis Beltran-Parrazal Universidad Veracruzana SVM-REF
Olfa Ben Ahmed UNiversity of Poitiers Deep learning, medical imaging
Mostefa Ben naceur University Paris Est Convolutional neural Networks (CNN), data generation, tumor segmentation, nerati
maissa ben soussia UNC PET
Achraf Ben-Hamadou Digital Research Center of Sfax Deep learning, Alzheimer statge detection
Lizeth Benavides PUC classification, incomplete data, Alzheimer’s disease.
Camelia BENCHEQROUN Georgetown University Medical Center DICOM images
Andrew Bender Michigan State University diffusion MRI, machine learning, latent factors,
Thomas Bengtsson UC-Berkeley Amyloid PET
Andreana Benitez Medical University of South Carolina MoCA, Item Response Theory
Neal Bennett Gladstone Institutes metabolism
Bini Mariyam Benny Rajagiri School Of Engineering And Technology ,Kakkanad adni
Jacob Benoit Medical College of Wisconsin AD
David Benrimoh McGill University Psychosis, schizophrenia, structural networks
Mariana Bento university of calgary machine learning, image features, dementia
El Mehdi Benyoussef Hassan 2nd University of Casablanca Machine Learning, Image Processing, Alzheimer's Disease
Meryem Benyoussef Sorbonne University Deep learning, convolutional neural network,Alzheimer, mild cognitive impairment
Seo Beomjin Kyunghee University DCSRN , MRI BRAIN image , super image resolution
Maurizio Bergamino Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital DTI; GQI; structural connectivity; prediction model
Miles Berger Duke University Medical Center proteomics, CSF, Alzheimer's disease, MCI, cognition
Matthias Berkes York University bilingualism aging executive function
Jose Alfonso Bernal Moyano Universitat de Girona longitudinal changes, atrophy, convolutional neural networks
Brandon Bernardo Chapman University Data Management, Disease, Genetics
Adam Bernstein University of Arizona Thalamus, Deep Learning
Olivia Bernstein University of California, Irvine prediction, biased sample, clinical trials
Stuart Berr University of Virginia PET
David Berron Lund University MTL, hippocampus, structure, preclinical AD, amyloid PET
Laiss Bertola Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Maxime Bertoux Inserm Alzheimer, ATN
Maxime Bertrait Siemens Healthineers Morphometry
Lars Bertram University of Luebeck GWAS, EMIF, QTL, PGS
Olfa Besbes ISITCOM http://www.infcom.rnu.tn/content/ Machine and deep learning, early detection
Pierre Besson Northwestern University Deep learning, prediction, big data
John Best University of British Columbia forecasting, TADPOLE, regression-based prediction
Richard Bethlehem University of Cambridge statistical learning, neuroimaging
Tobey Betthauser University of Wisconsin-Madison PET, neuroimaging, processing
Erin Beveridge Canon Medical Research Europe Brain segmentation, neurodegenerative disease, machine learning
William Bevis University of WIsconsin, Madison UI UX
Archana Bhade Government College of Engineering,Amravati machine learning
Sayantan Bhadra Washington University in St. Louis generative model, MRI
Keshav Bhandari Texas State University semantic segmentation
Vinay Bhapkar New York University Computer vision research
Pradyumna Bharadwaj The University of Arizona MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING; TAU ; AMYLOID
Kripanshu Bhargava Brain Cradle AI Deep Learning, Alzeimer Disease
Apoorva Bharthur Sanjay Indiana University Gene expression, early diagnosis, prediction
Harsh Bhasin Jawahar Lal Nehru University MCI, Support Vector Machine, Decision Tree, Neural Networks, Bayesian
BHUVANESHWARI BHASKARAN The University of Memphis Machine learning, classification, neuroimaging
Kirti Raj Bhatele Rustamji Institute of technology, BSF Academy, Tekanpur Machine learning, Deep learning, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s
Ridhanshi Bhatia Amity School of Engineering and Technology AD, Neurology, CNN
Priya Bhatt Oregon Health and Science University gwas, alzheimer's disease, statistics
Chidansh Bhatt FXPAL multi-modal learning; deep learning;
Atanu Bhattacharjee Tata Memorial Centre Joint longitudinal modeling, time to event data, biomarker
Debanjali Bhattacharya International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore Texture, shape, volume
Sudeepa Bhattacharyya Arkansas State University metabolomics, neuroimaging
Satyabrat Bhol IIT Chicago Alzheimers
Manish S Bhoopalam National Institute of Technology,Surathkal, Karnataka Generative Adversarial Network, CNN, FCN
Alauddin Bhuiyan NYU School of Medicine Machine learning, MRI, Socio-demographic parameters, Alzheimer's
Xiaohong Bi University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston computational phenotyping
Xin Bi Northeastern University brain network, fMRI, Alzheimer's Disease
Qiuhui Bi Beijing Normal University DTI,metabolism,aging
Junyu Bian UM-SJTU Joint Institute W@icyoshrup9
SHIJIA BIAN BIOGEN alzheimer's; statistical analysis
xuesheng bian Xiamen University Medical Image
shijia bian EMORY UNIVERSITY AD disease progressin
Chun Mei Bian Tongji Medical College,Huazhong University of Science and Technology bile acid;intestinal microorganism;Alzheimer's disease
Ayesha Bibi University of Gujrat Alzheimer's disease
Amen Bidani IDeTiC Alzheimer's, Machine Learning
Kelsey Biddle Biddle Brigham & Women's Hospital cognitive decline, marital status, amyloid-beta, preclinical AD
Matthew Bigelow The Ohio State University Alzheimer in early stages, prognosis, MRI
Ricardo Bigolin Lanfredi University of Utah Visual dataset explanation, regression, adversarial training
Murat Bilgel National Institute on Aging FDG, amyloid, DTI, MRI, atrophy, longitudinal
Benjamin Billot UCL segmentation, volumetry analysis
Reem Bin Hezam Dublin City University dementia, modifiable risk factors
Marie-Abele Bind HARVARD UNIVERSITY Statistics
Ni Bingjie Huazhong University of Science and Technology alzheimer's disease
Huang Bingsheng Shenzhen University AD, brain age
Huang BingYao Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications joint modeling
Colin Birkenbihl Fraunhofer-Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen SCAI AETIONOMY, statistical comparism, modeling, validation
George Biros Biros The University of Texas at Austin Image registration, image segmentation, tau analysis, PET, MRI, machine learning
Joshua Bis University of Washington Alzheimer's disease, sequencing, ADSP
Gérard Bischof University Hopsital Cologne Alzheimer's disease, resting state, fMRI
Sotirios Bisdas University College London Brain ageing; Cognition; Brain tumour
Ram Bishnoi Medical College of Georgia dementia, latent variables, neuroimaging
Joseph Bishop Anthem Inc Classification Machine Learning
David Bissig OHSU retina, ocular
Ashis Kumer Biswas University of Colorado Denver Machine learning; deep learning; hybrid convolution neural network; image marker
David Bjelke The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research CMRglu, ROI
Vic Black Beijing University of Chemical Technology deeplearning, AD
Sandra Black Sunnybrook Research Institute MRI Volumetry, Alzheimer disease progression
Jennifer Blackwood University of Michigan-Flint MCI, neurological exam, vital signs
Elise Blaese IBM Research NIA GCAD Watson
James Blair University of Virginia Cognitive Impairment, Structure, T1
Sergio Blanco Trejo University of Seville Algebraic topology
Toby Bloom New York Genome Center Alzheimers Disease, centenarians, Ashkenazi
Emma Bluemke University of Oxford healthy ageing, neural networks
Jenna Blujus UWM Alzheimer's disease
Dominik Blum University Hospital Tuebingen Parkinson, Cognition, FDG, denoising
Jan Krzysztof Blusztajn Boston University School of Medicine CSF, plasma, biomarkers
Andrew Boateng-Poku University of Miami Cognition, aging, brain, memory
dheeraj bobbili Megeno S.A WGS, array, hashing, PRS, stratification
Raviteja Bodla Springboard Deep learning
Michael Boedigheimer Amgen NFL
Katharina Boegl Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Hippocampus
Susan Boehnke Queen's University CSF biomarkers, lumbar puncture
Ronald Boellaard University Medical Center Groningen Image methodology, quantification, processing, classification
Arun Bokde Trinity College Dublin MRI, grey matter, volumetric, hippocampus
Sideny Bolden Bethune Cookman University AD, MRI, SVM, Machine learning, diagnosis, neuroimaging biomarkers,
Andrea Bolivar Matos Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SSO) predictive, onset, alzheimers disease
Ranvit Bommineni University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign GAN MRI PET image translation
Borna Bonakdarpour Northwestern University Resting state fMRI, language network
sriharsha bondalapati international institute of information technology Alzhimers disease prediction
sriharsha bondalapati international institute of information technology brain MRI data
Luke Bonham Johns Hopkins Alzheimer's disease, hydrocephalus, ventricular volumes
Andrea Bonilla UC Berkeley research project
Ester Bonmati University College London coursework;matlab;
Brian Booth University of Antwerp MRI atlases, image registration, metric learning
Parinita Bora MSRUAS machine learning
Miguel German Borda Borda Stavanger University Hospital cognitive testing, computerized cognitive testing, Alzheimer´s disease, MCI
arman boroun mums fmri
Alexandre Bortoli Stanford Tau ; prions ; AD
Christian Boschenriedter Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf Parkinson's disease, machine learning
Anirban Bose Chennai Mathematical Institute Topological Data Analysis
Zoran Bosnić University of Ljubljana Alzheimer; data mining; computer science; decision support
Nicholas Bott University of California San Francisco cognitive aging; structural imaging; inflammation
Rachid Bouamrane Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran large complex systems, feature extraction, very large networks
Johémie Boucher Université de Montréal neuropsychology of aging; alzheimer's disease; clinical research
Reguieg Bouchra istanbul technical university brain network
Olga Boukrina Kessler Foundation education; statistics, proportions, frequencies
Pierrick Bourgeat CSIRO ICT Centre Segmentation, registration, longitudinal study
Jessica Bourgin Université Savoie Mont Blanc emotion; attention; amygdala
Jessica Bourgin Université Savoie Mont Blanc Amygdala; Attentional network
abdelmajid bousselhalm ENSET MRI, dti
souha bousselmi faculty of sciences of tunis irm, recognition, sobell filter ,
thebti Boutheina Monastir neuro imagerie, alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis
Jose Bouza University of Florida Artificial Intelligence Neural Network
Emily Bove Cogstate Cogstate
Hamidreza Boveiri Shiraz University of Technology medical image registration; deep neural networks
Daniel Bowgett Northumbria University joint models, improved discrimination, biomarkers
Mark Bowren University of Iowa lesion method, neuropsychology, structural equation modeling
Cem Bozkus UTD ML, Alzheimers, diagnosis, prevention, early diagnosis
Andrea Bozoki Michigan State University FDG-PET; PIB-PET; Alzheimer's disease
Jeffrey Brabec University of Vermont NetWAS, PheWAS, CNNs, Derived-phenotypes, Canonical Correlation Analysis
Nicholas Bradfield St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Mild cognitive impairment; neuropsychology; memory
Tyler Bradshaw University of Wisconsin attenuation correction
Larissa Braga West Virginia University Safety, adherence
Joana Braga Pereira Karolinska Institute CSF, MRI
Lodewijk Brand Colorado School of Mines haploview, plink
Jose Bras UCL, Institute of Neurology Neurogranin, neurofilament light, biomarker, genetics
Meredith Braskie USC inflammation
Jana Bratanić Faculty of science Split alzheimer desease
Noa Bregman Tel Aviv Medical Center verbal fluency
Michael Brehler Medical College of Wisconsin Radiomics, PET, MRI
James Brewer UCSD subregional change MRI, PET
Adam Brickman College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University white matter hyperintensities, PIB, amyloid
Ross Briden Brown University MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation; Deep Learning for Medical Image Synthesis
Joshua Bridge University of Liverpool AI, Deep learning
Robert Bridges Aegis Imaging Consultants Hypometabolism
Danielle Briggs Brigham and Women's Hospital ADNI 3, LONI, coordinator
Alex Harrison Brody Yale University Pyk2, florbetapir-PET, CSF amyloid beta, CSF tau
Caroline Broichhagen Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics Deep Learning, Neuroimaging, Classification, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning
Esther Bron Erasmus MC Classification
Kévin Brou Boni Centre Oscar Lambret GAN, CT, MRI, pseudo-CT, radiotherapy
Jonathan Brouillette Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal Retinoic acid, Alzheimer's disease, Single-nucleotide polymorphisms
Rachel Brouwer UMC Utrecht longitudinal brain change, GWAS
Francesco Brovelli University of Milan-Bicocca conversion, MRI, amyloid PET, MMSE
Matthew Brown University of Alberta machine learning, diagnosis, prognosis, biomarkers
Robert Brown McGill University Brain extraction; Deep learning
Sam Brown University of Exeter DTI, dementia
Chiara Brück ErasmusMC Microsimulation modelling; Public health; Dementia; Epidemiology
Iva Brunec University of Toronto Hippocampus, Memory decline, fMRI
Irene Brusini KTH Royal Institute of Technology Structural MRI, segmentation, deep learning, shape analysis
Enrico Bruttomesso MSC computer engineering student (Uninettuno International University) alzheimer mri deep learning neural network dnn
Annie Bryant Massachusetts General Hospital tau, perfusion, blood vessels
Antoni Brzoska Neurogazer validation, machine learning
Rakshitha BS christ faculty of engineering Machine Learning , Deep Learning, Classification
Giovanna Bubbico ITAB, Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies DTI bilingualism normal aging
OMONIGHO BUBU UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA sleep deprivation, Alzheimer's Disease, beta-amyloid
Hans-Georg Buchholz University Medical Center NEUROSTAT, SPM12
MAGDA BUCHOLC University of Ulster dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; cognitive impairment; clinical decision support
Bradley Buchsbaum Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care fMRI PET correlation
Hudson Buck Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences Alzheimer, diabetes, hypertension, chronic diseases
Katharina Buck Roche Diagnostics Elecsys CSF Measurements
Virginia Buckles Washington University in St. Louis DIAN ADNI
Rachel Buckley Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School subjective cognitive decline, amyloid, neurodenegeration, sensitivity
Gabriel Bucur Radboud University Nijmegen causal inference, Mendelian randomization, Robust estimation, Bayesian inference
Charley Budgeon University Of Western Australia Alzheimer's, disease progresssion, Biomarkers, cognitive, wellbeing,
Pranav Budhwant PICT Glucose PET Scans, Alzheimer's detection, Deep Convolutional Networks, AI, ML
Hara Govinda Sai Praneeth Bugata Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati Personalized Model, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning
Minh Bui Thuy Loi University Minh Bui
Sayed Ali Raza Shah Bukhari Jamil ur Rahman Ceter for Genome Research Mitochondrial Genomes, Alzheimers
Fahad Bukhari Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology Help the Alzheimer's patient
Santi Bullich Life Molecular Imaging GmbH florbetaben SUVR cutoff
Saurabh Bundela Jabalpur University Deep Learning, Image Analysis, Genetic and Proteomics biomakers
Braydon Burgess Genentech AD Discovery
Ninon Burgos University College London PET synthesis
Haroon Burhanullah Johns Hopkins University Mild Behavioral Impairment, Neuropsychiatric Symptoms, AMyloid PET imaging
Samantha Burnham CSIRO Alzheimer's; genetics, Validation, Longitudinal
Hendrik Burwinkel Technical University Munich Graph-based deep learning, machine learning
Tomasz Burzykowski Center for Statistics biomarker, Alzheimer's disease, biostatistcs
William Bush Case Western Reserve University Loss of Y, Copy Number
Stephanie Buss Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center cognitive reserve, exercise, education, music, social
Aurelie Bussy McGill University Hippocampus Segmentation Aging Alzheimer's Disease
P. Monroe Butler University of California San Francisco Hippocampus, history of opiate exposure, ApoE
Markus Butz-Ostendorf Biomax Informatics Big Data, semantic data integration, multimodal brain imaging, AD
Punith BV Siemens Healthineers India brain segmentation
Gihwan Byeon Seoul National University Hospital Alzheimer, neurodegeneration, homocysteine
Seul Kee Byeon Mayo Clinic machine learning analysis
Jiyoung Byun KAIST Alzheimer's disease
Michał Błotko Silesian University of Technology MRI, Alzheimer, Data Science
C C c c
Nagarathna C R Dsatm Mri, pet scan, eeg
Ricardo Alonso Caballero Luna Universidad de Monterrey MCI, AD, CONVERSION
Ryan Cabeen USC LONI tools
Monia Cabinio IRCCS Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi, Centro Santa Maria Nascente AD, HC, structural MRI, functional MRI
Ylermi Cabrera-León Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, ensembles, biomarkers, AD, MCI
Shaun Cade University of South Australia P75 neurotrophin receptor, p75 ectodomain, ELISA analysis.
Shangyu Cai Szu University AD FMRI
Jiahui Cai stu AD
Xiaoying Cai First affiliated hospital of SUN YAT-Sen university mild cognitive impairment, surgery, Alzheimer's Disease
Fanco Cai College of Computer Science and Technology, longitudinal datasets, learning manifold trajectories
Hailin Cai Chongqing University AD,
Zhengting Cai HYHY jety2858
Chunting Cai Xiamen Univeersity cct724724
erik cai wenzhou university multimodal neuroimaging
Ryan Cali UMass Medical School Alzheimers, Machine Learning, Neuroscience
Brandy Callahan University of Calgary diagnosis, neuropsychology, dementia, mci, norms
Frederic Calon Universite Laval Alzheimer
Jacob Calvert Dascena machine learning, preidction, disease progression
Noelia Calvo Universidad Nacional de Córdoba cognitive reserve bilingualism aging
Monica Camacho UCSF alzheimer's
Eduardo Camacho UPV Artificial Intelligence, lesion segmentation
Aldo Camargo University of Liège Perfusion MRI, cognition changes
David Campbell University of Auckland epidemiological student project
Alex Campbell University of Cambridge deep learning, machine learning, fmri, diagnosis, unsupervised
Jacques-Yves CAMPION Aix-Marseille University machine learning, classify, alzheimer disease, fdg-pet, mri, discordance index
Kylie Campion University of Wisconsin-Madison Tau and beta
Hande Can New York University Medical School Seasonal plasticity, biomarkers, Alzheimer disease,
Juan Sebastian Cañas Silva Universidad Nacional de Colombia Tractography
Samuele Cancellieri University of Verona Multi-Omics,Radio Imaging,Machine Learning,Deep Learning,GWAS
Sema Candemir The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center computer aided detection/diagnosis, Alzheimer in early stages, prognosis, MRI, P
Christian Candler Belmont University imaging, genetics, confirmation
Jose L. Cantero Pablo de Olavide University sleep2019
Shuman Cao Xuan Wu Hospital, Capital Medical University 54_Feliz
Lingcan Cao Xi'an Jiaotong University brain network dynamics, default mode network
Guanqun Cao Auburn University functional data, ADNI
Yan Cao University of Texas at Dallas image analysis
Qi Cao Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Dynamical Systems, Time Serious
Jiguo Cao Simon Fraser University brain network, QTL mapping
Bo Cao University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Machine learning
Bing Cao university of north carolina at chapel hill medical image synthesis
DANIEL CAPON BLOOD SYSTEMS RESEARCH INSTITUTE protein engineering, antibodies, amyloid beta, biomarker
Jared Cara Vivid Genomics Genomics, machine learning, prediction, co-morbidities, pathology
filippo carducci university of rome PET AD
Jeremy Carmasin Massachusetts General Hospital PIB FDG AD MCI
Owen Carmichael UC Davis cortical thickness
Diedre Carmo Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering - UNICAMP Deep Learning, Hippocampus Segmentation
Gustavo Carneiro University of Adelaide automatic discovery of biomarkers, deep learning, machine learning
Miguel Adolfo Caro Parrado Universidad Nacional de Colombia brain aging patterns
Sarah Carr Case Western Reserve University amyloid, POSET
Thomas Carr University of East Anglia / Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals Tensorflow, Machine Learning, CNN, RNN, Big Data, Pretraining, Transfer Learning
Minerva Carrasquillo Mayo Clinic CAA, neuroimaging, intracerebral hemorrhage, GWAS
Luis Cartagena USP Body, electrical, sensor
Greg Carter The Jackson Laboratory epistasis, pleiotropy, genetic association
Emily Carvajal Universidad del Valle preprocessing, standarization
Sofia Carvalho Universidade do Minho neuroimaging, mri, alzheimer, prediction
Vítor Carvalho IF SUDESTE MG MRI Image, Machine-learning, Alzheimer's Disease
Adrià Casamitjana Universitat Politència de Catalunya PhD, machine learning, bioengineering, early stage of AD
Silvia Cascianelli University of Perugia Deep Learning, PET, Alzheimer's Disease multiclass diagnosis
David Cash University College London familial Alzheimer's disease, volumetric MRI, cerebral atrophy
Julian Caspers University Hospital Düsseldorf resting-state fMRI, machine-learning, classification
Isabella Castiglioni National Reserach Council AD, MCI, image classification, diagnosis, MRI, PET
Jose Maria Castillo-Secilla University of Córdoba AD, Alzheimer, Deep Learning, GPU
Mac Gayver Castro University Center Christus Alzheimer disease, imaging, algorithms
Eduardo Castro IBM Research longitudinal, Alzheimer's disease, multimodal, multivariate, predictive
JUAN ANTONIO CASTRO SILVA UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA medical image analysis, alzheimer's disease
Kim Cates Seton Hall University Alzheimer's, neural networks, MRI, machine learning
Francesca Catto University Hospital Zürich Alzheimer, PET, scans, raw data
Pedro Cavalcanti UFRN Image Processing, MatLab.
Michele Cavallari Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School amyloid, perivascular spaces, glymphatic
Enrica Cavedo Qynapse hippocampus
Bernardo Cecchetto Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre h9cd5ber
Vanessa Ceja University of California, Riverside Scan quality analysis, Clinical MRI, Computational Neuroscience
Marina Célestine MIRCen - CEA Lesion and cognitive analysis, multimodal study
Jade Centeno Amandio PUCRS research
William Ceriale University of Washington Machine Learning, Neural Network, Alzheimers
Ricardo Cerri Federal University of Sao Carlos machine learning, SNPs, Alzheimer Disease
Stefano Cerri DTU segmentation atrophy
Tess Cersonsky Brown University AD Risk, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling
Alper Çevik Middle East Technical University Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Spectral Regression, Infinite Kernel Learning
Yoonjeong Cha Immuneering target identification, pathology, survival analysis, pathway analysis
Miriam Cha Harvard University MRI; Change detection
Jiook Cha Columbia University deep learning, artificial intelligence,
Satish Chada Pulmonary Services of North Texas Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, MCI, AD, COPD
Tanvi Chadaga RVCE brain tumour
Yaqiong Chai CHLA deep learning reconstruction
SABYASACHI CHAKRABORTY Inje University Alzheimer, Parkinson
Daniel Chalupa Brno University of Technology Pharmacokinetic Modeling, Multiple Classifier Systems
Jordan Chamberlain The Pennsylvania State University ADNI3 advanced diffusion, Siemens Advanced Prisma VE11C
David Chamorro Neurognos Alzheimer, Diagnosis
Harshil Champaneria Arizona State University Research Project on Deep Learning
sic chan FDA PET, MRI, CSF biomarkers
Kannie WY Chan City University of Hong Kong; The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine MRI, AD, deep learning
Christina Chan Michigan State Univ. NCI-DREAM 8.5
Yi Hao Chan Nanyang Technological University Multimodal Brain Imaging, Representation Learning, Autoencoders, Multilayer nets
Huang Chan-Yi Acer Brian MRI
Steven Chance Oxford brain diagnostics MRI, DTI, AD, MCI
Harish Chandran Griantek correlation analysis, linear discriminant analysis, brain multiplex
Catie Chang National Institutes of Health resting-state fMRI, spontaneous activity, dynamics
Ya-Hsuan Chang University of Kentucky Data analysis
Benson Chang National Chiao Tung University Alzheimer's,MRI,CNN
QU chang Hebei University of Technology Dysfunction and stemness of tumor-infiltrating T cells are triggered by a common
ROST CHANG Qingdao University Alzheimer disease biomarker
Changgee Chang University of Pennsylvania integrative analysis, multi-task learning
Minyu Chang Cornell University Fuzzy-trace theory; factor analysis
Wan Jou CHANG British Columbia Institute of Technology Machine learning, kNN, classification, features engineering
Hui-Ming Chang Chung Shan Medical University VBM/AD
Jose Chang Irias Halmstad University Convolutional nueral networks, Lewy body dementia, dementia detection
wu changfeng Anhui University China for study
huang changzeng Wuhan university hcz19960301
Li Chao Beijing Jiaotong University Incompletion Multi-model Data learning,Missing Data Completion
Li Chao Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences early stage, classification, MCI, AD
wang chao North University of China Wl940414.+0
James Chapman UCL Machine Learning Neuroimaging Brain Behaviour Associations
Zachary Chappell Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London Diffusion MRI, multicompartment models, MCI, AD
Arnaud Charil Eli Lilly and Company MRI, PET, AD, MCI, volumetric MRI, Cortical Thickness, Hippocampus, amyloid
Danai Chasioti IUPUI polygenic, alzheimer's
Lina Chato University of Nevada, Las Vegas MRI brain images, T1, flair, T2
Ankita Chatterjee UC Berkeley gyrification index
Riya Chatterjee Monta Vista High School Gyrification Index
Soumick Chatterjee Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg Deep Learning
Subarna Chatterjee Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences MRI, fMRI, PET, Genome dataset
Snehashis Chatterjee university of calcutta DEEP LEARNING
Ann Chau HKU ASL and amyloid
Wing Fung Chau Cardiff University Big Data, lipids and metabolites
Gaurav Chaudhary M.S Ramaiah Institue Of Technology alzeimer's , neural networks
Ganesh Chauhan Centre for Brain Research, Indian Institute of Science cerebral small vessel disease, genome wide association, vascular risk factors
Laurent Chauvin Ecole de Technologie Superieure Local Features, Subject Identification
Diana Chavez University Spanish-English Bilinguals, Alzheimer DIsease
Yanqiu Che Penn State College of Medicine MRI; Alzheimer's Disease; Machine Learning
Gal Chechik Bar-Ilan University Deep learning
Lovena Chedumbarum Pillay University of Oxford MCI, AD, Predictive Analytics, Amyloid
Lovena Chedumbarum Pillay University of Oxford Machine Learning, Alzheimer's Disease, MRI, PET
Christel Chehoud Janssen Deep Learning
Karthikeyani Chellappa University of Pennsylvania Human and Mouse biomarker
yun chen mcgill university images segmentation
Mayun Chen The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University Smoking; Verbal memory; Hippocampal volume; Glucose metabolism; β-amyloid; Tau.
Yuanyuan Chen NorthWestern Polytechnical University Chen191520
bin chen University of Houston deep learning,predict
Lihui Chen Sichuan University Academic study
Keping Chen Southeast University AD; circular RNA
GUILIAN CHEN SHENZHEN UNIVERSITY unsupervised segmentation
Xu Chen University of North Carolina MRI segmentation
Chen Chen Arizona State University graph mining
Ziliu Chen Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Aizheimer
Jun Chen University of Michgan data fusion
wuyang chen Central South University multimodal,registration
Li Chen Indiana University School of Medicine GWAS, functional analysis, meta-analysis
jing chen Pennsylvannia State University arousal level, fMRI, longitudinal, multimodality, Alzheimer's disease
Ming-Hui Chen University of Connecticut Uncertain endpoints; Measurement error; Validation subsample; Survival analysis
Xiaozheng Chen Xiamen University neuroimaging, dynamic functional connectivity, deep learning,
Irene Chen MIT machine learning, subtypes, disease progression
Qiufeng Chen Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University/China functional connectivity
Jiu Chen Nanjing Medical University AD, aMCI, DTI, sMRI, fMRI
Xiang Chen University of Leeds Image Registration, Deep learning
Li chen national university of defense and technology 8722471
Yuhang Chen University of Science and Technology of China littlebear888
qiang chen Donghua University segmentation
Yu-An Chen National Yang-Ming University Alzheimer’s disease, Subjective cognitive decline, Multimodal data, Risk classif
Hannah Chen Massachusetts General Hospital Alzheimer's disease, machine learning, deep learning, big data
Xin Chen University of Nottingham Longitudinal image feature extraction; disease diagnosis.
Bo Chen Fudan University Graph theory, mental illness
Liang Chen University of Macau miRNA, biomarker
Bingxu Chen UCSD Image Co-registration
Mingzhu Chen Fudan University, Shanghai, China computer-aided medical image analysis
Chang-Le Chen National Taiwan University College of Medicine Diffusion MRI, White matter, Fiber cross-section
Mingzhu Chen Fudan University, Shanghai, China computer-aided medical image analysis, algorithm
Jason Chen University of California, Los Angeles Network analysis, TBM, personalized medicine
Timothy Chen University of Chicago model, predict, Alzheimer's disease
LI-HO CHEN NYMU leochen012121
Sherry Chen The University of Sydney Frontotemporal dementia, longitudinal, neural correlates, cognition
Ian Chen UTS MRI analysis; CNN; Alzheimer’s Disease; Disease Degression modeling
Zhi Chen University of Electronic Science and Technology of China computer vision, neuroimaging recognition, classification
Ing-jou Chen Chang Gung University AV-45, PET, AD, PCA, SVM
Guan Wen Chen NTHU Alzheimer
shuomei chen Anhui Jianzhu University deep learning
Johann Chen Accura Science network analysis, AD, GWAS
Fang Chen jackson state university image deep learning Alzheimer's
huachang chen Vanderbilt University Medical Center imputation; methodology; evaluation; bioinformatics
Dongxuan Chen Southeast University brain,classifier
Tianyi Chen University of Sheffield cj18954310106
Chang Chen Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Medical School of Nanjing University neurologist
Jingyun Chen NYU School of Medicine PET, Tau, Abeta, normalization
Shirui Chen University of Wisconsin, Madison geodesic shooting, image registration
Li Chen University of Washington Image processing
Yu Chen Central South University Do some researches about the AD
Beichen Chen Royal Institute of Technology machine learning
kuan-ting CHEN National Taiwan University ADNI
Ting-Huei Chen Laval University structural equation modeling
anqi chen Hangzhou Dianzi University learning
Dingfan Chen max planck institute for informatics Anomaly detection, deep generative model
Rong Chen University of Maryland School of Medicine machine learning
Kevin Chen Stanford University multimodal imaging, image post-processing, spatial resolution
Tao Chen Wuhan University Alzheimer’s Disease, visual features, MRI
Dong Chen Southeast University cdx314159
Qianyun Chen The Chinese University of Hong Kong deep learning, diffusion MRI, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease
Yong Chen University of Pennsylvania neurological diseases, MRI, PET, multi-source data analysis, biomarker
Junjie Chen Temple University computational methods, integrative analysis, casual factors
xiangxin chen XMU SVM,PSO,Classification,Optimization
jing chen pennsylvannia state university arousal level, fMRI, longitudinal, multimodality, Alzheimer's disease
feiyan chen zju MR fMRI AI
XIAO CHEN 复旦大学 Medical Image Analysis
liangming chen Lanzhou University neural network, deep learning, Alzheimer
Andrew Chen University of Pennsylvania penalized, CCA, CIA, integrative analysis
Chao Chen Stony Brook University Image analysis, deep learning.
Sophie Chen Beijing University of Technology fMRI classification
Xin Chen Shanghai East hospital, Tongji University, School of Medicine Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer,cognitive impairment
jiayu Chen ETHz visual feature attribution; MRI, AD
Xu Chen SAS Inc Machine Learning
Shuo Chen National Innovation Institute of Defense Technology deep learing, super resolution, medical imaging
yan chen DLU ADNI
Haifeng Chen Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital, Nanjing University Medical School memorry function; rTMS; multimodal neuroimaging
Jinxin Chen Chengdu University of TCM alzheimer,sleep disorders,fMRI
Meng Chen Southeast University early diagnosis
Gang Chen Medical College of Wisconsin fMRI, MRI
Xiao Chen Amy Medical University, Daping Hospital Amyloid PET, Alzheimer’s dementia, Amyloid staging
William Chen MagQu LLC Longitudinal study, differentiate diagnosis, neurodegenerative diseases
Xi Chen New York University School of Medicine/Medical Center (SSO) Alzheimer APOE progression
Yanxi Chen Arizona State University GWAS
Chen Zi Yang Chen Zi Yang Guangdong University of Technology ADNI ; GAN; image segmentation
CHAO-WEI CHENG National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Generative Adversarial Networks, Deep learning, disease diagnosis
Shih-Chun Cheng Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Deep learning
Shih-Chun Cheng Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Deep learning
Ruida Cheng NIH brain segmentation and classification
CongCong CHENG Zheng Zhou University watermarking
BINJIE CHENG Hunan Normal University Brain,Stroke
Weili Cheng North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power Time-dependent ROC curves with missing biomarkers
Wai Ho CHENG The Hong Kong Polytechnic University AD and mild cognitive impairment
Tanya Chenhall Cogstate Cogstate
chenpeng chenpeng The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University ASL,fMRI,Cognitive impairment
Du Chenping Sun Yat-sen University data
Bo Cheon Samsung Medical Center Tau and amyloid image
EUNJEONG CHEON Daegu university dementia, biomarker
Bo Cheon Samsung Medical Center Tau
ibtissem cherfa université de Bejaia 01031950
Anthony Chesebro Columbia University Network Model, Alzheimer's
Eva Cheung University of HK MRI PET AD MCI
Mark Cheung Carnegie Mellon University graph neural network, Spectral theory, neuroimage
Aparna Chhibber Merck Research Labs biomarker genetic
Gloria Chiang UCSF DTI
Agostino Chiaravalloti University Tor Vergata Alzheimer; functional imaging; PET
Yuhei Chiba Yokohama City University Immunoogy autoantibody MRI
Matteo Chieregato Fondazione Poliambulanza, Brescia, Italy CNN, MRI, CSF
Patrizia Chiesa ICM rs-fMRI, Alzheimer's Disease, Motivoxel Pattern Analysis, Limbic system
Andreina Chietera Thales Research; DeepLearning, Alzhaimer, Dementia
deng chijun University of Electronic Science and Technology of China fmri
Makoto Chikaraishi Hiroshima University Transportation
Junichi Chikazoe National Institute for Physiological Sciences fmri
Geetha Soujanya Chilla A*STAR Segmentation
Cherise Chin Fatt University of Texas at Dallas dissertation, fcMRI, cortical thicknes
Andrea Chincarini INFN longitudinal studies, MCI, network, atrophy measurements
Vernon Chinchilli Penn State College of Medicine GENOMICS, IMAGING, EPIGENOMICS, METABOLOMICS,
eric ching shenzhen university deep learning, AD classification
Konstantinos Chiotis Karolinska Institutet AD, MCI, PIB, FDG, AV-45
Bernard Chiu City University of Hong Kong MRI-based cognitive biomarker
Dong Ho Cho Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Machine Learning, Biomarker, Classification, Diagnostic
SangYeon Cho Medical school, Chungnam national university DEMENTIA
Youngjoo Cho The University of Texas at El Paso Survival analysis, Prediction models
HyungJin Cho University of Southern California Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)
Eun Kyung Choe Seoul National University Hospital adni7677
Young Min Choe Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, PIB-PET, depression
Yong-Ho Choi hanyang university Imaging genetics
Hongyoon Choi Cheonansi Public Health Center Metabolic network, FDG, Amyloid
hyujin choi korea university hyunjin
juyeon choi kbri protein fragile X
James Choi Sabio Research Alzheimer Machine Learning Neural Networks
Kihoon Choi Hanyang university Imaging genomics, GWAS
Woo Hee Choi College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea striatum, amyloid PET, tau PET
Kyu Sung Choi Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) follow-up
Junsik CHOI Korea Univ. Deep learning
Eun Young Choi Stanford University thalamus, rsfMRI
Seo-Eun Choi University of Washington Cognitive reserve, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Psychometrics Workshop
Yu Yong Choi Chosun University Hospital ethnic differences, normal aging
Anthipa Chokesuwattanaskul King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment
gabriel chong National Taiwan University image processing
chee keong chong University Teknologi Petronas CNN, deep learning, classification,
Ilya Chorny Vivid Genomics Polygenic Risk Score
Jill Chotiyanonta AnatomyWorks, LLC Brain MRI, Neuroanatomy, Segmentation
Elizabeth Chou National Chengchi University, Taiwan machine learning, dimension reduction, similarity measure, classification
Harsh Choubey Galgotias University Detection of alzheimer's disease, MR Images, Brain
Amit Choudhari Tata Memorial Hospital dti
Ramesh Choudhary vimeet ADNI
Ankur Choudhary ASET, Amity University Uttar Pradesh Alzheimer
Tabina Choudhury Texas A&M University Alzheimer’s disease, brain, biomarkers, cognition, dementia, item response theor
Vincent Chouraki Institut Pasteur de Lille GWAS, amyloid-beta, alzheimer disease, endophenotype, biomarker
dharmesh chourasiya local constitutional neural network , machine learning
Ioanna Chouvarda VTT network analysis, causality
Heiman Chow HKUST Glucose, AD, Risk
TAPAN CHOWDHURY Techno India disease
Samadrita Chowdhury University of Massachusetts,Lowell Graphs, CNN, PET, FMRI
Lucille Chrétien ENS de Lyon diabetes
Luke Christenson Mayo Clinic Data, MRI, PET
FOTEINI CHRISTIDI ADVANTIS MEDICAL IMAGING multimodal neuroimaging; ageing; dementia; neurodegeneration
Amanda Christini Blackfynn, Inc Algorithms, data integration, multimodal data biomarkers
Yancy Chu Nanjing Tech University qwer1234
Chu Yang Chu China Jiliang University Research, learning
michelle chua Melbourne Heath alzheimers
Russ Chua Institute for Infocomm Research computer vision
Evgeny Chumin Indiana University-Bloomington connectivity, tau, graph theory.
Timothy Chun Veteran's Affairs Machine Learning
Jerold Chun Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute Alzheimer, Downs, Multiple Sclerosis, Frontotemporal, Parkinson, ALS
Chang Chun Yang National Cheng Kung University Alzheimer , Amyloid PET
Chang Chun Yang National Cheng Kung University Amyloid PET
Ai Chung King's College London genetics graph network
Yunro Chung Arizona State University Biostatistics; biomarker
se-yeon chung chosun university Alzheimer
Ming-Hua Chung Radiologics resting state fMRI DICOM
Jaeyoon Chung Boston University School of Medicine GWAS CSVD stroke ICH
Hyun Jy Chung Stony Brook University FWER
shi chunlei Beijing Normal University Machine Learing,Hidden information
Darya Chyzhyk Inria connectome, functional connectivity
Andrea Ciarmiello Medicina Nucleare - S. Andrea Hospital Mci trajectory, Deep learning, onset prediction
Filippo Cieri Cleveland Clinic resting state; entropy; mci; cognitive reserve.
Ignacio CIfre URL fRMI, dFC, FC
Emilio Cipriano IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris Camiceriamary
Rastko Ciric Stanford University quality control, CNN
Tod Clapp Colorado State University UCHealth IRB
David Clark Indiana University Alzheimer disease, structural MRI, arterial spin labeling, verbal fluency
David Clayton Genentech image processing, Alzheimer's disease, MRI
Mark Clement Brigham Young University DREAM Challenge
Alba Clemente Univarsity of Zaragoza bioinformatics, computer vision
TAMEKA CLEMONS GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY amylin, uncoupling proteins, insulin-degrading enzyme
Albert Clèrigues Universitat de Girona atrophy, pbvc
Oliver Cliff University of Sydney Information theory, information dynamics, alzheimer's disease
Martin Cloutier Analysis Group Agitation, Alzheimer's, Economic burden
David Clunie PixelMed Publishing and RadPharm, Inc DICOM compression
Daniel Clymer Carnegie Mellon University Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, MRI
Bernard Cobbinah University of Electronics Science and Technology of China Convolutional Neural Networks
Yann Cobigo Unversity of California San Francisco Dementia, Normal Aging
Leandro Coelho Pontifical Catholic University of Parana machine learning, fMRI, deep learning.
Mirthe Coenen UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands white matter hyperintensity, memory clinic patients, lesion symptom mapping
Hugo Cogo-Moreira Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo Dynamic structural Equation modeling, latent variable, multilevel analysis
Petrice Cogswell Mayo Clinic MRI, aging
liz cohen Tel-Aviv university GAN
Brett Cohen King's College London MCI, MRI, phantom
Michael Cole Rutgers University-Newark cognitive control, resting state
James Cole Imperial College London Aging, Machine learning, T1, DTI
Daniel Coll Open University of Catalonia Alzheimer disease, Magnetic resonance imaging, Convolutional neural network
Diego Collazos-Huertas Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Manizales Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Data Representation
Patrick Colletti USC Dementia; FDG PET; MRI volumetry
David Collier Eli Lilly and Company Ltd Alzheimer's disease, lipids, metabolomics, receptors, transporters, biomarker, s
Joanna Collingwood University of Warwick Biomarkers Across Neurodegenerative Diseases Collingwood
Kimberly Collins Indiana University School of Medicine biomarkers, predementia, neurodegenerative diseases
Ragnor Comerford University of Edinburgh deep learning; machine learning; Alzheimers Disease; Mild Cognitive Impairment
Robert Comley Abbvie inc PET, MRI
Shan Cong Purdue University hippocampus, AD, MCI
Lin Cong University of California, Riverside longitudinal analysis
Zhen Cong Dalian University of Technology Image Translation
Andrew Conklin Origent Data Sciences Machine Learning, Classification and Regression Modeling
Emily Connelly UCSF drug repositioning, APOE
Lindsay Conner University of Central Florida Adult Development and Aging; Healthy Aging; functional connectivity; structural
Joanne Conover University of Connecticut Aging, Alzheimer's disease, MRI, FLAIR-MRI
Devanie Coombs Belmont University Honors Thesis
Shanna Cooper UCSD tau, NPS, cognition
Shanna Cooper VA San Diego / UC San Diego NPI, family history
Giovanni Coppola UCLA genetic genomic biomarkers
Aldo Cordova Palomera Takeda Neuroimaging, Genetics, Neurodegeneration
fabian Corlier University of Southern California systemic inflammation, covariance structure analysis, brain structural integrity
Rodolfo Correia University of Sao Paulo late life depression, mild cognitive impairment
Nicole Corso Stanford University default mode networks, networks, imaging
Gabriele Costante University of Perugia RNN AD PET
Victor Costumero Universitat de València mild cognitive impairment; fractal dimension; gyrification index
Olivier Coubard CNS-Fed Neuropsychology, Aging, Eye movements, Vision
David Coughlin University of Pennsylvania AV1451, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Alzheimer's Disease
Pierrick Coupé LaBRI UMR 5800 hippocampus
Li Courins China Segmentation and Registration
Elizabeth Couser University of Maryland, Baltimore imaging, Alzheimer's
Oliver Cousins King's College London TREM2 CD33 genetic Alzheimer's risk factors.
Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne Institute of Molecular Bioscience Advanced brain aging, prediction, structural MRI
Mackenize Cox UNCW mri, alzheimers, machine learning
Breanna Crane Vanderbilt University Atrophy, Connectivity, MCI
Byron Creese King's College London polygenic risk score, alzheimer's disease, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations
alessandro cremaschini Sapienza university of rome drug effetcs longitudinal panel data
Ivor Cribben University of Alberta Networks; Longitudinal networks; Resting state
Alessandro Crimi University of Zurich radiogenomics
Carlos Cruchaga Washington University School of Medicine CSF, plasma, RBM, GWAS, whole-genome
Hugo Cruz-Suárez Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Big Data, Hidden Markov Models, Stochastic optimization
Math Cuajungco California State University Fullerton Neuroscience
Pedro Cuenca Universidad Rey Juan Carlos alzheimer, nlp, speech analysis, deep learning, transfer learning, cross-domain
Dong cui 1978 cd_ggh100200
Dong Cui Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College Brain Network Hippocampus
Jiarong Cui Renmin University of China variable screening procedure
Jing Cui Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois The Human Brain Project
kunpeng cui ZhengzhouUnivercity medical image registration
Menglong Cui Yunnan University medical images,diagnostic documents
Licong Cui The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Informatics tool, ontology, hypothesis generation
Jing Cui C4X discovery sequencing
JIANAN CUI Massachusetts General Hospital medical image processing
Nicholas Cullen University of Pennsylvania NFL, CSF
Antônio Guilherme Cunha de Almeida Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS) artificial intelligence, MRI, semantic segmentation
Charles Cunningham University of Toronto 13C lactate ANLS
Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf National Research Council, Canada machine learning; feature selection; genome scale model;
Sean Curtin IAM Alzheimers vs. Healthy Brain Research
Scott Curtis Newcastle University Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Undergraduate, Dissertation, Research
David Curtis UCL sequence variant DNA
W CW Chang'an University Image Processing Technology
Paul Cxa DIT study
Max Cynader University of British Columbia Alzheimer's Disease, machine learning, cognitive impairment risk
Lucette Cysique The University of New South Wales PET network analyses
ty d Shanghai Maritime University fMRI
Surya D NITC brain connectivity, Kuramoto model, EEG, DTI
Arlene D'costa None Prediction,Accuracy,Deep Learning,Optimization
Arthur da Silva Neumann Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro biomarkers, plasma, CSF
Leandro da Silva Sauer Universidade Federal da Paraíba cerebrovascular disease; cardiovascular disease; MCI; Alzheimer
Sanaz Dabiri Howard University Alpha-synuclein, inflammation, tau, AD
Michael Dada Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria Machine learning, MRI, ANN
Mahsa Dadar McGill University small vessel disease, white matter hyperintensities
Kamalaker Dadi INRIA fMRI
Jeffrey Dage Eli Lilly and Company Biomarkers
Dale Dagenbach Wake Forest University functional connectivity, hubs, AD
Joseph Dagher The MITRE Corporation T1w, MRI, identification, biometrics
yousra dahdouh fst image medical,biomarquer
Robert Dahnke University Aarhus gyrification
jiyulei dai university of warwick AD, CNN, modelling, classification
Shaopeng Dai ICT AD, diagnosis, machine learning
Peng Dai Ryerson University deep learning, LSTM, explainable AI
Zhengjia Dai Sun Yat-sen University Alzheimer's disease; functional connectivity; structural connectivity
Shuang DAI The University of Manchester Classification, AD
Heng Dai Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology methylation, illumina microarray, AD pathway
Xiongtao Dai Iowa State University Functional data, longitudinal data, manifold data
Zhengjia Dai Sun Yat-sen University Alzheimer's disease; functional connectivity; model
baiyun dai china AD,risk factors
Chengliang Dai Imperial College London Deep learning, Structural MRI
Ryo Dairiki Eisai Co., Ltd. MCI-to-AD-conversion
Mohammed Dakna University medical center Gö statistical analysis
Raka Dalal Biosight Diagnostics, Machine Leaning, Deep Learning
Josue Luiz Dalboni da Rocha Univeristy of Geneva DTI, freesurfer, parahippocampal gyrus, AD, MCI
Adrian Dalca Massachusetts Institute of Technology medical image analysis, genetics, DREAM challenge
Justin Dalrymple University of Ottawa Alzhiemers, Cognitively Normal, CNN
Pablo Damasceno UCSF neurodegeneration; brain atrophy; neuropathology
stefano damiani The Royal Hospital Alzheimer's Disease, fMRI, GABA, Glutamate, Excitatory/Inhibitory balance
Jessica Damoiseaux Wayne State University functional connectivity, hippocampus, cognition
David Dan Laif MRI, AI
Sarthak Dandriyal Graphic Era deemed to be University Machine Learning, Alzheimer's disease dia
Giacomo Daneri Tuesta Universidad de Lima Machine Learning, Alzheimer, Prediction, Computer Vision
Tien Dang Chonnam National University PET scan image, segmentation
Christa Dang University of Melbourne cognition, MRI, APOE, longitudinal, biomarkers
Ebenezer Daniel University of California Los Angeles MRI , fMRI, Machine Learning
Ebenezer Daniel City of Hope MRI
Zinkert Daniel Uva Wellassa University Brain, Cortical Thickness
Dominic Danks University College London SuStaIn disease progression modelling subtype stage inference neurodegenerative
Christian Dansereau Perceiv Research, Inc. Biomarker, progressors prediction, cognitive decline
Rayees Dar Islamic University of Science and Technology CNN, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging
Ryan Darby BIDMC cognitive reserve, executive, semantic, neuroimaging
Oscar Darias Plasencia Universidad Internacional de La Rioja Alzheimer, machine learning, artificial intelligence
Caroline Dartora PUCRS Brain Connectivity, Alzheimer's Disease, MRI, PET
Sandhitsu Das University of Pennsylvania hippocampus MCI
Dulumani Das Gauhati University Image Processing . segmentation. MRI.
Ayantika Das HTIC,IITM Classification of brain MRI
Kalyan Das University of Calcutta categorical,miscategorization, missing ness,
Aishee Dasgupta Chennai mathematical Institute TDA
Hamed Dastouri Azaruniv Neuroscience , Cognitive Science
Jérôme Dauvillier SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Epistasis
Deana Davalos Colorado State University TBI, biomarkers, dementia, pathological aging
Christos Davatzikos University of Pennsylvania classification, MCI, conversion to AD
Pranav Dave Azilen Technology Pvt. Ltd. Machine Learning, Alzheimer's Disease, Artificial Analysis
Amy Davila Imperial College London python machine learning
Andrew Davis University of Bath clinical progression
Neil Dawson 1974 Biomarkers, Neuro degenerative Diseases,Cellular Death
Eran Dayan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill resting state, connectivity, machine learning
Arlene Dcosta None Prediction ,Alzheimers , Deep learning
Arijit De Jadavpur University classification; prediction; alzheimer's
Renske de Boer Quantib B.V. evaluation, segmentation
Marleen de Bruijne Erasmus Medical Center image analysis
Fabrizio De Carli National Research Council - Italy Mild Cognitive Impairment; Alzheimer Disease; FDG-PET
Manlio De Domenico Universitat Rovira i Virgili Multilayer networks
Robin de Flores University of Pennsylvania MTL tau atrophy AD
Johann de Jong UCB patient stratification, disease progression
Siemon de Lange University Medical Center Utrecht connectome, structural connectivity, Alzheimer, MCI
Ashley De Luna University of California, Merced classification, neural networks
Matteo De Marco University of Sheffield Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, resting state
Steffi De Meyer 1996 Alzheimer, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Blood, Biomarkers
Fernando de Natali Frascá Universidade Federal de São Carlos - UFSCar segmentation, medical images
Dante De Nigris Personal machine learning, MRI, data-driven
Lorenzo De Rosa universita di Siena PBVC/y_MCI_AD_MS
Micol de Ruvo Philyra UG Parkinson's, olfaction, machine learning
Eric de Silva University College London polygenic risk scores; cardiovascular disease
Maria Stefania De Simone IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation Mild cognitive impairment; Memory; Voxel-based morphometry; Longitudinal study
Edson de Sousa Silva IESB Machine Learning Biomarkers Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning
Eduardo Felipe de Souza UFAL deep learning, medical imaging
Selene De Sutter Vrije Universiteit Brussel MCI, AD, Deep Learning
Javier De Velasco Oriol Instituto Tecnologico y De Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Machine Learning, Deep learning, Genomics
Rashid Deane University of Rochester Alzheimer's disease, cerebrovasculature, blood-brain barrier, cognition, vascula
Alison Deatsch University of Wisconsin - Madison FDG PET, deep learning, CNN, diagnosis, biomarker
oussama debabeche biskra universty mri alzheimer
Charles DeCarli University of California at Davis MRI, cerebrovascular disease
Summer Decker University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine morphometrics
Milan Decuyper Ghent University Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis
Brittany DeFeis University of Florida MCI, intervention, functional outcomes, clinical outcomes
Ana Defendini University of Pennsylvania Imaging
Dante Degl'Innocenti Datamantix AD, MCI
Zoe Delaney The University of Sydney Machine Learning
José Micael Delgado Barbosa International Institute of Neuroscience Brain, Blob Analysis, Active Contour based
Andrea Dell Orco Charite Berlin wmh
Stefano Delli Pizzi Univesity of Chieti-Pescara Alzheimer's Disease, Biomarkers
paul delmar F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. disease progression end-point clinical trial
zeynep demir University of California San Francisco ADNI
Beatrice Demiray Technical University Munich, Germany Deep Learning; Neural Networks; Detection; Segmentation; Multi-Modal
Andrew Dempsey New York University structural MRI harmonization
lingling deng CSU AD
ANNAN DENG East China Normal University Classification; elastic net; functional logistic regression; Haar wavelets; PCA;
ZhengZheng Deng Shanghai Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Intellegence data-mining, big data, Alzheimer's disease
Yanjia Deng The Chinese University of Hong Kong MRI, visual function, MCI, AD
Shiling Deng Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications undergraduate thesis, academic usage
Yutong Deng ShenZhen University ASL;MRI
Simin Deng Tungwah Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University Subjective cognitive decline
Rezwan Derakshan urmia university data mining
Thomas DeRamus GSU TReNDs Center Brainhack
Mouna Derbel CRNS Alzheimer Graph CNN multi-modalities
Natan Derek Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology FMRI, DEEP LEARNING
Dakota Derry University of Florida Telomere length; cognitive function
Hemal Desai St. Xaviers Alzheimer
pranav desai scet machine learning
Vijayalakshmi Desai Dayananda Sagar Academy of technology and Management Alzheim disease, Capsule networks, Artificial neural networks, Convolution layer
Hemal Desai St. Xaviers College Deep Learning
Amit Desai Mayo Clinic Dementia, atrophy, cinematic rendering
Juhi Desai In-Med Prognostics Segmentation
Heather Desaire University of Kansas MCI, AD, healthy control, classification
Marie Deserno University of Amsterdam autism, neurodegenerative disorders
Yash Deshmukh University Of Keele research proposal only
Antoine Désilets Université de Sherbrooke GPR3, GPCR
Anita DeStefano Boston University Alzheimer, genetics, association
Kacie Deters Stanford University genetics, imaging, cognitive decline
Vivek Devadas Banner Alzheimer's Institute Kewei Chen
Viswanath Devanarayan Abbott Labs biomarkers, disease prognosis, disease progression, multivariate analysis
Gabriel Devenyi Douglas University Mental Health Institute, McGill University MRI
Virginia Devi-Chou Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's Disease, Biomarkers, Progression
Alyssa DeVito Louisiana State University Multi-state modeling, APOE, cognitive decline
Denise Dewald University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center sleep apnea, soft palate, tongue position
Blake Dewey Johns Hopkins University mri, ct, synthesis
Raunak Dey University Of Georgia Skull scraping
Devendra Dhami Indiana University Alzheimer,MRI,prediction
sahana dhananjayan UTD FUZZY
Shravan Dhar UVCE Alzheimer
Moyez Dharsee Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network integration, analysis
eric dhillon univ of toronto MRI volumetric analysis regional cortical white matter
Xin Di University of medicine and dentistry of new jersey connectivity, pet
Agostino Di Ciaccio University of Rome 'La Sapienza' deep learning, CNN, multi input NN
Francesco Di Lorenzo University of Sussex AD, functional conncectivity, ApoE, computational model, disease progression
Cristina Di Primio Scuola Normale Superiore MCI, AD, biomarkers
Maria de Fátima Dias University of Coimbra Ageing, Deep Learning, Regression
Mauricio Diaz Inria AD, Deep Learning
Valeria Diaz University of Palermo Alzheimer's Disease, Cognitive Impairment
ali diba KU Leuven deep neural net, CNN, classification
Stefano Diciotti University of Bologna texture analysis, fractal analisys, machine leaning, MRI
Bradford Dickerson Massachusetts General Hospital MRI, PET, cortical thickness, MCI, AD
Philip Dickinson McGill University resting state, connectome wide association
Ellen Dicks VU University Medical Center brain connectivity, cognitive decline, graph theory, single subject
Sandeep Vara Sankar Diddi GITAM (Deemed to be university) Segmentation, Alzheimer's disease
Ousseynou Dieng université de thiés medical image analysis
Kersten Diers German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases quality control; statistical modeling
Louis Dieumegarde IUSMQ Database
Ibai Diez Massachusetts General Hospital AD, fmri, DTI, PET
Yago Diez Donoso Yamagata University image registration, research
nassima dif EEDIS Laboratory, Djillali Liabes University, Sidi Belabbes, deep learning, medical images
Andrew DiLernia University of Minnesota clustering, functional connectivity
Georgios Marios Dimakidis Ionian University Bioinformatics, Data Analytics, AD
Xuetong Ding Hebei University alzheimer's disease
Xuemei Ding Ulster University Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, diagnosis, prognosis, risk prediction
Xiuhua Ding University of Kentucky group based trajecotry model , dementia, sleep apnea
xt Ding HeBei University Alzheimer's disease
wenxiang ding Shanghai Jiaotong university Alzheimer’s Disease, image analysis
Eduardo Diniz University of Pittsburgh image-to-image translation; deep learning; mr image synthesis
Ivo Dinov UCLA Alzheimer's disease, statistics, shape
Nicola Dinsdale University of Oxford hippocampus machine learning
Valentin Dinu Arizona State University pathway analysis, complex phenotype, data mining, statistical analysis
Tyler Diorio Purdue University white matter hyperintensity, periventricular, stress
Tiphaine Diot Ecole de Technologie Superieure Course project, CNN
sai smruthi diwakar SASTRA UNIVERSITY Final year project on prediction of alzheimer's
Iwona Dobler Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co. biomarker
Vitaly Dobromyslin University Of Massachusetts Genetics, neuroimaging, biomarkers, machine learning
Shubham Dodia National Institute of Technology Karnataka Alzheimer, BCI, EEG, Machine learning, Deep learning
Alessandra Dodich University of Geneva 18F-flortaucipir, positivity, tau deposition
Jusheb Doe Daffodil International University Subject-818
James Doecke CSIRO CSF, Amyloid, PET
Semih Doğan Engineering Faculty Student,Exam
Merve Yusra Dogan Istanbul Medipol University functional connectivity, neuropsychological test, fMRI, big data
Berk Dogan ETH Zurich deep learning, latent space analysis
Oriol Dols-Icardo Sant Pau biomedical research institute Genomics, MRI
Sudipto Dolui University of Pennsylvania Arterial Spin Labeling, Cerebral Blood Flow
James Donaghue California Polytechnic artificial neural network
Frank Dondelinger Lancaster University lasso, prediction
Shuai Dong University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zhongshan Institute CapsNet
Qunxi Dong Arizona State University Alzheimer's Disease, Hippocampus, Ventricle, Surface-based morphometry
Pei Dong University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill imaging biomarkers, groupwise image registration, efficient computation
jaejune Dong Yonsei University prediction, neurodegenerative disease,
liao dong wuhandaxue 123555love
shuai dong Northeastern University MRI depression
Yilan Dong Northeastern University brain network
YIWEN DONG UCSF building database
zhu dongming 云南大学 machine learning, prediction of AD
Michael Donohue Keck School of Medicine of USC ADCS
Cristian Donos University of Bucharest mri, nonlinear registrarion, deep learning
Nandika Donthi UC Berkeley neural nets, identification
elahe dorani Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS) Probabilistic models, Bayesian inference, Alzheimer's disease, ADNI dataset
Jonadab Dos Santos Silva Universidade Federal Fluminense amyloid angiopathy, subcortical nuclei, dementia
haoran dou shenzhen university deep learning
Ray Dou Nankai Hospital study mri
Gaelle Doucet Icahn School of Medicine At Mount Sinai resting-state networks, brain atlas, aging
N. Maritza Dowling University of Wisconsin-Madison Diagnostic Classification Models, Computerized Adaptive Testing, ItRT
Senan Doyle Pixyl PET, MRI, AI, Deep Learning
Andrew Doyle McGill University deep learning
Nicolas Doyon Laval University Aging, clustering algorithms
Sorin Draghici Advaita meta-analysis, data integration, subtype discovery
Andrei Dragomir Politehnica Bucharest University Ask and I can provide further details
Derek Drake Harvard University AD
Jonathan Drake Alpert Medicial School of Brown University VCAM-1, vascular risk factors
Andrew Drozdov University of Massachusetts Amherst alzheimer's
Jason Druzgal University of Virginia Basal forebrain; cognitive impairment; VBM
Jiao Du Guangzhou univerisity fusion
Yuhui Du The Mind Research Network; Shanxi University Biomarkers, Classification, Clustering
Yuhang DU He Bei University fmri
Weiyu Du University of Pennsylvania sparse principal component analysis
Dongsu Du Henry Ford Hospital super resolution
mingyu du Beihang University 912811450
Guangwei Du Penn State Hershey Medical Center TBM, neurodegenerative disease pattern
Qianqian Du Taiyuan University of Technology pet image reconstruction
Chao Du National Key laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal U Cognition
Lei Du Northwestern Polytechnical University Imaging Genomics, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Deep learning
Kaue Duarte University of Campinas alzheimers, artificial intelligence, image retrieval
florian dubost Erasmus MC enlarged perivascular spaces, deep learning, neural networks
Estelle DUBUS CHU TOULOUSE Cognitive description, ATN classes, amyloid biomarkers, heterogeneity
Simon Duchesne Université Laval Morphometry, MRI, multidimensional analysis
Simon Duchesne True Positive Medical Devices Inc. Biomarkers; Volumetry; Normative data
Kevin Duff University of Utah biological samples
Ben Duffy USC QC
Maya Duffy University of South Carolina Project, Statistics
Brittany Dugger UC-Davis Neuropathology, Heterogeneity, concomitant pathology
Juergen Dukart Hoffmann-La Roche PET MRI biomarkers diagnostic models
carlos Dulanto universidad cesar vallejo neural nerwork
Mihai Dumitrescu University Politehnica of Bucharest Homework
Matthieu Dumont Imeka DWI DTI HARDI Tracking
Julien Dumurgier Lariboisiere Fernand Widal Hospital APOE, AD, CSF biomarkers
Mehmet Sait Dündar Abdullah Gul University deep learning, MRI, PET, dementia, alzheimer disease
Michelle Dunk University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Cholesterol, APOE, amyloid-beta, tau, oxysterols, Alzheimer's disease
Matthew Dunlop-Gray The MITRE Corporation Brainprint, MITRE,
Tom Dupree Springboard Machine learning, data analysis, predictive classification model
Baskar Duraisamy Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology Deep Learning
Goktekin Durusoy Bogazici University Graph analysis, tensor decompositions,Connectome
Anirban Dutta University at Buffalo SUNY Non-invasive brain stimulation
Shamita Dutta gupta Pace U Ordinal logit model, general linear model
Martin Dyrba German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) probabilistic models, multimodal analysis, machine learning, Markov random field
Witold Dyrka Wroclaw University of Science and Technology MRI, PET, computer-aided analysis, image segmentation, neural network, python
Bobi Eastman Indiana University data analysis, research, early detection
Jennifer Eastman Northwestern University MCI
Mark Ebbert Mayo Clinic Challenging regions
Amir Ebrahimighahnavieh University of Newcastle Alzheimer, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network, LSTM
Ignacio Echegoyen Centre for Biomedical Technology Complexity, Networks, MCI
Roderic Eckenhoff University of Pennsylvania PET Tau, PET amyloid, surgery, biomarkers
Paul Edison Imperial College London tau amyloid cardiovascular risk
Emily Edmonds University of California, San Diego Mild cognitive impairment; Neuropsychology
Mackenzie Edmondson University of Pennsylvania neuroimaging, biostatistics
ANTOINE D EDOUARD Harvard University MCY&ALzheimer
Amr Eed Instituto de neurociencias de alicante Machine Learning, multi-shell models
Efe Dogukan Efeoglu Middle East Technical University mathematical statistics, image processing, neuroscience
Trygve Eftestøl University of Stavanger dementia, machine learning, deep learning
Leslie Egbo UCSF ADNI 3 RA access
Marco Egle University of Cambridge Small vessel disease Diffusion tensor imaging clinical trials
Graham Eglit San Diego VA Biomarkers, Tau, CSF, PET
Muhammad Ehtisham Ul Haq iiui alzheimer dataset
Simon Eickhoff Research Center Jülich Aging, Prediction, Transfer
Willem Eikelboom Erasmus MC ad
Eyþór Einarsson Haskoli Islands Deep Learning, Brain Age, Machine Learning, MRI
Noushin Ejtehadi Iran University of Science and Technology DTI
Laura Ekblad Amsterdam UMC CSF, proteomics, atrophy, cortical thickness, MCI, Alzheimer
Tawatchai Ekjeen Faculty of Medical Technology Maching Learning, PET, Alzheimer's Disease
Anders Eklund Linköping university Deep learning, multi modality, fMRI, dMRI, convolutional neural network
Ender Eksioglu Istanbul Technical University MR reconstruction, undersampled k-space data, sparsity based MR reconstruction
abdelali el idrissi FST FEZ big data, prediction
Ahmed Elabasy Oulu university machine learning
fanny elahi UCSF Alzheimer, vasculature, inflammation, cognitive decline, aging, genetics,
Ahmed Elazab Shenzhen University AD, biomarkers
Ghaidaa Eldeeb faculty of engineering cairo univeristy DTI
elfazziki elfazziki Marrakech university, computer science department alzheimer, diagnosis, machine learning
Fatmaelzahraa Elgamal University of Louisville Fusion, medical image analysis, early diagnosis of AD
Ahmed ElGazzar Academic Medical Center Amsterdam Deep learning, Clustering, Anomaly detection, Unsupervised learning, Psychaitry
Mohamed Elgendy Stony Brook University epilepsy
Tusneem elhassan University of technology Malaysia (UTM) Alzaheimer
Ahmed Elkorany faculty of electronic engineering, menoufia university deeplinearning; classification, MRI
Patrick Ellis University of Sheffield segmentation cerebellar imaging radiology MRI machine_learning Alzheimer's
Brian Ellison Harvard Medical School Deep Learning
Natalie Ellison Pentara Corporation Composites Genetics
Intissar Elmajid Ibn Zohr University Deep learning, CAD, Multimodality, AD recognition, Segmentation
Jeremy Elman UCSD Pupillometry, aging, dementia
Karin Elman Shina Tel aviv Sourasky medical center menopause, mild cognitive impairment, MCI, ALZHEIMER DIS EASE, HORMONE REPLACEME
Shaker ElSappagh Inha University Mobile health, deep learning
ahmed elsayad Mansoura University big data, big data analysis , big data processing
Zeinab Elsharkawy Atomic Energy Authority Deep learning; image analysis; classification
alaa elshazli Staffordshire university brain images, image processing
Samar Salah Mohamedahmed Elsheikh University of Cape Town Neurogenomics, Alzheimers, Genome-wide association study (GWAS), Connectome
Fatemeh Emadi university y
Behnaz Emami Iaun 09368934595
Eman Eman TU Kaiserslautern prediction, machine learning
Jurriën Embrechts amc machine learning
Polina Emeliyanova The University of Manchester White matter, grey matter
Okyaz Eminaga Stanford University DL, Classifcaiton
Busra Emir Izmir Katip Celebi University Machine Learning Algorithms
Mohammad Asif Emran Khan Emon Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI Neuroimaging Analysis, LONI
HIRONOBU ENDO Johns Hopkins University MRI cloud
Bradley English Fraunhofer Institute Early-warning
Joel Eppig SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology MCI, Latent Variable Modeling
Noam Epstein University of Illinois at Chicago Pharmacoepidemiology
Fusun Er Yeditepe University Alzheimer's Image Processing
Basri erdogan Bogazici University Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, cnn
Mahdiyeh Erfanian Ferdowsi University of Mashhad statistics. SPC, profile monitoring
Bradley Erickson Mayo Clinic imaging biomarkers
Elena Erosheva University of Washington Longitudinal, hierarchical, mixed effects
Tugce Ertuzun Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University AD, Controls, NGS, Genomics
Sara Esam Institute of Statistical Studies and research Alzheimer’s Disease
Claus Escher University Hospital Cologne Semantic Networks, Category Fluency Test
Javier Escudero University of Edinburgh Machine learning, Decision support, biomarkers
Simon Eskildsen Aalborg University cortical thickness, brain mapping, segmentation
Taban Eslami Western Michigan University Alzheimer's, classification, Machine Learning
Sahar Esmaeeli Abbvie Alzheimer, imaging, Genetics
Marzieh Esmaeili TUMS deep learning, GAN
Soheil Esmaeilzadeh Stanford University deep learning course, Stanford university, class project
Erika Espindola Centro Universitário IESB Data Analysis; Alzheimer; Prediction; Artificial Intelligence
Ana Espinosa Fundació ACE Cognition,
Ana Espinosa Fundació ACE SMC and cognition
Mohamed Essam HTI ADNI
Mar Estarellas Garcia University College London Alzheimer, data-driven model, lifestyle
Kobra Etminani halmstad university Skull stripping ,prognosis of AD and Dementia
Choi Eunjeong Ewha Womans University deep learning, medical image, GAN
Chloe Eusebio California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo wavelet transform, wavelet analysis, convolutional neural networks
Guilherme Evangelista Centro Universitario Uni BH Utilização do aprendizado de maquina para diagnosticar, tratar e previnir o alzh
Dave Evenden Southampton Universiry Dementia, Disease Modelling, Healthcare Planning
Katrina Evtimova NYU neuroimaging analysis
Michael Ewers LMU amyloid, genetics
Hatim Ezbakhe UC Berkeley PET/MRI metric, causal factors
Peter Eze University of Melbourne Medical Image Steganography, MRI, Security
Ali Ezzati Albert Einstein College of Medicine Volumetric, MRI, Amyloid, cognitive decline
Nathalie Fadel Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health fMRI, Alzheimer's disease, Markov-Chain Monte Carlo, BSMac
Shreyas Fadnavis Indiana University Bloomington DWI, Machine Learning
Ali Fahim UT data mining
Rachid Fahmi Siemens Healthcare AD, PET, FDG, MRI, Amyloid
Muhammad Faisal King Fahd University Tadpole Challenge Data
Sylvain Faisan Icube Image processing, pattern recognition
sherin faizal Barathiar University Alzheimer’s disease, Artificial Neural Network, Computer aided diagnosis, Discr
Tiago Falk INRS AI, multimodal, signal processing
David Falta Harvard University Educational Use
bryan fan DICOM COMMITTE AD MRI analysis
ZHEN FAN Imperial College London Longitudinal amyloid tau
qingchen fan Northwest University brain age Alzheimer’s disease deep learning
zhihao fan 华南理工大学 Thanks
CHENCHEN FAN Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences machine learning
Wenliang Fan Union Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology BOLD data analysis
Joline Fan University of California, San Francisco unsupervised learning algorithms, early predictors
Weina Fan Qufu normal university Research the Alzheimer's disease
Yong Fan University of Pennsylvania Pattern recognition; Machine Learning, Multi-site data
Yang Fan Peking University AD, ASL, CBF
Peihao Fan University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer's Disease; Machine learning; Biomarker;
Yonghui Fan Arizona State University ADNI2-GO MRI data
ZHOU FANG Chinese University of Hong Kong Deep Learnining, Alzheimer's Disease
Chen Fang Florida International University Classification, Prediction, Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment
Yan Fang Shanghai University of International Business and Economics 7Yiffany
meng fanhua Shanghai no. 5 hospital hippocampal,VBM
Félix Fanjul-Vélez University of Cantabria Alzheimer, dementia, image analysis
David Fardo University of Kentucky Pathway-wide association, AD
Syed uzma Farheen VISTAS Alzheimer's
Gonzalo Farías Universidad de Chile synonymous mutations, VUS, Functional analyses, Plasma biomarkers, tau
Mohammadjavad Faridafshin Shiraz University image processing, AD, Classification, Machine Learning,
fayroz farouk electronics research inistitute APOE, multistate markov model
Danielle Farrar University of New Mexico MCI, fMRI, MRI, network analysis
Kurt Farrell Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Primary age-related tauopathy
John Farrell Boston University Medical School whole_genome_sequencing genetics imputation structural_variants
Michelle Farrell Massachusetts General Hospital amyloid, cognitive decline, preclinical AD
Lindsay Farrer Boston University School of Medecine gwas alzheimers meta-analysis adgc
Madeline Farron University of Michigan Medicine Neuroimaging, Alzheimer's Disease
maedeh fasihi ucf machine learning, classification, pattern recognition
Karma Fathalla Arab Academy for Science and Technology Dementia, Alzheimer, Machine learning, deep learning
Sina Fathi Iran university of medical sciences CDSS, Alzheimer's disease, deep learning
Alireza Fathian Tarbiat Modares University Machine Learning, Brain Networks, Graph Theory, Functional Connectivity Network,
Noel Faux IBM Research - Australia Biomarkers, prognosis, genomics, cognitive decline
Marcelo Febo University of Florida diffusion MRI, Alzheimers, amyloid
Ebrahim Feghhi University of California, Los Angeles Machine Learning
Andrea Feher Tilburg University tau-PET, CSF
Franklin Feingold Stanford University BIDS
Grazia Daniela Femminella Imperial College London inflammation; atrophy; AD; MCI
Han Feng University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Brain image
HONGBO FENG First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical university aging
gu feng Chinese Academy of Sciences gufeng11
Jinwang Feng Northwestern Polytechnical University Alzheimer's disease, Feature extraction, Classification
Xue Feng University of Virginia Alzheimer, Deep Learning, MRI, Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers
Brad Feng Capital Medidcal University Deep Learning; Alzheimer Disease
Zhichao Feng The Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University fzc2018xyyx
Junbang Feng CQMU 821727fjb
Xinyang Feng Columbia University AD imaging biomarker
Qingxiang Feng Tulane University deep learning, sparse
Lin Feng Shaoyang University Alzheimer’s Disease,Anatomical MRI,Classification,ROI
Lin Fengyu drbrain train, deep learning model
Christine Fennema-Notestine UCSD MRI, thickness, morphometry, shape analysis, PET
Frederick Feraco Walt Whitman High School Brain, correlation
Alberto Fernández Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain APOE4, Amyloidosis, cognitive performace
Eric Fernandez Christ Church Episcopal School ai, alzheimer's
MIGUEL ANGEL Fernandez University of Cadiz PET, image, machine learning
Sara Fernandez Rodriguez-Cabello University of Salzburg aging, longitudinal, WMH, AD
Ricardo Ferrari Federal University of São Carlos image segmentation, contour models
Ricardo Ferrari Federal University of São Carlos 3D salient point, Deep Learning, Atlas of salient points
Clarissa Ferrari IRCCS stituto Centro San Giovanni di Dio Fatebenefratelli, Brescia, Italy AD, MCI, advanced statistical approach, machine learning
Antonio Ferraro Università Luigi Bocconi Neuro-Image, disease's progression prediction
Fabio Ferreira University College London Machine learning, CCA, brain imaging, dementia
Luiz Kobuti Ferreira University of São Paulo functional connectivity; resting state fMRI; aging
Hugo Ferreira Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon Alzheimer's Disease; multimodality; connectivity; MRI; DTI; rs-fMRI; PET
Bianca Ferreira ISEP Alzheimer's Disease, FDG-PET, Neural Networks
Jennifer Fey (Erway) Wake Forest University machine learning, optimization, quasi-Newton methods
Milan Fiala UCLA FDG scan, MRI, MMSE
Lucas Fidon King's College London medical image registration
Mark Fiecas University of Minnesota fMRI, connectivity, longitudinal
Manuel Fiel IDIS MRI. Nieman Pick
Cassidy Fiford University College London, Institute of Neurology white matter disease, vascular risk factors
Michal Figurski University of Pennsylvannia UPenn, Leslie Shaw
Massimo Filippi San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University diagnosis; learning algorithm; 3D convolutions; multimodal MRI.
Laura Filippi IRCSS San Martino Hospital Amyloid uptake in AD
Giorgio Finesi Sapienza Deep Learning
Elizabeth Finger University of Western Ontario NPI, MRI, PET
Florian Fischer Universtiy Medical Center Mainz Structural brain networks, Graph theory, Cognition, Alzheimer's disease
Clara Fischer Neurospin, CEA brain atrophy
Kathryn Fitzgerald Johns Hopkins School of Medicine brain age multiple sclerosis
Mohammad Fiuzy Iran University of science and thecnology mri
Lúcio Flávio de Jesus Silva State University of Maranhão Alzheimer, ANN, fMRI, Deep Learing
Evan Fletcher UC Davis Cognitive Reserve, Psychometrics Workshop
Guadalupe Flores Islas Instituto Politécnico Nacional Alzheimer classification
Mateusz Florkow UMC Utrecht Virtual CT; Deep learning; Paired CT/MRI
Niels Focke University of Göttingen FDG-PET, Epilepsy
Morgan Fogarty Massachusetts General Hospital FreeSurfer
Nancy Foldi Queens College - City University of New York MTL, HIppocampus, serial position effect
Guilherme Fôlego Universidade Estadual de Campinas AD, ML
Dailen Folkedahl University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine Detection of AD characteristics
Bernard Fongang UT Health San Antonio Dementia, Vascular dementia, Gene expression, MRI markers
Matthew Ford University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill network science, fMRI, machine learning, classification, stochastic process
Cynthia Forgeron St. Francis Xavier University Dementia, Alzheimers, machine, learning
Myriam Fornage University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Small Vessel Disease; brain MRI; white matter hyperintensity
Ali foroutannia ferdowsi university of mashahd clustring
Parisa Forouzannezhad Florida International university MCI, AD, Neuroimaging
Alex Förster Universitätsmedizin Mannheim AD, crossed cerebellar diaschisis
Chris Foster UT Dallas | Center for Vital Longevity Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Amyloid, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzhei
Panagiotis Fotiadis Massachusetts General Hospital atrophy; cerebral amyloid angiopathy; alzheimer's disease
Gregory Founshtein The hebrew University and the Hadassah Ein Kerem medical center Alzheimer's disease, MMSE, ADAS-cog,MRI,Tau
Michael Fox Harvard atrophy
Ernest Fraenkel MIT machine learning, AI
Pietro Francaviglia University of Genoa ArterialSpin Labeling
Linda Francis certsmarket Education, exam dumps, it exam.
Javier Franco Pérez Openanalytics FNIH Biomarkers Consortium
Fabio Frangiamore university of Milan Bicocca Alzheimer, CNN, deep learning
Jordan Fraser USC 1633549291
Mark Fraser Australian National University harmonized Hippocampal protocol, manual segmentation
Mark Frasier Michael J Fox Foundation CSF, biomarkers, neurodegeneration
Heather Frechette University of New Hampshire artificial neural networks, alzheimer's
Blaise Frederick McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School resting state, perfusion,
Ben Freeze Weill Cornell machine learning, olfaction
André Freitas Universidade do Minho Neuroimaging, MRI, Brain
Joshua French University of Colorado Denver principal components, isotropy
Jennifer French University of Maryland GWAS
Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern Bar-Ilan University Alzheimer's disease, CCR5
Yun Freudenberg-Hua Feinstein Institute of Medical Research AD genetics, loss-of-function variants
Brad Friedman Genentech, Inc. bioinformatics genetics
Christoph M. Friedrich University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund SNP subset selection
Rasha FRIJI Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique Data augmentation, GAN
Lars Frings University of Freiburg PET; Amyloid; FDG; Medial Temporal Lobe
Giovanni Frisoni IRCCS San Giovanni di Dio FBF - The National Center for Research and Care of Alz ADNI EADNI
Hans-Christian Fritz German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease basal forebrain, functional connectivity
Holger Fröhlich University of Bonn progression modeling
Bernard Fromson Birkbeck, University of London Machine learning, Computer Vision, Medical Diagnostics
Karl Frontzek University of Zurich deep learning, alzheimer's, metabolomics
Jason Fu Guangxi University medical image registration
yu fu lanzhou university longitudinal brain changes; MCI;AD
yanv fu The Affiliated Second Hospital of Zhejiang University of Medicine Alzheimer's disease
Pan Fu Taizhou First People’s Hospital Alzheimer's disease, synaptic degeneration, clusterin
jeffson fu Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications image
Jiangpeng Fu HuaQiao University academic research
Zening Fu Georgia State University Multi-diseases biomarkers, data-fusion, dynamic brain connectivity
Ray Fu BIT data analysis
Motonobu Fujishima National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry differential diagnosis; Alzheimer's disease; FDG-PET; MRI
Tatsuya Fukuda Chuo university classification, functional data, longitudinal data
Lawrence Fulton Texas State University machine learning
Brian Fulton-Howard Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai PRS, GWAS, rare variation, LOAD, Alzheimer's, APOE, PheWAS
Tsukasa Funane Hitachi, Ltd. AI, Machine learning
Quentin Funk Houston Methodist Research Institute Tau, fMRI, graph theory, DTI
Ansgar Furst Stanford University Alzheimers, TBI, Veterans
Pedro Furtado Universidade de Coimbra medical imaging
NAGARJUNA G NBKRIST deep learning, Alzheimer's Disease
Janakasudha G Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Alzheimer's Disease, Brain image analysis, machine learning and deep learning
Man Ga IMM 4327050Ho
Jin Gahm USC Surface mapping
Niharika Gajawelli USC fMRI, MRI, AD, MCI,
Douglas Galasko UC San Diego CSF biomarkers cognition
Paola Galdi University of Salerno networks, multi-modal data, classification
Liisa Galea University of British Columbia APOE, Pregnancy, motherhood, hormone therapy, inflammation
Elena Galea Institute of Neuroscience, University Autonoma of Barcelona proteomic data, CSF/plasma, astrocytic signature(s)
Charles Galea Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences machine learning, disease progression
Brahyan Galindo Mendez University of California, Berkeley Alzheimer's disease,
Kevin Galinsky Takeda NFL; cognition; TREM2; CD33
Charles Gallay EPFL Master These
Daniel Gallichan Cardiff University multi-contrast image visualisation
Paul Gallins NC State University data integration neuroimaging genetic
Carlos Galmarini TOPAZIUM Artificial intelligence, deep neuronal networks
Marian Galovic UCL longitudinal, epilepsy, progression
Dragan Gamberger Rudjer Boskovic Institute data clustering, subgroup discovery, intelligent data analysis
Hong Seng Gan Universiti Kuala Lumpur hippocampus Segmentation, Alzheimer's Disease, Random Walks
Amisha Gandhi Boston University final project, machine learning
amir hosein gandomi sahand university of technology traumatic brain injury, finite element method, 3d model
Michal Gandor Politechnika Krakowska machine learning research
Arya Ganesan Academies of Loudoun Tau, Alzheimer's Disease, Segmentation
Rithvik Ganesh Jasper High School AD, machine learning, diagnosis
Sukruth Ganesh Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Deep learning, Big data, Feature selection
li gang Northeasten university AD
Mohit Gangwar Bhabha Engineering Research Institute, Bhopal, India Machine Learning
Reema Ganotra YMCA University of Science and Technology Alzheimer' Disease, MRI images, Machine learning,highly accurate diagnosis
Xiaohong Gao Middlesex University multi-modal classifier, fuzzy logic
Yuan Gao University of Oxford Yeye8330209
Yunhe Gao Rutgers University Segmentation CNN
Yuyuan Gao Guangdong General Hospital Alzheimer’s disease; Biomarker; Blood; spinal fluid
Fuxun Gao University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Alzheimer’s disease; Computer-aided diagnosis
Kun Gao UNC-chapel hill medical image classification, deep neural network
zhiao gao Guilin University of Electronic Technology graduation design
Yali Gao new york university risk factor
zhengzhou gao beihang university gzzhv587
Xiao Gao University of California, San Francisco atrophy, cognition
Lijuan Gao Affiliated ZhongDa Hospital, Southeast University APOE, DMN, MCI, conversion, AD
Xiang Gao PKU Alzheimer’s disease Machine Learning
Mengxia Gao The University of Hong Kong Convolutional neural network; Multi-modality; Predict; Alzheimer's; Cognitive
Fei Gao University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Biomarkers, Joint modeling
Yue Gao Harbin Engineering University Writing a paper.
Linlin Gao Ningbo University longitudinal MRI, convolutional neural network, recurrent neural network
yan gao Xi’an Jiaotong University multi-view classification
Yurui Gao Vanderbilt University functional connectivity
Sara Garbarino Universite Cote d'Azure, Inria misfolded proteins, dynamical system models, disease progression models
Gracian Garcia Quiron PET; SPM; templates
Julián García Universidad de Sevilla PET
Miguel Garcia Boehringer-Ingelheim historical controls, placebo, disease modelling
Kara Garcia Indiana University School of Medicine surface registration, longitudinal, cortex, shrinkage, biomechanics
Tanya Garcia Texas A&M University T1-weighted MRI images; Cox regression; tensor covariates
Yiliet Garcia University of Brasilia at Gama Compressive sensing, PET, medical imaging, prior information
Juan Manuel García Varilla MicroWebServices, SL alzheimer, early diagnose, machine learning, pattern detection, PET, imaging
Rafael Garcia-Dias KCL sMRI, Machine Learning
Jord Garcia-Ojalvo Universitat Pompeu Fabra Brain dynamics, relaxation dynamics, potential landscapes.
Gaurav Garg University of Ulster Modeling, EEG, fMRI, Alzheimer's, AD
Lalit Garia BT Kumaon Institute of Technology Dwarahat Alzheimer Disease
Monica Garibay OHSU connectivity, biomarkers,
Valentina Garibotto Geneva University Hospitals FDG PET, tau, Ab42, CSF
José Alejandro Garnica López Universidad de Monterrey Alzheimer, MCI, Machine Learning, T2 weighted images
Diego Garrido Centre for Genomic Regulation multivariate regression, GWAS, QTL mapping, Alzheimer's disease
Dimple Amitha Garuadapuri Eleanor Roosevelt High School Diagnosis, Alzheimer's disease, MRI, machine learning
Eduardo Garza-Villarreal Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria diabetes, imaging genetics, neuroimaging
Christian Gaser Jena University Hospital brainage, vbm
gagasgsag gasgasgags NIS ML
Grant Gasser Baylor University data science, machine learning, research project, neural network, R, Python
Davide Gaudesi University of Milano-Bicocca MRI, EDC, upload
Vincent Gaudet University of Waterloo iterative algorithms, belief propagation, stochastic computing
Pramod Gaur Ulster University, United kingdom MRI
Deepam Gautam philips research and investigation
Serge Gauthier McGill University Imaging, Alzheimer's Disease, Brain Connectivity
Nathan Gaw Arizona State University multivariate analysis, hierarchical model, disease progression
Jodie Gawryluk University of Victoria white matter, MRI, DTI, cognition
Tian Ge Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging neuroimaging genetics
XINTING GE University of Southern California AD, Image process
xinting ge LONI Neuroimage
changrong ge Karolinska Institutet biomarker
Shufei Ge Simon Fraser University Associations study, Group Lasso ,spatial correlation structures
stephan gebel Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI Ontologies, Terminologies
Natasha Geddert University of Manitoba metabolism, glucose, alzheimer, PET
Hugo Geerts In Silico Biosciences Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
Ozan Genc Bogazici University Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network
lijun geng Northwestern Polytechnical University Longitudinal Prediction Deep Learning
Claudio Gentili University of Padova SVM, Depression, Cognitive functions
Claudene George, MD, RPh Albert Einstein College of Medicine ACE Inhibitors, Dementia
Richard Gerkin Arizona State University teaching
Anda Gershon Neurocentria, Inc. AD, risk factors
Neil Getty ANL tbi, transfer-learning, medical-image-analysis
Corey Geurink 1973 exome, Alzheimer's, risk, allele
Olivier Gevaert Stanford University deep learning multi-scale modeling
gül gezer eskişehir osmangazi university CNN
n gh university of tehran dti
roya gh uni ghj
Hadi Ghahremannezhad New Jersey Institute of Technology Random Forest, Alzheimer's disease
Fawaz Ghali LJMU deep learning
Mohamed Ghalwash IBM Research progression; personalized
Farnaz Gharedaghi Tabriz university PET/ MRI super resolution
Saoussen gharsallah ISIM Gabes WMH, segmentation
Saoussen gharsallah ISIM Gabes WMH, Segmentation
Mehdi Ghasemi iran university of science and technology alzheimer's disease(AD)
Ghazale Ghorbanzade Isfahan University of Technology Alzheimer’s Disease, DTI Imaging
Palash Ghosal NIT DURGAPUR ,INDIA Deep Learning,Machine Learning,Neurodegenerative disease
Soumya Ghose GE Global Research Deep learning
Debasish Ghose University of Agder AI
Debjyoti Ghosh VISVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Alzheimer, Disease, MRI
Sukanta Ghosh Jadavpur University Alzheimer's disease Soft Computing
Luca Giancardo University of Texas Health Science Centerat Houston machine learning, longitudinal connectomes
Neha Gianchandani Manipal University Jaipur Deep Learning, Alzheimer
James Giang University of Agder Machine learning masterthesis
Trung Giang Tay Bac University Alzheimer Disease MRI
Laura Gibbons University of Washington Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Jesse Raphael Gibbs National Institute on Aging, NIH genetics neurodegeneration
Gary Gibson Weill Cornell Medical College conversion
Yekaterina Gilbo University of Virginia MRI, GAN, Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Sascha Gill University of Calgary Neuropsychiatric Symptoms, Machine Learning, cognitive decline, Neuroimaging,
Daniel Gillen UC Irvine phase II, power, enrichment, tau, abeta
Peter Gillespie University of Ulster data science, classification, dissertation
Joseph Giorgio University of Cambridge Multi-Modal Imaging, Machine Learning, Cognition, Generalisable Models
Tania Giovannetti Temple University functional abilities, informant
Diana Giraldo Universidad Nacional de Colombia Morphometric Analysis
Charul Giri University of Agder 3D CNNs, Alzheimer's detection, Alzheimer's prediction, Computer vision
Kirti Chandra Giri Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women Cognizance
Juan D. Gispert Fundació Pasqual Maragall Partial Volume Correction,
Giovanni Giulietti IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation magnetic resonance, DTI, Alzheimer, mild cognitive impairment
Felipe Giuste Emory University Neuroimaging, Machine Learning, Neuroinformatics
Helia Givian - 0440571898
Jacob Gjerdalen University of Victoria DTI
Scott Gladstein AbbVie image analysis, machine learning, patient stratification, clinical trial design
Brad Glazier Indiana University Imaging, Genetics, Biomarkers
Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht MUSC Neurology, connectom
M. Maria Glymour UCSF Friday Harbor; psychometrics; cognitive reserve; using ADNI data as a teaching e
Alison Goate Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Krzysztof Gociewicz Jagiellonian University disorders of consciousness, consciousness, resting-state. dti
David Godinez University of North Texas Data, alzheimers
TRIPTI GOEL National Institute of Technology, Silchar feature extraction, classification
Gadi Goelman Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center fMRI, coherence, directed pathways
Nitika Goenka UPES Health Data Analytics, ML
Jantje Goerdten University of Edinburgh Dementia, risk prediction, middle-age
Aditya Gogoi Anthem Inc. Deep Learning; Ensemble; onset Dementia;
Sheng-Yang Goh UCSF frontotemporal dementia
Suril Gohel School of Health Professions, Rutgers University PET, MRI, Alzheimer
Durmus GOKCEBAY Teias MRI Data, Alzheimer's patients, NN
Durmus Gokcebay Teias MRI Data, Alzheimer's patients, NN
Daniel Golden Arterys machine learning, segmentation
Danielle Goldfarb Banner Alzheimer's Institute sleep, ventriculomegaly
Felicia Goldstein Emory University task engagement, recognition memory, normal cognition, MCI, AD
Ali Golestani University of Toronto segmentation, deel learning, convolutional neural network
Ann Gollapudi Pine Richland HIgh School Alzheimer's diesease
Sepehr Golrizkhatami Fraunhofer Institute Event-based modeling, mechanism validation
Jesus Gomar Northwell Health Amyloid PET
Marc Gómez The Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (b-it) Deep learning; time-series; VAE;
Catalina Gomez Universidad de los Andes brain tumor segmentation,
Alejandra Gomez University of Texas at El Paso A0]POE4 gener, hippocampus, MRI images, behavioral test results, demographics
Isabel Gomez Consorci Sanitari Integral Alzheimer's disease, primary progressive aphasia, FDG-PET, MRI
Jon Ander Gómez Adrián Universitat Politècnica de València Deep Learning; Semantic segmentation of medical images; Predictive models;
Vanessa Gomez-Verdejo Universidad Carlos III de Madrid machine learning, mri
Sofia Gonçalves Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto Alzheimer's disease
yasmin Gonella Ms cognitive reserve, cognitive reserve measurement,
Siliang Gong University of Pennsylvania Pairwise screening, pathway analysis, variable selection
Zhaowen Gong University of Stuttgart 3D Registration, CNN
Kuang Gong Massachusetts General Hospital Deep learning, AD, MCI
bangming gong shanghai university multi-view, medical imaging
Yu Gong Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Chinese academy of sciences joint imaging; reconstruction; accelerated MRI; low-dose PET
Liang Gong Chengdu Second People's Hospital APOE gene; functional connectivity; AD; Aging
Zhaowen Gong University of Stuttgart 3D Registration, CNN
Enhao Gong STANFORD UNIVERSITY Deep Learning, Compressed Sensing
JIAHONG GONG Harbin Medical University 966730967
Hoyt Gong University of Pennsylvania Precision Medicine
nanjie gong Shanghai Research Center for Brain Science and Brain-inspired Intelligence fMRI
Venkateswarlu Gonuguntla Samsung Medical Science Research Institute graph convolution, fMRI
Cassandra Gonzalez CU Anschutz Medical Campus Comparative Anatomy
David Gonzalez University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio FAQ, NPI, psychometrics
Gabriel Gonzalez-Escamilla University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Aging, neurodegeneration
Max Goodman UCLA blood, CSF, biomarker, PET, MRI
Abbey Goodyear National Institutes of Health - NIBIB DTI
Luise Gootjes-Dreesbach UCB Bayesian Networks
Marcia Gordon Michigan State University senescence, CDKN2A, microglia
Brian Gordon Washington University in St. Louis tau, amyloid, PET
ELENA GORELLI UNIVERSITà DEGLI STUDI DI SIENA Neural Network, CNN, Siamese network, MRI images, Alzheimer
Pietro Gori Télécom ParisTech T1, DWI, statistical shape analysis, education
Richard Gorniak Thomas Jefferson University MRI, convolutional neural networks, medial temporal sclerosis
Juan Manuel Gorriz University of Granada Image processing, Random forest
Mattias Göthlin University of Gothenburg, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology Classification, prognostic accuracy, demography
Assaf Gottlieb UTHealth AD, FTD
Daniel Gourdeau Université Laval Radiomics,AD prognosis, machine-learning, texture analysis
Palak Goyal Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala Alzheimer's Disease
sonal goyal NSIT, New delhi, india MRI, Classification
Illana Gozes Tel Aviv University ADNP, ADNP related genes, RNA-seq
SARASWATHY GR M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences Computational, Alzheimer's disease
Vijay GR SJCIT alzheimer's disease, MRI, CNN, image processing
Ariel Graff Universtity of Toronto depression, amyloid, PET
Jinko Graham Simon Fraser University multivariate analysis, genotype-phenotype association, structural MRI, SNPs
Kamil Grajski Nurosci, LLC Classification Trees, Nonlinear Regression, Neural Networks, Big Data, HADOOP
Costantino Grana Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia computer vision, medical imaging, deep learning
Marilyn Grand'Maison Biospective PET, MRI, Alzheimer's, Cortical Thickness, AV45
Mary Grant Prisma Health System ADNI Study
Nicole Grant University of Victoria Depression Scores, Structural Scans, Atrophy, cortical differences
Massimiliano Grassi Villa San Benedetto Menni Hospital Machine Learning, Conversion to Alzheimer's Disease, MCI
Lisa Graves VA San Diego Healthcare System; UC San Diego Neuropsychology; risk factors; mild cognitive impairment; Alzheimer's disease
Katherine Gray Imperial College London Alzheimer's disease; early diagnosis
Martin Greaves Domino Printing Sciences Machine Learning
Elisabetta Grecchi GE healthcare AD, amyloid, prediction
Elaine Green Plymouth University L1 elements, retrotransposons
Clint Greene UCSB deep learning, machine learning, image synthesis, segmentation
Sara Greenfield UC Davis metabolites genome
David Greenstein Multimodal Imaging Services Corporation Diffusion Imaging, Restriction Spectrum Imaging, Alzheimer's
Sarah Gregory University of Edinburgh Cortisol Diabetes HbA1c
Michael Greicius Stanford University genes, structure
Stuart Grieve Heart Research Institute data-fusion, neuroimaging, concussion, depression, dementia, brain structure
Joshua Grill UC Irvine informant
Enrico Grisan Unversity of Padova deep learning, neural networks, survival analysis
Anthony Griswold University of Miami whole genome sequencing, ABCA7, VNTR
Jenna Groh Indiana University School of Medicine Tau, Alzheimer's Disease
Colin Groot VU University medical center Alzheimer's disease, Voxel-based morphometry, psychometrics
Giuseppe Grossi Ryerson University Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Matteo Grudny University of Florida diffusion magnetic resonance imaging, functional connectivity metrics
Arne Grundstad AbbVie AbbVie ADNI
anjani gss NIT,Andhra Pradesh machine learning project
Youzhi Gu Zhejiang University AD survey
Sichun Gu Longhua Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Parkinson's disease
dongdong gu Hunan University MRI
Nannan Gu Shanghai Mental Health Center cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, data-mining techniques
Xuejun Gu The University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center radiation, representation learning
Lihua Gu Southeast University Alzheimer's disease
guojun Gu Tongji Hospital, Medical School of Tongji Univers ASL
Yohn Guan Shanghaitech University disease progression, metric learning, multi task
Yi Guan Boston University School of Medicine Imaging, MCI, subtypes
Ji Guang Soochow University GAN, MRI, CT
Cecilia Guariglia Università Sapienza dementia, cerebellum, mri
santwana gudadhe PCCOE alzheimer disease
Egle Gudziuniene Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Alzheimer's disease, early diagnostics, dementia, brain damage
Daniel Guellmar Jena University Hospital deep learning, MRI, biomarker
Tobias Guennel Precision for Medicine CSF, predictive, machine learning
Rosember Guerra Urzola Tilburg University Sparse Principal component analysis, High Dimensional analysis, Optimization
Pamela Guevara University of Concepción white matter bundles, anatomy, machine learning
Agathe Guilloux Université Evry - Paris Saclay statistical learning, survival analysis
Lênon Guimarães USP GAN, MDD, Graph Analysis
Vânia Guimarães Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto Classification, Alzheimer's Disease
Pedro Guimarães Saarland University biomarkers, deep learning
Abel Guimaraes Ryerson deep learning, Alzheimer’s Disease
sharvari gujja Wuxi NextCODE machine learning, deep learning, genetic drivers
Ananya Gulati Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago Alzheimer's, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Analysis, Drug, Bacteria, Gene
Jyotasana Gulati Alkahest Inc. statistical learning, Alzheimers, Plasma
Doğuş GÜLGÜN Mersin University Deep Learning, Classification
Alisha Gumber New York University R data analysis alzheimers
TAMIL INIYAN GUNASEKARAN Chosun University SNP, GWAS, MRI, pathogenesis, neuronal damage.
TAMIL INIYAN GUNASEKARAN Chosun University Amyloid PET, Cortical atrophy, GWAS and Alzheimer's Disease
Roger Gunn Imperial College London Mathematical Analysis, Classification, Machine Learning
Min Guo Shanxi University of Finance and Economics Baysian networks, brain connectivity
Bin Guo Vanderbilt University White Matter, BOLD, Lag time
wenbin guo Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area Hospital alzheimer
Jia Guo Columbia University AD, MRI
yu guo huazhong university of science and technology DTI
Hengtao Guo Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Yanrong Guo Hefei University of Technology classification , neuroimaging
Tengfei Guo University of California, Berkeley Alzheimer's disease; amyloid; tau; neurodegeneration
weiping guo Beijing Normal University classfication,Euler Elastica Regularized Logistic Regression
haoming guo The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University MRI
Jiaming Guo Massachusetts General Hospital ordinal regression, progression of AD
Xiaoyan Guo Qiqihar University deep learning medical imaging
Yusheng Guo South China University of Technology asd123....
Lei Guo Jiangnan University ADNI; Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
Gavin GUO The Hong Kong Polytechnic University machine learning; transfer learning;AD
Shang Guocan South Central University For Nationalities Image Segmentation, Image Landmark Extraction
Navin Gupta Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati clinical subtyping, data driven, symptoms, independent component analysis
Aditi Gupta KUMC Chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, amyloid, GFR, cognition, MCI
Sanskriti Gupta The NorthCap University Alzheimer, fMRI, Deep Learning
Gaurav Gupta USC Viterbi School of Engineering Alzheimer
Amrit Gupta Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai Predect Alzeihmer's using Machine learning
Rishab Gupta SUNY Downstate Medical Center Alzheimer Disease, Outcome, ethnicity
gaurav gupta Shoolini University Alzheimer image segmentation machine learning
Ashish Gupta Independent Researcher Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Vivek Gupta Softsensor.AI AI, Alzheimer, segmentation, disease progression
Pranav Gupta IIT BHU CNN, Image Processing, Dementia classification
Yubraj Gupta Chosun university CNN, Alzheimer disease
Vinay Gupta University of Manitoba Alzheimer's disease, graph theory, multivariate analysis, support vector machine
Smriti Gupta Nitj Alzheimer disease, MRI image
Shantanu Gupta University of Wisconsin-Madison atlas construction, template generation, deep learning
SHLOMIT GUR Penn State University Evolving functional connectivity analysis, machine learning, graph theory
Antoni Gurgui IBEC progression model, alzheimer disease, simulation,
Robert Gurke University Frankfurt homocysteine, lipidomics
Mahmut Edip Gurol Massachusetts General Hospital CAA, cortical thickness, controls, AD
Carlos Gutierrez Imij Inc Structural MRI
Jose Gutierrez Columbia University arterial diameters, beta amyloid, tau
Boris Gutman University of Southern California DTI, diffusion MRI, Alzheimer's, human connectome
David Gutman EMORY UNIVERSITY mri dti adni
Kadir Güzel Yildiz Technical University Machine Learning
wang h qfnu research
J H SD Univ. Image processing; feature extraction
x h xia men university Alzheimer’s disease
Jarrod Haas Simon Fraser University imaging, computer vision, synthetic data, machine learning
Haroun Habeeb University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Machine Learning
Mohamad Habes University of Pennsylvania AD-like patterns, Brain Aging, White Matter Hyperintensities
Tetiana Habuza UAE University brain atrophy,VBM
Mallory Hacker Vanderbilt University Medical Center PDRP, PDCP, ADRP, FDG-PET
Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Haddad University of Western Ontario Resting-state fMRI, Amyloid PET, Brain Activity
Kirsten Hagen Oregon Health & Science University plasma, oxylipins
Alice Hahn Samsung Medical Center Alzheimer's
Yan Hai Georgia state university confidence interval, sensitivity
habtu hailu Mangalore university medical image
Nic Hainc TWH deep learning keras
Jiang Haitao USTC scientific research
wang haixing Southeast University deep learn , MRI
Sun HaiYang Hangzhou Normal University Inter-Scanner Reliability PET SUV
Adam Hajari Pandora Media classification sampling
vedant hakande iit indore want to build algorithm for classification of disease
Navneet Hakhu University of California, Irvine enrichment, model misspecification, mean-variance, bias, clinical trials
zahra hakimelahi islamic azad university tehran branch idea-alzheimer's disease
hamed hakkak Islamic Azad University mri image
Kim Hakyeong Seoul National University Hospital alzheimer's disease
Omar Halawa Harvard Medical School IADL, neuropsychiatric symptoms, tau PET
Drew Halliday University of Victoria DTI, neuropsychology
Amy Halpin University of Maine CSF biomarkers, cut points, demographics
Andac Hamamci Yeditepe University VBM teaching
Fadel Hamed Universidad de Granada research matlab algorithm
Radin Hamidi Rad Ryerson University AI, Machine Vision
Tyler Hammond The University of Kentucky cognitive reserve, Alzheimer disease, aging, DTI, MRI
Tom Hampshire Gold Standard Phantoms registration, mri, image analysis
Sultonmurod Hamroev Anhui University of Technology MRI, Alzheimer's, Neural Networks
Maryam Hamzelu Tarbiat Modares University Deep learning, machine learning
Xiangmin Han SHU DNN
fei han Shanghai Maritime University Alzheimer’s disease , mild cognitive impairment ,machine learning approach
Duke Han USC cognition, neuroimaging
wenzhong han Shenzhen university segmentation;hippocampus
Xiangmin Han SHU deep learning ,machine learning
Shuanglin Han Johns Hopkins University NGS analysis; rs17125944
Yutan Han Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 2015Hyt0613
Ruizhi Han University of Macau machine learning,Disease diagnosis
yujeong han konyang university deep running
Shizhong Han The University of Iowa GWAS, heritability, sMRI, and fMRI
Liang Han Chongqing University early detection, MRI, MCI, AD, Artificial Intelligence
Francis Hane Lakehead University AD prediction, APOE4, Bayesian
Tong Hang Southwest Jiaotong University experimental data
Alexandru Hanganu University of Montreal T1, fMRI, rsfMRI, DTI
Kurtis Hanks Washington University of Saint Louis Bateman, amyloid-ß, assay, 42/40 ratio
Bernard Hanseeuw Massachusetts General Hospital Striatum hippocampus
Maria Hansen Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen Alzheimer's Disease, Neuronal Networks
Kevin Hanson University of Florida Machine learning, prediction, TBI, APOE, biomarkers
Xu HanXiao Xidian University risk gene,biomarker,
Zhiying Hao University of Electronic Science and Technology of China machine learning ; medical image processing
hu hao Qing Dao University Alzheimer's disease; blood biomarkers; early diagnosis
JIANG HAO NEU 12345642
Yang Hao Beihang University Functional imaging, brain connectivity
ziteng hao beijingjiaotongdaxue alzheimer-disease-prediction
Bai Haoyue Central South University 272563575db
Matthew Hapenney USC glucose, pet analysis
Joanna Haralampieva Imperial College London Brain Imaging, Machine Learning, Neurodegenerative Diseases
Oscar Harari Washington University in St Louis Genetic studies, GWAS, Sequencing, CSF, plasma, proteome, Ab, Tau
Vida Harati Shahed University deep learning classification
Seth Austin Harding Reliance Biosciences artificial intelligence in dementia alzheimer's treatment therapy AD score
Ian Hardingham Oxford Brain Diagnostics DTI MRI
Evan Hare University of Southern California Early Detection, Amyloid-Negative, TDP-43, Amyloid, Tau, Biomarker
Sethulakshmi Haridas Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology Alzheimers disease stage recognition
Ankur Haritosh Jaypee Institute of Information Research, Brain diseases,classification
Akdes Harmanci UTHealth at Houston Single cell
wade harper Harvard MEdical School alzheimer's disease, protein misfolding
Amal Harrati Stanford University Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Jacqueline Harris University of Calgary Machine Learning, Neuroimaging, Psychiatry
Breanna Harris Texas Tech University cumulative stress, Alzheimer's disease, biomarkers, cognitive function
Brandon Harvey Emory University Alzheimer's Disease, Quasi-Periodic Potentials, fMRI, connectivity
Danielle Harvey Unversity of California, Davis biostatistics
Md. Mahmodul Hasan Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University AD, CNN, SVM, AD Detection
noorul hasan National Institute of Technology Image Segmentation
Khader Hasan University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston diffusion tensor, CSF
md tasnimul hasan University of potsdam Image classification
Jonathan Hasbani ITBA Neural networks, machine learning, Alzhei
nazi hashem azarbaijan university alzheimer dataset
Ramin Hashimzade Private Person Data Science
Jakub Hasiec Warsaw School of Economics Predictive modelling, data mining, Alzheimer's disease
Mahmoud HASSAN Rennes University EEG; Dysfunctional Brain networks;
Kilian Hasselhorn University Koblenz-Landau power analysis; starting point
Sean Hatton UCSD MRI, data harmonization
Daniel Hauber Gerontology teaching
Marc Haut West Virgnia Univesity ultrasound
Toshihiro Hayashi University of Tokyo MRI, psychology, biomarker
Jasmeet Hayes The Ohio State University Parkinson's disease; cortical thickness; genetics
Shereif Haykal UMCG diffusion-weighted imaging; optic nerves; NODDI; DKI
Chris Hayward Newcastle University Cognition, Structural connectivity, Brain, MCI, IQ
RUHUL AMIN HAZARIKA NEHU Alzheimer detection using brain MRI
Nalini Hazra USC Alzheimer's
qi he Tianjin University method evaluation
xiaozheng he zhujiang hospital PD csf BIOMARKER
Chenyu He Shanghaitech University Segmentation, T1, Human Brain
wenwen he Guizhou Medical University experiment
Huiguang He Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Scicences fMRI, DTI, Medical Image Processing
zhang he Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications image-to-image, multi-modal medical image
Zhen He La Trobe University deep learning, computer vision
Siyuan He Changchun University of Science and Technology computer aided diagnosis, deep learning
Xiaoning He The Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University Radiomics
Linchen He New york university Association test, binomial mixture model, complex disease, genetic heterogeneity
Yao He University of Utah PET, FDG-PET, Focal AD
xiaoxi he Department of Radiology and Tianjin Key Laboratory of Functional Imaging, Tianji 861130
Ke He Tsinghua University Registration, deep learning
Shuting He State Key Laboratory of Industry Control Technology, College of Control Science AD survey
Qiliang He Georgia Institute of Technology flicker exposure
Tao He San Francisco State University set-based association, pathway analysis
Xuanning He Australian National University Dementia, Cognitive Function, Lifestyle, Cognitive Reserve
Rolf Heckemann Imperial College London anatomical segmentation, morphometry, volumetry,
roh hedayati Esfahan University MCI+MRI+PET
Trey Hedden Massachusetts General Hospital Genetics, using ADNI data as a teaching example, Friday Harbor
Dennis Hedderich Technical University of Munich Magnetic resonance imaging, cortical thickness, positron emission tomography
Adrian Heeger University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany brain atrophy, automated workflow, brain aging, brain volume
Joseph Heenan IQVIA bayesian methods, machine learning
Mohamed Hefny Queen's University Medical Data Analysis, MUltisource data integration, Disease Understanding
Madhusudan Hegde Stanford University Research
Brianna Heggeseth Macalester College teaching
leili heidaryan sd 2
Luca Heising Tilburg University Machine learning, Deep learning, Early detection, Alzheimer's
hadeer helaly mansoura alzheimer
Jarle Helle Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) Neural network, Brain age, Predict, MCI, Alzheimer's disease
Christopher Hemond University of Massachusetts atrophy, neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio
Samuel Henderson Accera Inc APOE, ADAS-Cog, MMSE
Andrew Henney JCU Generative Adversarial Networks
Rui Henriques Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa Classification, Clustering
Tobias Hepp University Hospital Tuebingen Deep Learning, Age Estimation
Wiranthe Herath Southern Illinois University Carbondale Regression
Renato Hermoza Aragones The University of Adelaide Deep learning, reinforcement learning, survival prediction, biomarkers
Antonio Hernandez VerSci Alzheimer;s
Monica Hernandez University of Zaragoza Computational Anatomy
Yamid Fabián Hernández Julio Universidad del Sinú Fuzzy inference systems
Nitsa Herzog Birkbeck University of London Mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer
Nitsa Herzog Birkbeck University of London MCI, Alzheimer, machine learning
Jonathan Hess SUNY Upstate Medical University Mega-analysis, gene expression, classifiers, machine learning
Kilian Hett Vanderbilt University Tensor-based analysis, Diffusion MRI
Kilian Hett University of Bordeaux Patch-based biomarkers, hippocampus, hippocampal subfields
Nargess Heydari Beni University of Waterloo Brain, Imaging, MRI, CT, PET
Aaron Heyne Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen Diagnosis Alzheimer CNN Convolutional Neural Network Wavelet
Zhang Heyu The first hospital of Sun Yat-sen University cognitive statu,biomarkers,tau PET
Derrek Hibar Genentech, Inc imaging genetics, cognitive decline, robust statistics
Steven Hill University of Cambridge risk prediction, biomarkers
Frank Hillary Pennsylvania State University hyperconnectivity, MCI, risk, neurodegeneration
Laura Hillmer University of New Mexico vascular dementia, mixed dementia, white matter
David Hilman Imperial College London Random Forest, KNN, SVM, Progression
Max Hinne Radboud University Generalized Wishart Processes; network regression
Naoki Hirabayashi Osaka Prefecture University Neural Network
Daisuke Hirahara Kagoshima Medical Technology College artificial intelligence
idir hired fortia FASTER R CNN
YASHAS HIREMATH Case Western Reserve University ABIDE
Robin Hirt KIT deep learning, transfer learning, artificial intelligence
Andreia Hisi ICM data to reproduce article
Jakub Hlavka USC Price School outcome measurement, Alzheimer's disease, functional, behavioral, cognitive
lakshitha hm studying preclinical stage detection
Ngoc-Huynh Ho Chonnam National University Deep learning, Bioinformatics, AD
Nick Ho The Hong Kong Polytechnic University machine learning, dementia prediction, feature importance
Raymond Ho ouhk machine learning, empirical mode decomposition
Ngoc-Huynh Ho Chonnam National University Deep learning, Bioinformatics, AD
Lara Hocurscak FMF UL FDG-PET, Alzheimer's disease
Merle Hoenig University Hospital Cologne resilience, PET, polygenic risk
John Hoffman University of Utah FDG-PET, SPM group analysis
Kareen Hoffmann University Hospital Magdeburg vascular dementia, small vessel disease, T2*-weighted MRI, fdg pet
Malte Hoffmann Martinos Center longitudinal morphometry Freesurfer
Jacqueline Hogan University of Massachusetts Boston vvvvv
Timothy Hohman Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Genetics, Resilience, Asymptomatic,
Daniel Holder Merck Research Laboratories Biomarkers
Sean Holmes Invicro Hippocampus, Ventricle, MR, freesurfer
Robin Holmes University Hospitals Bristol Machine learning, VBM
Henne Holstege Amsterdam UMC Genetics, Alzheimer
Vincent Leonard Holstein University of Münster Multiple Sclerosis, Transfer learning
Robyn Honea University of Kansas School of Medicine, Alzheimer's Disease Center family history, structural brain imaging, mitochondria
HaoTian Hong Shanghai University RSFC fMRI-BOLD
junyong hong Dongseo University machine learning
Xuesong Hong CSU biomedical research
junyong hong Dongseo University machine learning
Chae Moon Hong Kyungpook National University Hospital Amyloid, Alzheimer, white matter hyper intensity
liu hongli Beijing university of technology research,MCI,classification
zou hongliang Nanjing University of Science and Technology research
Yi Hongyuan zhongshan hospital,shanghai AD
Bradley Hooker AbbVie Machine Learning Texture-Based Analysis tau PET
ahora hoooseyni none abc
Masoud Hoore Helmholtz Center for Infection Research equation-based modeling, systems immunology, multi-scale modeling
Paramate Horkaew Suranaree University of Technology Image Processing
Russ Hornbeck Wash Univ Sch Med - STL Alzheimer, MRI, PET, Pipeline, SUVR. Binding Potential, FreeSurfer
Kyla-Louise Horne University of Otago Parkinson's disease, MRI, ageing, machine learning, biomarkers
Rebecca Horst Western University DTI, biomarker, subjective cognitive impairment, conversion
Steve Horvath University of California Los Angeles DNA methylation, SNP, epigenetic age, epigenetic clock, brain volume, MRI
Amirhoshang Hoseinpour Dehkordi IPM Machine Learning, Neural Networks
MD.Ali Hossain MIU Deep learning, CNN, RNN
Md Sajjad Hossain North western university,Khulna thesis,research
Rana Hossam Elden Helwan University Alzheimer’s disease, classification
Seyyed Abed Hosseini Islamic Azad University of Mashhad fMRI, Data analysis, Classification
Hadi Hosseini Stanford University big data, prediction
salameh hosseini azad islamic university convolutional network,Alzheimer’s Disease,Neuroimaging
Yuxuan Hou ZJU jifaley
Jia Hou Hangzhou Dianzi University brain network, classification
Jiaxin Hou Northeastern University Computer-aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
Beibei Hou Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications medical image analysis
Fatao Hou Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alzheimer Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Xianxu Hou Shenzhen University image to image translation
Alexander Houck Columbia University Medical Center GWAS, ICAM-1, White matter hyperintensities, tau, amyloid-beta
Katherine Houghton RTI Health Solutions biomarker, natural history, cost effectiveness
Imane Houmir Miss Alzheimer's symptoms
Erin Householder Washington University School of Medicine : As the coordinator for the ADNI NPC I will be responsible for collecting ADNI
Taylor Howell UCSF online validation
Renee Howell Siemens Healthineers clinical study, MRI, PET, cgnitive assessment
James Howlett Medical Research Council EPAD Risk Modelling
Rubaiyat Hridhee Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology volumetric analysis, voxel based morphology
Yih-Jwu Hsiao McMaster University Alzheimer's, textural analysis, Python, machine learning, ML, texture
Jasmine Hsiao ACER cognitive frailty
Ping-Chen Hsieh National Taiwan University adnideeplearning
Zong-Kai Hsu Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, China Medical University 2alxggdu
TunWei Hsu Taipei Veterans General Hospital AD
TING JUI HSU National Chiayi University timmy70267
Ming Hsu University of California, Berkeley fluency, semantic memory
Li-Ming Hsu UNC at chapel hill gaphy theory, machine learning
Rui Hu Oklahoma State University privacy, federated learning
Helen Hu C2N Diagnostics, LLC fluid biomarkers
Yang Hu South-Central Minzu University classify and detect Alzheimer's disease
Jiazhen Hu University of Melbourne Image Segmentation, Image Synthesis
Lixia Hu Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance arying-coefficient additive models, Local linear estimators, Tensor product of
Tom Hu UC Berkeley CNN, Tensor, Regression, Deep Learning
huaqiang hu IQubic(beijing)Tech LTD. MRI PET
xiaoyu hu peking university fpca
Shunbo Hu Linyi Univeristy image segmentation
Yu Hu South China University of Technology Alzheimer's Disease detection; machine learning; data mining
Lingjing Hu Capital Medical University Texture analyze, VBM
Mengjie Hu Zhejiang University In-deep learning,cognitive impairment
jialin hu shanghaijiaotong university neural circuit
Nan Hu Genentech biomarker; disease progression
Ying Hu University of Shanghai for Science and Technology MRI ;Deep Learning; AD Biomarkers
Shi Hu University of Amsterdam deep learning, medical image analysis
Mingyue Hu Central South University MCI, AD
helen hu SHU AD diagnosis
Xuefang Hu Hebei University AD NC difference
Xiaonan Hu Sinovation Ventures MRI
Chang Hu University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign neural network, longitudinal prediction
Sing Hu Sun Yet Sen University deep learning
Jen Hu Chung Shan Medical University Resting state fmri
Jinlong Hu South China University of Technology brain diseases diagnosis, machine learning algorithm
Helen Hu SHU investigation; algorithms
Xixu Hu University of Science and Technology of China ADNIMERGE
Cong Hu Jiangnan University artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing
Sunyu Hua The second affiliated hospital of Soochow Unversity Alzheimer’s disease;cortical thickness;cortical complexity
jiang hua Liaocheng University resting state fMRi
Tao Hua Huashan hospital, Fudan university Alzheimer disease, amyloid-beta, tauopathy, congnition, PET
Rui Hua Southeast University deep learning,multimodal imaging,CNN
Jia Hua SUNY at Buffalo Early stage, diagnostic test
Nancy Huaman Mamani UNICAMP ontology, alzheimer disease
lao huan GuangXi University deep learning;medical images;Alzheimer's disease
liu huan sichuan university Artificial intelligence、deep learing
Zhichun Huang University of Wisconsin-Madison FDG PET, ASL Perfusion, Deep Learning, Generative Model, GLOW
Sihui Huang The University of Texas at Dallas Big Data, Machine Learning
Qi Huang Huashan Hospital spatial normalise
Edward Huang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Network integration, EMR analysis
chenyu huang JILIN university H+
Haiqing Huang University of Pittsburgh amyloid, PET
Haiyu Huang Southwest Jiaotong University Classification of Alzheimer
Yin Huang Lerner Research Institute - Cleveland Clinic metabolomics, network, biomarkers, Alzheimer’s Disease
Teng-Yi Huang Taiwan Tech deep learning
Chao Jung Huang National Taiwan University AD prediction
weijie huang Beijing Normal University AD biomarker machine learning
Henghua Huang Beijing University of Chemical Technology GAN
Suqi Huang Sun Yat-sen University fMRI,AD
Jianpan Huang City University of Hong Kong MRI, AD, deep learning
Yongxiang Huang The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Deep Learning, alzheimer diseases
Yali Huang Hebei University white matter; fMRI
Xianzheng Huang University of South Carolina Mode regression, prediction, regressor
Meiyan Huang Southern Medical University association anlysis
Mengni Huang university of leeds prepare dissertation, do research
Yunyou Huang Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences classify, predict, Alzheimer's disease
Jianpan Huang City University of Hong Kong Alzheimer's disease, deep learning
Chin-Wei Huang National Cheng Kung University alzheimer's disease
Huijun Huang Xi'an Jiaotong University AD; deep learning; biomarker; pathway
Yuan Ling Huang Chang Gung University Alzheimer’s Disease, deep learning, Mild Cognitive Impairment
Chu-Chung Huang National Yang-Ming University white matter lesion
huaidong huang The Second Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, China Alzheimer’s disease, machine learning
Zhen Huang Tongji University MOCA
Peiyu Huang Zhejiang University CBF, network
Shaojun Huang Shanghai Maritime University fMRI; brain network; disease classification
Shuaihui Huang South China Agricultural University Alzheimer's disease
Jie Huang Michigan State University resting-state fMRI, functional connectivity
Xucheng Huang Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg student thesis
chenyu huang JILIN university H+
Jingwen Huang University of Electronic Science and Technology machine learning
Chao Huang UNC multiscale adaptive regression model shape analysis
Li Huang wuhan university brain aging, prediction model
gan huang university of shanghai for science and technology AD, Brain network, PET, MRI
Yiyanwen Huang Queen's University Belfast How arginine metabolism altered Alzheimer’s disease
Biwei Huang Carnegie Mellon University Alzheimer diagnosis; atypical causal connectivity; longitudinal analysis
Sharon Huang Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Stanford, AD, Machine learning, Bayesian Statistics
Huey-Jing Huang Takeda California biomarkers
shangfo huang Beihang privacy-preserving
Susie Huang Massachusetts General Hospital Deep learning, super-resolution
Xifen Huang Yunnan Normal University gamma frailty model
Manuel Huerbin MIAC AG Morphometry
Andrew Hufton Springer Nature data-peer-review metabolomics
Kgosi Hughes Wake Forest University Alzheimer's disease, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), PET, biomarkers
Jacob Huh UC Berkeley anomoly detection
Frank Hui Burnaby North Secondary School Convolutional Neural Network, Glioblastoma Multiforme, MRI scans, healthy brains
Aw Hui Yee University Malaysia Perlis Alzheimer disease
Willem Huijbers Tilburg University methods development, data science
yang huijing brijing university of technology brain network ;graduate student
Yan Chai Hum Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Educational Material
Noemi Hummel Analytica Laser disease modelling
Melissa Humphries The University of Adelaide Missing data, network analyses, generalised linear models
Guanhua Hung Tunghai University Early Diagnosis,Early Diagnosis
Hsing-I Hung National Chiao Tung University machine learning research survey bioinformatics
Xin Hunt SAS Institute Inc. machine learning, transfer learning, predictive model
Zhiguang Huo University of Florida statistical methodology, clustering algorithm, Alzheimer’s disease subtypes
Mykyta Hupalo KPI bio
Kathleen Hupfeld University of Florida DWI, aging
Hans-Jürgen Huppertz Swiss Epilepsy Centre MRI postprocessing, voxel-based volumetry, probabilistic brain atlas
Aamira Huq University of Melbourne/ Royal Melbourne Hospital Dementia polygenic risk score, resilience
Boyoung Hur Clemson University ADNI
Zain Hussain University of Edinburgh Machine Learning
renad hussain King abdulaziz university RENAD
R. Matthew Hutchison Biogen Tau, Amyloid, functional connectivity, brain dynamics
Kevin Huynh Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute lipidomics, metabolomics
Heungsun Hwang McGill University imaging genetics; statistics, bioinformatics
Inyong Hwang Korea University Deep Learning, Image Processing
Seong Jae Hwang University of Wisconsin-Madison longitudinal, connectivity, amyloid, deep learning, uncertainty estimation
Jihye Hwang Asan medical center time analysis
Matthew Hyett University of Western Australia depression; mild cognitive impairment; Alzheimer's disease; resting-state fMRI
JUNGMOON HYUN Northwestern University- Feinberg School of Medicine Aging, dementia, brain, clinical data
kim hyunwoo korea university brain recognition Alzheimer
Leonardo Iaccarino University of California San Francisco dementia, age, clinical progression, MRI, FDG-PET, diagnosis, prognosis
alfredo iacoangeli king's college London telomere, bioinformatics , NGS , WGS
Esther Ibanez ISI Foundation topological data analysis
Abdultawwab Ibiyeye Federal Polytechnic, Offa Alzheimer, Machine Learning
Olga Ibragimova ChemRar Avineuro, ChemRar, Alzheimer, AD, Dementia
Hamza Ichchou Ecole Centrale de Nantes Deep learning, machine learning, MRI
Samuel Iddi University of Ghana Alzheimer's, Joint Models, Prediction, Statistical models
Jaime Ide Yale University cnn, deep learning, supervised learning
Juan Eugenio Iglesias Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School hippocampal subfield, segmentation
Kay Igwe Columbia University WMH, Spectrum, MRS, MRI
Ryoko Ihara The University of Tokyo preclinical AD, amyloid PET, CSF biomarker, clinical outcome
Tetsuya Iidaka Nagoya University, Graduate School of Medicine resting state, support vector machine
Siddarth Ijju Stony Brook University GNN, Connectome, Connectivity Networks
Toshikazu Ikuta University of Mississippi DTI; tractography; genetics
Ilias Iliopoulos University of Patras dataset , alzheimer , training , algorithm , classification
Talha Ilyas Jeonbuk National University Segmentation
Masamichi Imai Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology network analysis
Livia Imami Bisopective ADNI
Vanda Inacio de Carvalho University of Edinburgh Accuracy, ROC surface, Statistics, Regression, Alzheimer disease
Himaja Indukuri vertexsoft Deep Neural Network
Park ing Acme Clustering
Silvia Ingala Amsterdam UMC amyloid, alzheimer, MR, imaging, T1
Marianna Inglese Imperial College London radiogenomic, alzheimer disease
Ananda prasad Inguva IIITG CNN
Philip Insel NCIRE power, rates of change
Ruxandra Ion University College London machine learning alzhimer's
Nancy Ip The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology synapse, cell surface receptors, kinase
Saeed Iqbal University of Central Punjab Brain MRI, Alzheimer Segmentation
Khajasta Iqbal University of Wah Alzheimer detection, MCI detection
David Irwin University of Pennsylvania UDS, GWAS
Runar Isaksen SSHF ML, MRI, Alzheimer, Image Detection
Makoto Ishii Weill Cornell Medical College biomarkers, metabolic hormones, preclinical
Tariqul islam BUET 0BR11
Jyoti Islam Georgia State University fMRI, Alzheimer’s Disease, Deep learning, CNN
Mustafa Ismael Babylon University image processing, pattern recognition
Mohamed Ismail TU-Darmstadt Early diagnoses alzheimer master thesis
NUR HAFIEZA ISMAIL Texas A&M University Alzheimer's disease
NUR HAFIEZA ISMAIL Texas A&M University Alzheimer's disease
Elvin Isufi Tu Delft detecting anomalies over networks
Daisuke Ito Nagoya Universiy School of Medicine Metabolomics
Jana Ivanidze Weill Cornell Medicine tau PET, amyloid PET, MMP-9, multimodal biomarkers
Ilinka Ivanoska Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Skopje graph theory, embeddings, fmri, dti
Alexander Ivliev Clarivate Analytics amylin pathway
Hirotaka Iwaki National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of GWAS
Yutaro Iwamoto Ritsumeikan University segmentation, image restoration, unsupervised learning
Atsushi Iwata The University of Tokyo J-ADNI
Akshay Iyer Worcester Polytechnic Institute Alzheimers, brain MRI scans, image analysis, artificial intelligence
Walter Izquierdo Florida International University BOLD, fMRI, brain, Alzheimer, epilepsy, PCA, ICA
Nick Izzo Cognition Therapeutics proteomics, metabolomics, genomics
FEMINA J ANNA UNIVERSITY alzheimer's dataset
Manjunath J Candiphi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Alzheimer,MRI scans
Neelaveni J Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Access
Jaikanth J SASTRA 3D CNN, Alzheimer’s, detection
Emimal Jabason Concordia Image Processing
Emimal Jabason Concordia Deep Learning
Jonathan Jackson Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology, Vashi Alzheimers, Dataset, CNN, MRI scan
Diane Jacobs UC San Diego MCI, Cognitive Composite, Rate of Change
Tanner Jacobson Indiana University School of Medicine GWAS, Multivariate
Thomas Jacquemont Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Alzheimer, SNAPs, DWI, connectomics
Shruti Jadon Quantiphi Inc Research
CHOI Jae Hyeok gyeongsang national university dementia and the brain of the general public
JUNG JAE WOO hansung university Alzheimer
reza jafari WTIAU thesis
Neela Jagan Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Access MRI images
Suresh Jaganathan SSN College of Engineering Deep Learning, Stacked Auto Encoder, Multilayer Perceptron
William Jagust UC Berkeley PET, ROI
MUHAMMAD SHAH JAHAN College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering,NUST MCI,AD,Capsule Network
Anubhav Jain IIIT-Delhi brain-images, Deep Learning, Course-project
Sargam Jain University of California, Berkeley PET, MRI, Amyloid Hypothesis, dimension reduction
Vikas Jain IIIT Vadodara Machine Learning, Random Forest
Parag Jain Indian institute of information technology gwalior Graph Neural Networks , Resnet
Goran Jakimovski KTI Deep Neural Networks, computer algorithms, Machine Learning
Nikša Jakovljević University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences assistant professor, signal processing, pattern recognition, programming
Zahra Jalalvand Central Tehran Branch Islamic Azad University MRI, Alzheimer's disease, dti, fsl, Explorer dti
Sharna Jamadar Monash University parenthood, cortical thickness, connectivity
Alex James Nazarbayev University imaging
JOANNA JAMES Kolachalama Lab MRI data
Emmanuel Jammeh University of Plymouth demenia, parkinsons, bioinformatics, machine learning, decision support systems
ehsan jamshidi University of Tabriz Alzheimer's Disease- Deep Learning
Mojtaba Jamshidi Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University data mining
LUIS JAÑEZ UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID machine learning, predictive models, SVC, DNN, Alzheimer's disease,
Jae-Won Jang Kangwon National University Hospital Mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, CSF biomarkers, Brain MRI, Beta
Cheongjae Jang Seoul National University DTI, positive-definite matrices, differential geometry, deep learning
Jae-Won Jang Kangwon National University Deep learning, MCI, artificial intelligence
Hyemin Jang Samsung medical center, Seoul, Korea cognition, Alzheimer's disease, amyloid, tau
Sung-eun Jang Dongguk univ. machine learning, one-shot learning
Rekh Ram Janghel National Institute of Technology, Raipur CNN, Alzheimer's Disease, Transfer Learning
Kay Jann USC Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute Complexity, PET, fMRI
Ali Jannati BIDMC – Harvard Medical School PET, rs-fcMRI, lesion network mapping
Spiro Janovic University Hospital Zagreb Teaching, lecturing
Pannatorn Janpitak Kasetsart University my research will be useful for many physician in my country.
Iris Jansen VU University Genetics, polygenic risk scoring, alzheimer, gwas
Olin Janssen Maastricht University amyloid, alzheimer, lifestyle, comorbidities, demographics
Terry Janssen DiscoveryAid.ai Machine Learning, Brain Scans, Alzheimers, Research, TensorFlow, AWS
Vaibhav Janve Vanderbilt University Medical center (VUMC) florbetapir, PiB, resilience, Alzheimer's disease
Mohamed Ali Jarboui Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy. UKT metabolomics
Vinicius Jardim University of São Paulo Graph Signal Processing; Network diffusion, inverse problem
Mojib Javadi Indoc Research/OCBN data structure, data sharing, data visualization
farshid javdani Jahrom University of Medical Sciences Alzheimer’s disease;Inflammation;Nervous system
Reza Javidi Janssen R&D computation, data analysis
Monica Javidnia University of Rochester imaging, parkinson's, alzheimer's, dementia
supraja jayakumar NA deep learning models, alzheimers
Kharne Jean University of Georgia APOE e4 functional independence white matter integrity
Ryu JeChoil Soongsil univ. Computer vision
Angela Jefferson Boston University Cognitive Performance, Aging
Irina Jelistratova German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) amyloid pathology, amyloid-sensitive PET
WEIMIN JENG Soochow University SVM, SSM, PCA, PET, MRI
Lisanne Jenkins Northwestern cortical thickness, neuropsychiatric symptoms
Bjørn Jensen University of Glasgow machine learning, neural networks, diagnosis, robustness
Seun Jeon Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital, McGill University reproducibility
youngseok jeon National University of Singapore Deep learning, CNN, GAN, deep representation, Alzheimer's Diseaase
Mingyeong Jeon Chonbuk National University GAN(Generative Adversarial Networks), Classification, Diagnosis
Jonghun Jeong Deepnoid alzheimer, PET, deep-learning
JinGyo Jeong Hanyang University Alzheimer
yeonuk jeong asan medical center deep learning
Yong Jeong KAIST fMRI, Resting State, DMN connectivity
Byeong Chang Jeong Korea University network science, deep learning
Sun Jeremy Jilin University brain
Arul Elvis Jesudoss BITS, Pilani MRI scan, Support Vector Machine, Discrete Wavelet Transform, PCA
Debesh JHa UiT - The Arctic University of Norway Alzheimer's disease
Alok Jha Capgemini Re-inforcement learning
meng Jhon CUST Deep learning
jun ji Yunnan University TGL algorithm predict
huanhuan ji Guilin University of Electronic Technology classification
shanling ji lanzhou university AD
huanhuan Ji Guilin University of Electronic Technology classification
li ji xibeidaxue medical image super resolution
Chuncheng Ji Boston University Imaging
Peng Ji Fudan university Cascading, Networks
Gong-Jun JI Anhui Medical University white matter, MRI, brain
Zhiwei Ji The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston multi-omics, systems biology, predictive model
Mengge Jia Beijing Normal University brain
Guo Jiachang Huazhong techniche university Research
chu jiahuan Donghua University AD,MRI,Clinical data,Multi-class
Xu Jiahui SZU medical image diagnosis
Zheng Jian XiDian University AD classification
Caiqing Jian Guizhou University MRI, CNN, Deep Learning
ren jian central sourth university learning
Teng Jiang Nanjing First Hospital Alzheimer's disease, Neuroinflammation, Biomarker
Xiong Jiang Georgetown University Medical Center MRI, fMRI, Alzheimer's disease, Demographics, ApoE, PET, ADAS, MMSE
Shirui Jiang Shenzhen University 1st Affiliated Hospital neuro feedback
Junjun Jiang Harbin Institute of Technology image processing, classification, machine learning
Hongliang Jiang Southease University, China AI, machine learning
Shu Jiang Harvard Medical School out-of-sample validation
shan jiang Sensetime Innovation research
yitong jiang the University of Queensland doing research
Zhiqiang Jiang Nanjing University of Science and Technology Quantile regression; partial functional partially linear single index model.
Shaozhi Jiang University of Massachusetts Lowell Prediction, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Xiaotong Jiang UNC decision making, treatment regimes, deep learning
jingwan jiang ShenZhen university neural network;fMRI
Songhao Jiang University of Chicago brain, disease, MRI
Zhenqi Jiang Dalian University of Technology Alzheimer,ICA,convolutional neural network (CNN),hierarchical diagnostic feature
Yating Jiang The Center South Unversity U-Net
Xuejuan Jiang USC Roski Eye Institute herpes
Richard Jiang Dr Machine Learning, Deep Learing
Lingxiang Jiang Taizhou First People's Hospital Vascular endothelial growth factor; neurogranin; synaptic dysfunction; Alzheimer
Hongchao Jiang Nanyang Technological University Artificial Intelligence
Wenjing Jiang Northeastern University fMRI, structure MRI, MMSE, MCI
Kening Jiang Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health N/A (only for study)
Shu Jiang Washington university in st.louis prediction, progression, validation
Wenhao Jiang The University of Hong Kong MRI, medical imaging, motion removal
Biguo Jiangnan Lanzhou University research
jiacheng Jiao Harbin Engineering University neural network,automatic detection
Bai Jiaqi Chongqing university Parkinson's disease
cai jiatong Shanghai Maritime University pet
Wang Jiaxing Northeastern University of China Alzheimer, deep learning, convolutional neural network
wang jiayi BUAA Deep reinforcement Learning,image recognition
Li Jie Beijing Jiaotong University machine learning;early diagnoses;AD
biao jie Anhui Normal University Brain Connectivity
cen jihai Guizhou medical university Research, project
julian jimenez university of Madrid alzheimer project
Adolfo Jiménez-Huete Hospital Ruber Internacional Differential diagnosis; Gray matter volumetry
Koji Jimura Keio University resting state fMRI, behavioral testing, functional connectivity
Xuehong Jin Hebei Normal University jxhnm104542@j
Chengshi Jin UCSF brain
Peng Jin New York University School of Medicine functional data analysis, subgroup identification, machine learning
haihong jin Oregon Health and Science University alzheimer, comarison
Yan Jin University of California, Los Angeles DTI
Liu JIn Northeastern University 1998918ZMB
Yu Jin University of Shanghai for Science and Technology study ; deep learning
Xuehong Jin Hebei Normal University jxhnm104542@j
Shihao Jin Zhejiang University survival analysis, Alzheimer’s Disease, mixed type of data, deep-learning
Liu Jindong Hunan normal university Function Link
Liu Jindong Hunan normal university Function Link
Bin Jing Capital Medical University fs-fMRI, sMRI
wang jingqiang Zhejiang University Of Technology medical image analysis
xu jinyang shenzhenuniversity study research
yao jizhi Hebei university no
Hang Joon Jo Mayo Clinic RS FMRI
Jun Jo Griffith.edu.au Deep Learning
Hyeongmin Jo Hanyang university erica CNN, 3D-CNN
Katie Jobson Temple University white matter hyper intensities, MCI, aphasia, BIANCA pipeline
Karan Jodha Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore CT-Scan,Alzheimer's disease
Ramya John National College of Ireland symptoms, disease related analysis
Stian Johnsen BrainMiner Ltd. CAD, AD, Software validation
Bryce Johnson University of Wisconsin-Madison PET Scans
David Johnson UC Davis Cognitive Impairment, longitudinal decline, Neuropsychology
Sterling Johnson University of Wisconsin-Madison tau, amyloid, pre symptomatic
Caleb Johnson The University of Texas at Austin University Student Research
Stephen Johnston Swansea University Prosopagnosia, VBM, MRI
Jane Johnston Neurotez Inc Leptin, clinical trial, Alzheimer's
Alireza Jomeiri Islamic Azad University Alzheimer's disease, deep learning, MRI
Erin Jonaitis University of Wisconsin-Madison education, reproducibility, open science, computing
Richard Jones Brown University testing, practice effects
Daniella Jones University of Surrey Alzheimer's, MMSE, MR Imaging, PET Imaging, ADAS Assessment
Matthew Jones San Jose State University diffusion compartment analysis
Tanya Joon University of Alberta PET Image
Anthony Joseph Unite Genomics, Inc. GWAS, disease progression, drug response models, machine learning, image analysi
Jane Joseph Medical University of South Carolina rsfMRI, graph theory, machine learning
Joy Sebastian Prakash Joseph Irudayaraj Chettinad Academy of Research and Education fMRI, DTI, Conn, DSIStudio
Jitesh Joshi Tata Elxsi Ltd DeepLearning, CNN, 3D-CNN, Transfer-Learning, AD, MCI, Early Stage Detection
Dhanashri Joshi PICT,Pune demo
Juho Joutsa University of Turku Teaching
Mia Jovanova University of Pennsylvania class assignments
Jasmina Jovanovic University of Texas at Austin SVM, DT, DNN, CNN
Freimut Juengling University Hospital Berne and PET/CT Centre Northwest Switzerland SPM, AAL, SSP, PVC
Gyungah Jun Boston University cognitive function, MRI, genome-wide association study
Soukwon Jun Seoul National University UNET
Wang Jun LAN ZHOU UNIVERSITY w23161925
Sun Jun Beijing Jiaotong University test algorithm
Wang Jun Xuanwu Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University AD,SCD,Neural imaging
Ma Junchi Hangzhou Dianzi University fMRI functional connectivity
Wonsik Jung Korea University sMRI, Alzheimer's disease
Hyeyoom Jung HGU artificial intelligence detecting Alzheimer’s disease from MRI scans
Kwanghee Jung Texas Tech University Quantitative
Jongsun Jung Syntekabio deep learning, hilbert, patient stratification, biomarker
Young Hee Jung Samsung Medical Center Alzheimer' disease
Euijin Jung DGIST Deep learning, MRI, PET, Synthesize,
gayoung jung kyonggi university Alzheimer's diagnose
Ho Yub Jung Chosun University localization, machine learning, neural network
Ran Junling Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications neuropsychosomatic diseases ,attention network
Li Junwei none fMRI ML
Roos Jutten VU University Medical Center Alzheimer's disease; composite scores; clinical progression
Simona Juvina UPB quqixun/BrainPrep
Yoon juyoung Hankuk University of Foreign Studies dementia, deep learning
Assil Jwair Jheronimus Academy of Data Science Data Science, Neural Networks, Training
Fong Jx UTM Deep Learning, Hippocampal
monika jyotiyana central university of rajasthan,Bandarsindri AD,neurodegenerative disorders,
Devika K Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham cognitive Neuroscience, MRI Analysis, Neuroimaging, Connectivity Analysis
L K UoY BA47, Alzheimers, hippocampus
Pavani K GVPCEW India alzheimer's,datamining, machine learning, image processing
gopinath k P.A.College Of Engineering and Technology alzheimer's disease detection
Prithvi K Balehannina 10th class student , Delhi Public School , Hyderabad Deep learning , Neurodegenerative diseases, PET , fMRI, biomarker
Shreya K R Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Machine learning, predictive analysis, mild cognitive impairment
Srinivasan K S Madras Institute of Technology Research
Iswarya K V Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham Complex network, diagnosis
Daijiro Kabata Osaka-city university statistical analysis, high dimensional data, treatment effect
Amin Kabir Simon Fraser University classification
Neda Kaboodvand Karolinska Institutet functional connectivity; brain injury; neuropathological signs of AD
Mouloud Kachouane USTHB Alzhaimer dMRI DTI
Isabella Kaczmarczyk University College London BA4a BA4p Allen motor cortex
Kylie Kadey Wayne State University MCI, Apolipoprotein E, Body Mass Index, Alzheimer’s Disease, Risk Factors
Hafid Kadi Univ Dataminig
rahele kafieh isfahan university of medical sciences fmri, classification, graph
Bratati Kahali Centre for Brain Research IISc Cognitive scores, Clinical diagnosis, Demographics, Machine Learning
Yao Kai Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) deep learning, slice interpolation
Li Kaicheng Zhejiang University 930606CC
Bernhard Kainz Imperial College London machine learning; decision support; automated diagnostics and prediction
Johnathan Kaiser FYR Diagnostics Biomarkers, Diagnostics, miRNAs